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rainbowarch: (☈ - We're comrades)
Who: A cursed Cielo and you!
Where: All over Vatheon
When: Anytime during curse week
Style: Action
Status: Open

until you all shared its magic with me )
26th-Dec-2012 11:43 am - Sola's Curse Catchall
replicatedcourage: (gentle smile)
Who: Sola and you!
When: All week starting backdated to Monday.
Where: All around Vatheon, depending on the day
Style: Brackets, but if you prefer something else I'll match
Status: Open (Sunday/Lust closed)

[The curses are generally kind to Sola, nothing more terrible than minor annoyances plaguing him each time. This week, however, is a bit different. It may not be particularly cruel, but on some days he finds himself acting a bit... peculiar. Yes, Sola has once again been afflicted by the sin/virtues curse but this time it's back... with a vengeance.

Monday finds the Hylian overcome with a ravenous appetite. He can be found in various cafes and restaurants throughout the day, eating to his heart's content and trying everything he can get his hands on. There's all these flavors! Just hope you don't find him at the very end of the day or he might ruin your shoes, so to speak...

Tuesday rolls around and Sola's all over town fixing things and running deliveries, all for free. Have a problem that needs solved? He's your guy! Leaky roof? He can fix it! Need a shoulder to cry on? He'll even bring extra tissues. Nothing's too big or small for him to help out with and he's ready to be an extra ear or hand.

Wednesday is just a normal day, but feel free to come talk to him anyway! He'll be out and about doing his usual thing.

Thursday has Sola still running yet more deliveries but this time he doesn't have time to talk. Gotta get this work done so he can move on to the next task! Looks like he's more than a little fixated on work today.

Friday you might want to watch what you say because Sola seems to be taking everything in the worst possible way. One wrong word and you might get a sharp-tongued reply, or even just a sound kick. He's not usually this touchy...

Saturday has Sola sending apologies to anyone he wronged on Friday.

Sunday Sola's not to be found around town. Hmm...]

ooc: There's a thread for each day of the week, so feel free to comment on whichever, except for Sunday. For Tuesday, Sola may have just invited himself to fix something he perceived as wrong, so feel free to run with that as you will.
3rd-Dec-2012 12:04 am - Monthly Mingle Log
thalassino: (» station master)
Is it that time of the month already?

...No, today is not the start of shark week.

The Station Master's taken precautions to make this month's mingle party nice and laid back, after that rather magnetic week. Today, locals are all over the Plaza starting to put up the decorations for this strange holiday known as "Christmas", and they're more than happy to cheerfully rope any foreigner who doesn't look too busy into helping them.

The food tables are back, albeit with more drink than food. Hot chocolate, gluhwein mulled wine, a huge bowl of fruit punch, you name it, it's there. Foodwise, there's snowflake shaped crackers with cheese and meats, shrimp cocktails, cups filled with green or red jelly, and plenty of cookies to go around.

Near the food tables are the two usual booths, one belonging to the Welcoming Committee, armed with all the information a newbie would want to know, and the other belonging to the Host Club, manned by all the male eyecandy you could ever need. Have they done something special for their booths this festive season? Better sashay their way and find out!

Walking around all the tables and booths is what looks to be a giant lobster(???) in a Santa suit handing out candy to anyone and everyone nearby. It seems the locals don't understand that it's "Santa Claus", not "Sandy Claws."

Finally, it looks like there's been a new addition to the plaza. Was that ice skating rink over there last night?? It certainly fits the theme, and the locals don't seem to be surprised. They'll even help you lace up those skates and take them for a spin. Bundle up and try not to fall too much!
26th-Nov-2012 06:21 pm
dotthedisconnect: (Button...button...)
Who: Shulk and Tech
Where: Defense Force Headquarters, Laboratory
When: Early morning, Monday
Status: Closed

Our ideas held no water but we used them like a dam )
23rd-Nov-2012 09:32 am - [OPEN] Unfinished Battle
monadont: (don't make me cut you)
Who: Shulk and YOU
When: Night of the 22nd
Where: The Plaza

[It sure is a nice evening in Vatheon, isn't it? Nice. Quiet. Peaceful. Maybe you're just looking for a relaxing night after that foreigner hosted Thanksgiving party.

Well, if you happen to be in the Plaza, you'll be treated to a young man with a beam sword suddenly appearing out of thin air (soaked), right in the middle of a lunging stab and screaming at the top of his lungs--]


[ooc: p.s. it's perfectly fine to be in the line of Shulk's attack; his beam sword can't hurt people and will pass harmlessly through them. Shulk, on the other hand, is perfectly capable of crashing headlong into people.]
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