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19th-Aug-2013 06:05 pm - 010
fightforastar: (girlish moment)
Who: Tifa and you!
Where: Crow's Nest bar
When: Afternoon/Evening
Style: I'll match~
Status: Open! Mostly.

Some curses seem like they would be easier to get through with a few drinks in the belly. A curse that broadcasts your thoughts above your head... well, whether that's one of them might depend on the type of drunk you are. At the least, the Crow's Nest bar is small and out-of-the-way, not likely to have as big an audience, and its barkeep knows how to be tactful about anything she happens to see.

The same can't be said for all of her customers, but most of the time when her mind wanders she seems to be thinking about cake for some reason, and what harm can you really do with that? A sign is posted that the bar is closing early, and if you guessed that it was because of the curse, you'd be wrong.

Closed to Cloud )
ugly_soldier_dude: (sitting with cloud)
Who: Zack, Cloud, and Tifa
What: Two guys, a girl, and a bar. With a lot of alcohol
When: Before the barrier breach
Style: Starting in prose but I can match!
Status: Cloooosed

So of course when Tifa opened her bar, Zack had to visit. And by visit he meant drag Cloud along and have a guys' night out. Which, admittedly, he's done a lot of dragging him around lately, but they have a lot of lost time to catch up on. And with no Sephiroths or Shinra or shadows from the past to haunt their steps, this is the perfect time for them to relax and just be two guys hanging out.

Seeing that things were free for them in Vatheon, that meant no reasonable limit on the alcohol intake. Zack had plans to knock back shots and pitchers like he was dying from thirst, and he intended to make sure his bestie did the same. Because for the love of the Planet, the man needed to loosen up.

Seated at the bar, Zack congenially pounded the bartop. "Tifa! A round of shots for me and Cloud! We got a long night ahead of us."
21st-Mar-2013 10:02 am - Trials of Three
seablaze: Get ready for stabbity (Run ya through)
Who: Faris, Rin and Tifa
Where: Spelunking up on the Island
Status: Closed
Style: Whatever you want

11th-Dec-2012 09:40 pm - 006 - Girls' Night Out
fightforastar: (BFFs)
Who: Tifa and Rinoa
Where: Carnival
When: Evening
Style: I'll match♥
Status: Closed

Tifa hadn't really been looking for ways to enjoy Vatheon while she was here, but she seemed to be getting a lot of encouragement to do so lately. And she found herself really looking forward to her girls' night out with Rinoa. Not that, to be honest, she was completely sure what the difference was between a 'girls' night out' and just a night out, but she supposed she'd learn.

She approached the entrance to the carnival, looking around for the younger woman. On finding she was the first to arrive, though, her attention shifted to the bright colors and lights within. The only thing she had to compare it to was Gold Saucer, and she wondered how it compared.
3rd-Nov-2012 08:01 pm - 004
fightforastar: (anxious heart)
Who: Tifa and you
Where: Vatheon's streets
When: Night
Style: I'll match~
Status: Open!

It's only supposed to be one night more, but it just seems like one night too many. Tifa's barely slept in the past week, and her nerves are shot, and she doesn't think she can stand to spend another night alone in her apartment with that monster.

Maybe walking off into the foggy darkness isn't the best plan, but anything, anywhere, is better than that. At least he won't be there in what passes for her home in this city. Maybe on the move she won't feel trapped with him.

But she still sees him--and so can anyone else who gets close enough: a tall, silver-haired man carrying a wickedly long sword. He seems to slip in and out of the shadows, sometimes disappearing just long enough to make her think she's finally lost him, only to appear again, his blade rushing for her chest. Sometimes he walks beside her, his stride smooth and predatory no matter how quick her step, and speaks to her, coldly recounting the deaths she's seen him bring about.

She ignores him as much as she can, but at best he makes her skin crawl. Maybe in the end it's no better than if she'd stayed put, but she's having trouble now finding her way back.
14th-Sep-2012 07:29 pm - 002
fightforastar: (an ordinary breakdown)
Who: Tifa and anyone
Where: Middle district shop
When: Afternoon
Style: I'll match
Status: Open!

The little things. )
23rd-Aug-2012 04:14 pm - 001
fightforastar: (back turned)
Who: Tifa and YOU!
Where: The Plaza
When: Afternoon
Style: I'll match~
Status: Open!

[Among the newcomers in the plaza this afternoon is a woman in a soaked white top and miniskirt--probably not the most fortunate outfit to show up in, but her attire isn't exactly foremost on her mind. Having obtained a towel, she's currently trying to get her long hair dry as she looks around.

This isn't the first time Tifa has wound up in a city with no sky, without knowing quite how she got there. But she's never heard of this one, and neither has anyone so far heard of anything like Shinra or Meteor. That alone makes it almost too good to be true.

But something very essential to a good dream is missing, the same person who'd been absent when she'd first stepped onto the bridge of the Highwind only minutes ago. Everyone had tried so hard not to call attention to it, but... She forces it out of her mind before she can dwell on it for long.

Right now she needs to learn what she can, so she scans the faces of passersby with the intent of picking out someone who looks like they know more than the somewhat vapid native who handed her the towel.]
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