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righthandedragon: (Lord of Chaos)
Who: Rand and anyone
When: Sunday! Afternoon
Where: Plaza
Style: Brackets
Status: Open

[ At the plaza, there is a very happy black foot ferret trying to wear a large hat.

by 'trying to wear', its clear that the ferret has decided that this is his hat, and is currently dragging it about and spazzing every few steps in gleeful ferretness.

Its also missing a paw, but that doesn't seem to be causing it any problems.
righthandedragon: (Car'a'carn)
Who: Rand, Raine, and the other two boys, if they want to join in.
When: Morning of the 17th? Bodyswapcursemorning, at least.
Where: The Winespring~
Style: Starting brackety, can go prose

suddenly a lot shorter... )
princeoftheravens: (Default)
Who: Mat, Perrin, the coma-ed Rand, and you!
Where: The Plaza
When: Midday
Style: Either, we'll follow
Status: Open!

When Mat arrived, he was told that people fall asleep if they don't touch the coral. It was with that idea that he tried to drag Rand to the coral, told Perrin he wanted to get Rand to the coral when asked, and asked for his help when he only managed to get Rand halfway off the couch they'd put him on.

Perrin hadn't been told that, but it never hurts to try. And besides, it might keep Mat out of trouble for a while if he humors him. It'd save Rand pain from being dragged everywhere when he woke up too.

That's how they ended up walking to the coral, with Perrin carrying Rand's shoulders and Mat just holding onto his feet and legs.

((ooc: Samm (Rand-mun) gave me permission for this almost as soon as we figured out the days she'd be in China

Reply's will come from both Mat and Perrin!))
righthandedragon: (Car'a'carn)
Who: Rand al'Thor and anyone who wants to bother him
Where: The plaza
When: Afternoon
Style: Action or prose, I can follow
Status: Open~

So Rand had planned on practicing drawing to help out Kratos, only to realize he had no supplies or anything like that.

And then to discover that okay, easels are heavier than he remembered. Or his side was acting up, either way, he needs to stop in the plaza or risk some bleeding problems.

But hey, the light is good enough, he can just. sit.. and work here!

So that's what Rand is doing. Being an one-handed artist. He's currently working on a group that looks rather like this. Only that top left man isn't in it, and its all just grays.

He stares at colors and grimaces. "These... I don't remember quite so well." He'll just get to work on group two, which doesn't have that man standing in the front. Why would he add himself to the picture?

(OOC: Lazy Samm is being lazy involving art.)
2nd-Jun-2012 10:28 pm
dualbladepaladin: (Default)
Who: Hubert, ANYONE
Where: The park
When: Early evening, yesterday
Style: Anything!
Status: Open to anyone - people who want to spar, people who want to watch, people who want to heal the stupid people sparring, ANYONE!

[Hubert is waiting in the park with his weapon in hand, wating for anyone who had expressed an interest in sparring with him.

Come at him bros and brosises?]

31st-May-2012 02:14 pm - Tokunaga squashes all!
Who: Anise and anyone!
Where: the plaza
When: Morning~
Style: Whatever
Status: Wide open

[No crickets. That’s the first thing Anise notices, even before she opens her eyes. The second thing is she's soaking wet, clothes irritatingly sticking to her, jarring her mind from sleep and setting it turning. Can her parents just not pay for the roof to be repaired? Again? Damnit Papa, how is Mama supposed to recover properly if she gets rained on?!

When she moves to get up out of bed and opens her eyes, she notices the third thing. This is not her house in Daath.

Bug-eyed, Anise leaps to her feet and immediately morphs Tokunaga for battle, raising the puppet’s mass enough to climb on its back and look wildly at her surroundings. A big rocky looking plant, unfamiliar architecture... is that a shark?!

With a loud exclamation of surprise and a sudden flail at seeing that great big sea creature swim right on by, the young guardian topples backwards off her plushy perch and lands hard on the cobbles with an immediate squeal of irritation and indignation that echoes ominously across the plaza.]

Where the hell is this?! Where is everyone?!

[The demand echoes back across the plaza, causing a nearby towel vendor to stare at the sudden outburst, too sluggish to turn away before he catches Anise's eye. She has half a mind to go and demand answers from the poor man; have Tokunaga shake him so all the information tumbles out. Kidnap the Fon Master Guardian, will they?!]
24th-May-2012 03:42 pm - And the last of the Ta'veren arrives;
righthandedragon: (Ta'Veren)
Who: The Two Rivers boys - Rand, Mat, Perrin
Where: At the Coral
When: Noonish.
Style: Prose works o/
Status: CLOSED

Rand is very certain that he hadn't traveled. Or fallen asleep. This wasn't the Tel'aran'rhiod, because his brown cloak - coat might actually be far more accurate - didn't change when he tried. And he still had the Dragon Sword, Callandor, and still sensed the Source, so....

"It can't be His doing, the time for tricks is over..." Even if Moridin had claimed that he didn't pull him that time, this... this was a new place. Licking his lips once, he placed saltwater. Could explain the watery look to the sky, but...

Rand shifts, deciding to allow his need for answers pull anyone close.
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