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26th-Aug-2013 06:46 pm
crackpotcrocker: (Stars)
Who: Little Washu and Denzel Crocker
When: Backdated to August 11th
Where: Their home
What: Searching for truth (A follow up of this log)
Status: Closed

Crocker found himself starting to gain consciousness as the man did quick glimpses in his mind of a little boy who appears relativity very content with life before switching over to a boy who looks similar, however is discontent with life. Denzel mumbling, "Fairy Godparents exist. Fairies do exist," in his sleep, tossing himself until the man finally falls out of the bed, "OW!" As he comes to his senses, his mind feels odder than usual, "I’m back in my room. How’d get here? How long was I out?!.. What was that?" In referring to his dream, massaging his forehead with a hand the man had yet to notice the five o clock shadow growing on his chin.
23rd-Jul-2013 02:27 am
crabbygenius: (Default)
Who: Little Washu and Denzel Crocker [Closed]
When: After the end of the latest curse
Where: Washu's lab  Their home!
What:  A little experiment with a new machine. Beware explosions!
The Log:

Just a typical day in the Hakubi Household.... )
25th-Feb-2013 08:04 pm
crackpotcrocker: (Live action all by my lonesome)
Who: Denzel and Washu
Where: Crocker's house
When: 5 days later
Style: Prose
Status: Closed

People. Why did people have to exist? More however why did people need other people? That horrible thing about being human being a social creature. Crocker hadn't heard from Washu since he 'clicked' his device on her and quite frankly he didn't care. Losing people one really one thing Crocker couldn't handle or rather didn't know how to handle. As much as he does see Washu as his mother in some strange manner, it was better to cut off all ties and not be abandoned more. Then again, complete silence did get to his mentally, as he was reminded of the asylum and started to laughing in a corner. Crocker did manage to turn his device on just audio. At least this way he could listen and hear voices that wheren't his own, "CURSE ME FOR BEING HUMAN!" He found himself saying each day as his inner turmiol of anti social disorder and fear of abandonment conflicts with his human need to be with others.

He didn't know what to do. Sure he checked the coral at times when no one was awake but other then that the inner conflict was disrupting his work. The need to talk about this issue was countering not wanting to bond with anyone more.

At least he has his mechanical dog and chocobo.

If anyone unplanned was to walk in, they'd find the door left unlock and inside they'd find Denzel in his room, sitting on the floor, his back to the bedroom door and head banging with both of his hands gripping the side of his head as well as not facially shaved. Not to mention all the window shades closed. Piles of dirty laundry liter the house in random spots, dirty dishes still in the sink and a plate of fish still sitting on the kitchen table and coffee cups on the floor. Some of them have coffee still in them leaking onto the tile floor.
4th-Feb-2013 07:00 pm
crackpotcrocker: (Live Action Crocker Scared)
Who: Washu, Denzel and Ryoko
When: 2/04
Where: Washu's House
Style: Whatever you want ~
Status: Closed
Warning For a possible nake Ryoko

It has been a little over a week since Crocker fell into a Vat coma in his house.
"No! Keep away! Keep away!" Denzel was rolling back and forth victoriously in bed before finally swinging awake to a sitting position and rolling with sweat and breathing heavily. His mind slowly focusing on reality. Just a dream. Just a nightmare.
No men in white coming to take Denzel away here.
21st-Jan-2013 12:17 am
crackpotcrocker: (Live Action Trying to Lie)
Who: Denzel and Little Washu
Where: Washu's house
When: The next day after the curse ends
Style: Prose
Status: Closed

Denzel is tossing beneath his bed sheets as the clock strikes midnight and within seconds not only went through puberty but also re undergoing his mind wipe and causing the deformation and lose of memories once again. After all, as long as Timmy Turner exists Denzel Crocker is doomed. Doomed to the same fate over and over as time after all is an infinite loop.

Morning finally comes too and peeks his eyes open and gives a wide yawn. After a moment or two slide out of bed from having been on his side. At the moment the only thing going on in his mind as he yawns to the kitchen is a few cups of coffee to give his mind a jump start. Needless to say the man was rather groggy and going into the wrong room.... After all this was not his house. So, out of it in fact the man didn't notice that he wasn't wearing his usual pajamas and his pajama bottoms where more like shorts now and 'lovely' hairy legs now showing. Oddly enough the top still fits him.

Murmuring to himself probably something along the lines of 'where's my coffee? I can't function without it.'

If Timmy was around this is the one time the Turner could get away with magic and Mr. Crocker not even catch on.
26th-Nov-2012 10:15 am
crackpotcrocker: (Door Number one)
Who: Denzel and you
Where: Around the Bubble
When: All week
Style: Will match
Status: Open

[Looking for a person to get stuck to with the latest curse? Well meet Mr. Anti Social.
He can be found in these locations and may or may not be watching where he is going or prehaps he had a sudden spazz attack
Denzel can be found in various places in the Bubble all week.
The library. Reading and looking for various books like a nerd.
The University, teaching his Theorical Science class. This week's topic Time Travel!
The Plaza scoping out the coral with a strange device.
That guy in the corner of a resturant, sitting by himself.
Heck even taking scientific items from the Denfense Force.
As well, as his house. Boy, no matter where you touch him he's so boney!]

(Just note the day in the subject header)
15th-Nov-2012 07:49 pm - Wandering the Plaza [Open]
crabbygenius: (Default)
Who: Washu and YOU~
Where: The Plaza
When: today [Nov.15th]  All day
Style: [brackets] preferred, but willing to adjust.
Status: Open~

Wandering around... )
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