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tsundyne: (whoa)
Who: Lyra and Yukari
When: Super duper backdated to the evening after this?
Where: Marketplace, Nostalgia Nook, and also anywhere and everywhere!! All the shopping. Because they're girls.
Style: [my preference will always be for brackets]
Status: Closed

[Well, she definitely agreed to meet up with Lyra after she got a bit more settled in. The onus was probably on her to contact her again-- seeing as how it was her idea and everything, but in truth, she'd nearly forgotten. Maybe she wasn't even going to-- Lyra's only one of many newcomers after all, and though she remembers meeting her before, Yukari wasn't really going to give her special treatment.

She seems to have her own friends here, though she can't help but be curious...

So when she has a moment to breath after handing out some sandwiches to the new residents of the city, she pulls out her SFC to find her name.

Hey, it's Yukari!! Just checking in, really... i hope you guys are doing alright

Did someone teach you how to use the SFC?
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