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5th-Oct-2012 10:15 pm
whereyoulead: (sigh.)
When: Business hours (9-7), Oct. 5th
Where: Koneko no Sumu Iie flowershop
Style: Action
Status: Open

roses and lilies and assassins, oh my )
24th-Jun-2012 07:55 pm - First Rose: Priorities.
formerabyssinian: (Aya: ...uh)
Who: Aya, Ken, and anyone else!
Where: By the corals!
Style: Any style is fine!
Status: OPEN!!

[The last thing Aya remembers before being in front of a large coral was not being so wet. His eyes are wide at he pretty much sees a coral up close in person for the first time. As he runs a hand through a his hair, something catches his eye.]

[A tattoo on the palm of his hand. He isn't one for body art, so he's sure this isn't his doing. Did they lose their fight and are taken captive? Aya glances around and sees that no one looks to be in a state of panic or fright.]

[His eyes lock onto someone on the ground. The form is familiar...]

[Well, this is some nice-looking pavement. Very rustic, very clean. Ken doesn't quite have the energy to get up, but being face-down is eventually too much to take and he rolls over, expecting a blaze of pain that...never comes. Well that's weird, because he's pretty sure he was shot. And he knows that generally hurts.]

[Wet, not dying, and...staring up at ocean instead of sky. What. How in the world was he underwater and breathing and not drowning. He's confused.]

[So Ken is here? Wait...he's injured last Aya remembers so he hurries over, ignoring a pamphlet for now. He reaches the other and kneels next to him.]

Can you hear me?

[Ken blinks owlishly as Aya's face appears in his line of vision. Yep, he can hear perfectly fine, and woah that's a shark swimming around in his line of sight. Behind Aya's head.]

Yep. Loud and clear. Why're we wet?
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