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24th-Jun-2012 09:50 pm - she's a hero of justice!! really!!
swimdere: (Default)
Who: Chloe Valens + YOU!
Where: Plaza and... well, EVERYWHERE
When: Morning--->Afternoon
Style: Either.
Status: Open like a thing that opens

[Okay, this obviously isn't the Forest of No Return. Chloe remembered blacking out as soon as she stepped into the forest, and the place she awoken in didn't look like anywhere on the Legacy she's been. There was only one conclusion she could draw from this... Obviously she's been kidnapped!]


[Chloe is so livid, that she completely neglects the fact that there are fish swimming in the goddamn sky. She draws her sword, shouting to no one in particular. Obviously her abductors are hiding nearby!]

Filthy kidnappers! 
Just who do you think you are?! I don't know what you're after, but you have picked the wrong person to abduct! Show yourselves this instant, so I may beat those rotten souls right out of you!

[Well, Vatheon. Looks like one of the latest catch is a lively one. Be careful, she may bite.]


[After finally calming down and actually listening to someone and getting the deets about this place, Chloe kind of feels bad for attacking innocent people... How embarrassing. She'll need to apologize later... she's not really up for it right now. For some reason, using her Eres made her really tired.

Not to mention she finally realized that there is a goddamn ocean above her head.

So don't be alarmed if you see a haggard girl with a sword trudging around the city, muttering to herself as she keeps her gaze on the ground:]

It's all right. Keep calm. Deep breaths. It's all right. Keep calm. Deep breaths...

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