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8th-Feb-2012 05:09 pm - sixth trick
theothersissel: (nowhere man can you see me at all)
Characters: This living shadow and you!
Location: Everywhere and anywhere
Time: Night
Style: Whatever you want. :)
Status: Open like YOUR MIND TO MANIPULATION i mean

[So, you might be wandering around at night, still getting used to your new fairy tale form and such, when you hear a snicker nearby.]

[What was that, you wonder? Turning around, you don't see anything but darkness. There's nothing there- no creatures coming out to harm you or anything. In fact, it's deathly quiet. ]

[Up ahead, there's a lamppost shining brightly in the darkness. A haven in the terrors of the night, really- for some reason, light always makes people feel safe, makes them think that for a moment, the world cannot reach them.]

[Which is exactly what Yomiel wants you to think.]

[For as soon as you step into the circle of light, there's a feeling as if somebody's right there behind you, an overbearing and dark presence that can't go away. And there's now even a voice whispering into your ear:]

Hello. Don't mind if I step in for a moment.

[Don't look down now. Because you now have two shadows instead of one, and the new one grins like a shark who has just found its prey.]

New people are so hard to come by nowadays.

[ooc: Basically, Yomiel is now a Living Shadow! He'll just be hitching along with your character unless somebody else accidentally steps on him- he'll be transferred over to the new person if that happens. Also, he can replace your character's shadow completely and possess you for a few moments if he's feeling up to it- tell me if you are okay with this or not! Because otherwise Yomiel will just be the creepy thing that he is. :Ic]
2nd-Feb-2012 12:56 am - In the interest of privacy
zelda_hylia: Curious (Curious)
Who: Zelda, Tieria, Mr. Crocker, Yomiel. Zelos if he's home and pokes his head in!
When: February 2nd
Where: Zelda's house
Style: Action plz?
Status: Closed

[Zelda has cleaned her living room up and set up for tea in preparation for the day. She's attempted to hide Zelos's candy factory the kitchen from view by keeping the door shut. Not that it does much to hide the scent of chocolate that permeates the entire house... Now all she has to do is wait for people to arrive!]

((OOC note: Zelda's asked Mr. Crocker and Yomiel to come at different times so the house doesn't get too full, so start separate threads for them in here please <3))
30th-Dec-2011 01:47 pm - A Brand New Year
thalassino: (Default)
The island was certainly all abuzz now. The natives mingle around, decorations abounding and food laid out on tables and still being made. They certainly went all out this time, but if asked they just respond “We’ve been granted another year by the great Lamufao.”

Don’t think about it too hard.

Either way, they’re showing all of their gratitude for the foreigners now. Food is being offered shamelessly, good cheer and compliments and thank you’s passing through each native’s lips.

Near the elevator, in an open field, the party is taking place. They nagged and nagged for the foreigners to dress up; if you didn’t, you might feel a little out of place here. But the food and the music are both excellent and dancing is optional, at least.

The beach is a bit more chill. Enjoy the warmth and the water, maybe kick back and have a drink. It’s night time, certainly, but the weather is still pleasant and the sand is warm.

More attracted by the food on those tables? That’s quite alright; there’s food of all sorts from all sorts of places, not just seafood (be grateful to the natives for trying). There are a few Vatheon only dishes, however, for the daring! (Is that more kraken on that plate…?)

And then, near midnight, comes the fireworks. How romantic would it be to exchange kisses at the stroke of midnight under the light of the fireworks? Or just enjoy them with a friend; they light up the sky, pretty and nothing too fancy…though the natives seem to think that they are incredible.

Most of all, have fun, mingle and enjoy the new year!
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