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20th-Apr-2012 01:23 am - obviously this can't get any manlier.
tangledlocks: (pic#2219169)
Who: Jack and Minato
Where: Plaza, then they'll go on a manly adventure.
When: Afternoon after Jack texted Minato.
Style: Action
Status: Closed

click heeeeere )
tangledlocks: (pic#2219124)
Who: Dave ( [personal profile] knightime ) and Jack Vessalius ( [personal profile] tangledlocks )
When: Backdated to whenever this was supposed to happen, beginning of February I believe?
Where: Coral Corral Number 9
Style: Prose. Bite me.
Status: Closed. Like a closed thing!

easy as 1 2 3! )

12th-Feb-2012 11:44 am
unnoticeable: (by october of 18)
Who: [personal profile] tangledlocks and [personal profile] unnoticeable
When: shortly after texting jack.
Where: jack's house.
Style: starting in third, but feel free to switch to [brackets] if you'd like. i don't mind either at all.
Status: closed.

He had promised he'd be knocking shortly and Canada hadn't been exaggerating. Shortly after sending that last text message to Jack, he was politely knocking - lightly given the hour of night - and then checking to see if the door was unlocked so he could slip in if needed. "I- I hope I didn't wake you..." It was a polite quiet apology given the fact that he knew he risked that he had initially texted Jack at such a late hour.
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