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16th-Jul-2013 06:49 am - The Otaku Queen is here
ukidokiotaku: (Bikini | Admire the cosplay)
Who: Renge and all the heroes, villains and just anyone.
Where: All over the city
When: Today and during the whole day
Style: Prose for the main part, but afterwards anything goes.
Status: Open

When an Otaku has way to much time on her hands. )
mysterical: (hard eyes)
Who: Tear Grants
Where: Inside Vatheon
When: Backdated to June 24th
Style: starting with action, can match
Status: Open

[Tear didn't have much experience with swimming, unless one counted the few times that Luke and Jade and suggested that they relax at the spa on the top floor of the Keterburg hotel. Natalia had tried to teach her how to swim, but when you spend a good portion of your life being surrounded by miasma, you don't really like water.

Of course, she'd found things back on Auldrant to appreciate, especially after facing down her older brother and finding herself with a two-year wait for the boy she loved to possibly return to their group. She'd learn to properly swim in pools, taken up singing more and other things than just Fonic Hymns, helped Anise and Teodoro restructure the Order of Lorelei and hunted down the stray replicas that Van and the God-Generals had left of the Oracle Knights in places like Mt. Roneal and the other Sephiroth on Auldrant. She'd even spent time travelling to Baticul and Grand Chokmah to see Natalia, Guy, Jade, and Emperor Peony.

Although, waking up in a bubble, surrounded by water was the last thing she ever expected.

It took everything in her to keep from screaming. She hadn't realized how stifled the Qliphoth had felt until she spent more time on the surface of Auldrant. So, to be back in a similar atmosphere made her have to bite back the panic. She shoved it back and looked around her, seeing a towel, a brochure and a strange device.]

What's this?

[Later, after reading through the brochure and using the towel, Tear can be found walking through the middle section of the city. Her first stop was the Welcoming Center. Then, you can find her checking out the Volunteer Defense Force's office. Then, she'll be found checking out the various other sections of the city as she tries to find a place to live.

Lastly, you'll find Tear on the island, breathing deeply of the fresh air, despite the barrier keeping her from leaving. She's looking at the houses and finding one she loves. One that requires very little work to make habitable and would keep her happy.]

12th-Mar-2013 10:24 pm - 03: quest time! (closed)
findsrisks: ((゚.゚*)(*゚.゚))
Who: Nanaki, Hubert, and Pascal
When: the 12th
Where: out and about -> the library
Status: closed

fighting harpies yay! )
11th-Mar-2013 12:42 pm - Pascal has discovered: Sidequests!
mysterious_groper: (Light Smile)
Who: Pascal, Cheria, possibly Hubert and Minako, possibly others???
When: Morning of March 11th
Where: Hubert's House
Style: Variable
Status: Closed (at least initially)

It could have been a morning like any other in Vatheon, really... )
19th-Nov-2012 11:23 pm - ( closed ) things to be thankful for
dreamchasing: (pic#3179979)
Who: Sophie, Pascal, Malik Caesar, Hubert Ozwell, Asbel Lhant, Cheria Barnes.
When: Thanksgiving Daaaaay! (so, front-dated a little bit)
Where: Grace's House Graces House
Style: I'm starting in brackets, but y'all can do whatever you want ~
Status: Closed

[ Cheria had been extremely busy since the morning, preparing everything they would need for their feast that night. She'd worked so hard on all of this, and it was really starting to become obvious in how tired she was ... it would be worth it, though, right?

When Cheria had heard of this holiday, she immediately knew she wanted to try and do something for it. She and her family had been through a lot in the past year or so, regardless of whether or not it was in Vatheon or in their own world, and she felt that it was only appropriate to celebrate and be thankful for everything they had.

Plus, there was always a good reason to get everybody at the dinner table, right? Cheria tried to stick to the ordinary Thanksgiving traditions she'd read about, food-wise, but she tried to incorporate something that every individual person in their little family liked into the meal as well.

There was a lot of food still in the process of being made. Cheria leaned against a nearby wall, sighing tiredly and wiping her forehead with her sleeve. It was getting there, but there was still quite a bit left to do. ]
8th-Nov-2012 12:13 pm - [INTRO!] A traveler appears!
Who: Pascal, you
When: Thursday, various times around the day
Where: Various locations in both Vatheon and the island
Style: Up to you!
Status: Open


Another day in Vatheon, another new foreigner, it would seem.

Other than the little detail that this one was sleeping under a tree, somewhere in the city. Quite probably not the last place she was seen sleeping. Just exploring the weird new place and going around until she was tired again.

Who would care to bother her?
16th-Sep-2012 06:17 pm - Graces House Move In
malik_caesar: Mwa ha ha. (Evil Plan)
Who: Anyone in or near Graces House
Where: Tales of Graces House
When: Early-Afternoon, Sept 17th
Style: [Action]
Status: Semi-open

[Malik knocks on the door of the Graces house. In the few weeks he's been here he has mostly toured around and met with with his friends. At the urging of Asbel, Cheria, and Sophie - he has decided to leave the room at his favorite inn and move in to the house with everyone else. It shouldn't be too hard - he hasn't accumulated too many possessions yet. Just his trusty bladerang, a small box with some personal effects (which smells quite good), and a few sets of clothes.]

[He looks around as he waits for an answer. Something very strange was going on today. The communicator was filled with odd messages about body swapping. Thankfully he hadn't been afflicted.]

[[ooc: This is a chance for all Graces cast to catch-up and get a chance to talk about recent events as much as it is for Malik to move in with everyone. Hubert has moved out, Sophie has recently been sworded, Cheria is in a hiatus coma:), anything else?]]
dualbladepaladin: (Default)
Who: Hubert, Pascal
Where: Graces House
When: Backdate : July 14th, afternoon
Style: Prose
Status: [CLOSED]

"I'll be rooting for you, Hubert!"

Ai's words were still ringing in Hubert's head as he trudged home from the library. A sigh escaped, and he shook his head at the recent memory. Ai was a nice girl, but her naivete was clear to him, and he found himself wondering if there was any use for her advice and encouragement at all. Pascal wasn't even from the same point in time as him! To have a conversation with her over something that hadn't even happened in her memory...

It was pointless, wasn't it... ?

He shouldered the small bag he had some checked out books in and opened the door to the house he shared with his friends, keen ear listening for any signs of life.

"Hello? I'm home!" There didn't seem to be any response, and he was quietly grateful for that. His conversation with Ai had left him distracted, and he knew the second any of them picked up on that, they were going to be all over him with questions.

Something to drink, a good book on the couch, something to keep his mind off it. That's what he needed.

So he headed to the kitchen with every intent of doing just that, believing himself to be alone for the time being.

27th-Jun-2012 08:50 pm - Let me paint your world~
dreamartist: (painting dreams)
Who: Beryl and YOU!
Where: the island
When: Afternoon
Style: Action, prose... I'll follow!
Status: Open~

[Today you can see Beryl around the island. She can be seen in different places, happily sketching. The artist is hoping that no one is going to interrupt her - she really needed to draw something. Most of her drawings had been destroyed by a certain Pokémon, that fortunately is gone now.

Feel free to approach her though!]
22nd-Apr-2012 06:57 pm - Won't anyone come and soothe my pain?
dualbladepaladin: (pic#)
Who: Hubert Ozwell, OPEN
Where: Plaza
When: Late afternoon
Style: Fine with anything
Status: Open

Another new arrival, another person waterlogged in the plaza. Today it's a young man, no older than seventeen or eighteen, in a heavy uniform of some sort that might actually be familiar to a few people in Vatheon. There's a pair of glasses near by, having fallen off his face at some point, and a very large double-bladed staff weapon under his right hand as if he'd been holding on to it moments before.

There's a small problem, though.

He's unconscious. And not moving.

What do, Vatheonites?

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