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1st-Sep-2012 09:03 pm
terminarcher: (♕ 03)
Who: Archer and anyone!
When: Evening, September 1st
Where: The Plaza
Style: Action
Status: Open!

TL;DR Archer is new here, can you tell? )

[He stops and turns to consider the civilians. He rotates the gun arm so that the gun is in use.]

There are ways to get answers quickly, of course. Plenty of ways.

[The gun arm is then pointed toward the closest crowd of civilians and Archer raises his voice enough to be heard.]

I require information about this place. I will not have you waste my time with trivial information. Where am I? Why am I here? What is this place?

[...well, that's certainly one way to make an entrance...]
warrior_king: (Distressed)
Who: Gorthan and you!
Where: A beach on the island.
When: Today, though there will probably be similar scenes happening every morning all week.
Style: Starting with prose, but I'll match yours.
Status: Open!

Gorthan is aware that this may not be Earth. Even so... the ocean is as blue as it was during that fateful summer. The summer he realized that the conquest of Earth would only be detrimental to Evron... and to himself.

There's a very peculiar bather this morning on the island, clad in nothing but a turquoise loincloth, and he doesn't seem to care about the really strange weather - Gorthan's amazement at this world knows no seasons. His head is a spot of violet and orange in the waves, and his blue eyes are widened in amazement at all the similar blue surrounding him.

Glimpses of his broad chest, large, muscular arms and comparatively flimsy, lithe legs can be seen as he swims ashore, and he swims fast. It happens, when you have large, webbed feet that render flippers completely unnecessary. He takes deep breaths once he's out of the water - this was something he had needed for a long time.

From a bag left lying on the sand, he takes out a notebook and begins writing, speaking his thoughts aloud as he does so. "Could it be... that our species... was originally an aquatic one? As a hypothesis, it seems deserving... of consideration."

You'd think a duck would have thought of that before...
burntviolet: (To save me from the darkness)
Who: Hanako and YOU. Yes, you over there.
Where: Library aka her Second Home.
When: The day after the curse week.
Style: I'm open to anything, but [Actionspam] is preferred.
Status: Open!!!

She took the midday submarine going undersea~ )
15th-May-2012 05:46 am - [OPEN] Show off your ass...ets!
bufudine: (camera loves :|)
Who: YOU and everyone else in this bubble ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚'✿,。・:*:❀・゚'❁
When: During the curse week!
Where: The hot spring in the Forest Quadrant
Style: Anything goes!
Status: OPEN

The flowers all over Vatheon are rather pleasant, are they not? It's nice having a more subtle curse than usual, right?

Strangely enough, there seems to be several trails of flowers leading into the Forest Quadrant. Do you feel compelled to follow them? If so, you'll find yourself at the hot spring in the forest, flowers floating ~*enticingly*~ in the water.

...Get in?

There might be someone there already, though.

[ooc: General mingling post! Also an excuse for blatant fanservice.]
10th-May-2012 03:12 am - 001
ihadahole: (Wandering lost in a town full of frowns)
Characters: Legion and you!
Location: The plaza
Time: May 10th
Style: Will match commenters c:
Status: Open!

Legion was people watching today. They didn't have an extranet to use to watch organics here in Vatheon, so they were doing it the direct way. They stood at the edge of the plaza, completely still except the occasion turn of the head.

Eventually, though, they pulled out their SFC and started typing on it. Anyone who came close would notice that Legion was trying to program something on the communicator. It was long and complicated and it looked like they had been working on it for some time now.

Do you approach the robot with the giant hole in its chest?
3rd-Mar-2012 06:47 pm
bountyofthesun: (Default)
Who: Hashiba Hideyoshi, OPEN
Where: Central plaza
When: March 3rd, just after sunset.
Style: Prose preferred.
Status: Open!

A wet monkey walks into a jamjar... )
3rd-Mar-2012 06:08 am - 2. On the edge
warrior_king: (Distressed)
Who: Gorthan, Open.
Where: The Grand Library.
When: March 3rd, in the late morning.
Style: Prose or anything you like better.
Status: Open.

Since his arrival in Vatheon, Gorthan had mostly kept to himself and to the large apartment he had occupied, only ever going out to visit the coral to replenish himself with energy - Coolflaming anyone was too risky, when he was still trying to assess what sort of place he had ended up in. Vatheon was most strange, and yet, as Gorthan had guessed during his first moments there, strangely reminiscent of the Pit, Evron's prison planet where genetic experiments were conducted. Only, of course, infinitely more comfortable, as the residents were given almost literally everything that they wished for. Was it even worse a prison because of that...?

There was no way to know for sure quite yet. Gorthan's inquisitive mind was forced to recognize that all that was left to do was revel shallowly on the surface of things, which presented an incredibly diverse and colorful population, from more different worlds than Gorthan could ever hope to count. Those worlds... Some part of Gorthan, that vastly repressed one that was always craving for fantasy and escapism, wished to know their stories. All of them.

Today, Gorthan's steps took him towards the majestic building of the Grand Library. While he was at first drawn to it by the stately architecture, what he found inside made him gasp in awe.

Because for all of its power extending through many galaxies, the Evronian Empire could never hope to compile a library comparable to this one. Gorthan's sight was thoroughly filled with books, as far as his eyes could see. Truly it was deserving of the title of 'Grand'...

... Which meant that Gorthan was now torn in two. Were those stories truly worth learning? Or would that literature from other worlds than Evron just pollute his thoughts of war and destruction and cause him to betray his ultimate goal?

While he was already well past the entrance, the Evronian conqueror simply stood paralyzed before the world of books extending before him, unsure whether he should walk back or lose himself to his curiosity and imagination.
zim: (MY SPINE!!)
Characters: ZIM and anyone
Location: The plaza
Time: Around noon...?
Style: Any~
Status: OPEN

[If you decide it is a nice day to take a walk around the city and somehow happen to cross the plaza, you may come across an interesting scene. There is a short, green and wet person that seems to be very busy trashing around on the floor, running in circles and, well... Screaming.]


[He has not noticed yet, but right at that moment Zim is making a scene out in the open without even wearing his disguise. And that is how the short alien stops his flailing for a bit to point up at nothing in particular and yell on.]

Horrible, Earthen LIQUID! How DARE you do this to ZIM?! YOU WILL PAY HORRIBLY FOR THIS!!
29th-Jan-2012 10:23 am
warrior_king: (Glaring at you forever)
Who: Gorthan and everyone!
Location: the Plaza.
Time: Today, during the day
Style: Prose or anything you like, really.
Status: As open as can be.

A deep, roaring voice echoed throughout the Plaza.

"ZOSTER! What is the meaning of this?!"

The newcomer - a tall duck with violet skin and a head of blond dreadlocks, clad in an elaborate turquoise robe embroidered in gold - held both of his hands at his sides, his long-nailed fingers - four on each hand - curling up as if he was itching to use them to choke somebody. Fury quickened his breath and wrinkled his features into a terrifying mask. He may have been a duck, but those within his beak were definitely teeth, and oh, how he he was gritting them. His hair and one of his best robes... were completely soaked! That simply had to be Zoster's doing. That incompetent scientist never knew how to do anything right. Truly Zartas, the Beacon, was right, when he warned that a great leader should never trust the scientist class.

"What is this?! And WHERE AM I?" he yelled one last time, before... well, before he started noticing the details about his new surroundings.

The architecture of the buildings, so similar to that of those cities he had conquered during those fateful few months not too long before. The physical traits of the passers-by, which he associated with an extremely rare (due to the planet's resistance), yet rather efficient kind of CoolFlame... And, lastly, when he finally looked up... that blue. That shade of deep blue that he could see overhead... he recognized it. It was... the very same thing that, in an instant, had convinced him to give up on the complete destruction of...

... Earth.

"I'm on Earth..." he muttered quietly to himself as he looked up, his lower beak dropping open and his blue, pupil-less eyes widening as they stared into similar blue.

... But he didn't recall any underwater cities, unless there was something his generals had neglected to tell him, which was entirely possible. "No, that cannot be." he muttered to himself again as he shook some of the water off his long hair.

Seeing somebody approach, he approached them at a solemn step, standing very straight, with his arms folded over his chest. "Excuse me. I demand to know what this place is."
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