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30th-Apr-2012 05:06 pm - Training Montage! Kinda-
kivaember: (pout)
 Who: Prussia and YOU
Where: The Park
When: 30th April, Monday, noonish
Style: Action or prose, I'm flexible
Status: OPEN

where Gilbert has the smart idea of running in the rain )
singularjustice: (♔ to banish care)
Who: N and whoever!
Where: Plaza.
When: Saturday Afternoon.
Style: Either or!
Status: Open.

[ There is a tall boy standing in the plaza, tea-green hair blown back behind him as a large white dragon blows warm air around him, just enough to work on drying his soaked state.

N knows he has been gone for some time. It is like waking up from a very deep sleep, where the dreams you once had were fading blur, yet it was obvious hours upon hours had passed.

He was wearing his old clothes again. He remembers the wind whipping his hair, Hilda's calls before he leapt to Reshiram's back. That memory seems so close and yet so far away.

The boy pushes it out of his mind. It does not matter now.

N is home.
12th-Feb-2012 11:44 am
unnoticeable: (by october of 18)
Who: [personal profile] tangledlocks and [personal profile] unnoticeable
When: shortly after texting jack.
Where: jack's house.
Style: starting in third, but feel free to switch to [brackets] if you'd like. i don't mind either at all.
Status: closed.

He had promised he'd be knocking shortly and Canada hadn't been exaggerating. Shortly after sending that last text message to Jack, he was politely knocking - lightly given the hour of night - and then checking to see if the door was unlocked so he could slip in if needed. "I- I hope I didn't wake you..." It was a polite quiet apology given the fact that he knew he risked that he had initially texted Jack at such a late hour.
10th-Feb-2012 07:34 pm - Japan 『●』 005
codenameninja: (Annoyed | ... I suppose)
Characters: Tengu!Japan and you c:
Location: Plaza
Time: Sunset
Style: Action
Status: OPEN

*With a strong gust of wind, Japan lands on one of the lampposts. He looks left and right but there is no sign of his friends. This is certainly a troubling matter. He was supposed to be in the heavens by now - but for some reason, he couldn't get out of this wretched underwater palace.

A sigh.*

And I still have this lump I need to give back to the old man ...

*The tengu flips his wings few times out of restlessness. Few of his feathers flutter down to the ground.*

We did have fun that we did. Too bad there doesn't seem to be much merry souls under the sea.

*... He also should stop talking to himself.*
1st-Feb-2012 01:38 pm
unnoticeable: (we are the dead)
Who: [personal profile] kivaember and [personal profile] unnoticeable
When: during gilbert's arrival.
Where: canada's apartment.
Style: starting in third, but feel free to switch to [brackets] if you'd like. i don't mind either at all.
Status: closed.

"S- sorry. Orwell doesn't ring a bell. Is he a new writer?" He did sound interested in it, however, as the subject sounded possibly intriguing. On the other hand, it was also something that he could look into later on his own. In the meantime, he was offering him that towel finally. "Right now, I live in Yutopil apartments near Nostalgia Nook. It's quite a nice building, really. We can go there now, if you'd like."

With a friendly enough smile, he waited for a moment or two before starting back in the direction he came from. "The starfish is actually a communcations device around here. It's like a..." There was a slight pause as he looked for the proper word he was trying to find. "Cell phone, I believe. You can talk to people over it like using a regular phone, send them text messages, or even video chat. As a default, however, the thing broadcasts across the network as a whole so everyone can pretty much see whatever it is that you're doing. Of course, you can also hold private conversations over it." He hoped it was a simple enough explanation but sometimes he did have a habit of accidentally making things more complicated than they should be.
2nd-Jan-2012 08:12 pm - Ready Your Weapons
singularjustice: (dangerous man)
Who: N and anyone!
Location: Forest
Time: Morning.
Style: Either-or!
Status: Open to all!

There is a clearing not too into the forest that has obviously gotten some abuse in the past. It sits on the bottom of a hill and much of the vegetation has been burned away; the hill itself looks as if it has been gouged on occasion by something very large.

Right now, it may be obvious what the cause may have been: a large white dragon sits on the edge, though at the moment she seems contented to lounge on her belly, eyes half-closed. Nothing nearly so traumatic as destroying part of the hill is going on right now; instead she is watching over her trainer with a much smaller beast.

N has a sword in hand, though the scabbard is still on it, and he is all but dancing around, blocking as his Zorua lunges at him, swiping at him again and again.

It is all very serious until the fox Pokemon apparently has had enough. The Zorua jumps up and grabs ahold of the scabbard, pulling down on it with a playful growl.

"H-hey! This is not tug of war!" N protests, but he ends up laughing as he tries to wrest the sword away from him.
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