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6th-Jul-2013 05:09 pm - ☀ look what the cat dragged in ☀
cephalopodcounselor: (49)
Who: Rose & anyone
When: Today
Where: near the coral in the plaza
Style: Starting with prose, but brackets are cool too.
Status: Open

Rose's first thought when arriving at Vatheon was that she'd somehow blacked out before they entered the new session. But one look around at all the actual people walking around was a sign that she was not in SBURB, a dream bubble or Kansas on the meteor anymore. Wherever it was that she was now currently located, she was soaking wet in her orange and yellow god tier outfit, on the ground and pretty damn drunk.

And Kanaya wasn't here with her. In fact, at this very moment, there wasn't anyone she recognized. So not only was she in somewhere completely unexpected, she was separated from her matesprit and her friends. Her head was starting to throb and she could use another drink about now. Might make all of this easier to deal with.

That's when she noticed the welcoming brochure on the ground next to her and reached out for it.
4th-Jul-2013 12:34 pm
shippingmath: <user name="nimmo"> <user name="meercas" site=""> (pic#6227192)
Who: Leo Valdez, and anyone coming to his birthday party!
When: July 4th
Where: Coral Corral 8, Demigod house
Style: Pick what you'd like.
Open like Leo's presents will be

Today is the kind of day for a party. A birthday party. But not the birthday of a country, or anything, that would just be stupid, especially when there's no USA in Vatheon (The only country is Italy). No, today is Leo's birthday, and this is a surprise party for him.

There's a lot of planning and preparation that's gone into this. The inside of the house is covered in decorations, all thankfully not fish themed. There's a table for presents, and a table with food, including an enormous cake. There's even a birthday playlist in the background, though "You're A Grand Old Flag" seems to have gotten mixed in here and there.

A surprise party isn't complete without a surprise at the beginning, so when Leo gets into the house, everyone had better be ready to shout "surprise!" Other than that, though, there isn't much structure to the party. People are free to mingle, get food, give Leo presents in person, or get angry at him for all those pranks he pulled.

1st-Jul-2013 01:09 pm - Cuddlepile!!
replicatedcourage: (hugs!)
Who: Sola, Sora, and EVERYONE EVER
Where: In the plaza
When: All curse week
Style: Affectionate
Status: Open to everyone!

[At first the curse was actually kind of nice considering Sola had his matesprit readily available for prolonged cuddle sessions. Honestly that much wasn't even out of the ordinary, but when the two started to get cold in spite of the contact, Sola came up with a plan. A very simple plan, at that.

Hugs are awesome, so he should just offer them to everyone and then everyone can keep warm!

Of course he's not the only one who had this idea. It's a natural thing to think for generally affectionate people, after all, and when Sola made his move on the plaza with a big fuzzy blanket and some pillows, he found Sora there already with a sign.


[Deciding that they're of one mind there, Sola and Sora will both be providing the much needed service of cuddling the cold out of anyone who needs it for the duration of the curse! Of course they can't both be there at all times, so if you'd like to catch one or the other of them alone, just put your preferred cuddler's name in the subject line. Otherwise, you'll probably get both boys copping a hug.]
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