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13th-Jul-2013 10:20 pm - Here and There
immoralflame: (this is stupid and so are you)
Who: Sol (back from his canon update) and open!
Where: in a fountain Plaza
When: Saturday night
Style: I'll match
Status: Open~

And Back Again )
9th-Jul-2013 03:30 pm - it's war
onebecametwo: (Default)
Who:  Devit & you!
Where: In the Plaza
When: The afternoon of July 9ht
Style: I'll match whatever you do
Status: open!

A bored Devit was never a good thing.  And Devit was pretty fucking bored.  After poking around in the shops to look for something to occupy his attention he stumbled across something that gave him a brilliant idea.  Well, it was brilliant in his opinion at least.  It still remained to be seen how others would see it.  Probably with annoyance.  Or possibly anger.  Prooobably anger.  If he was brighter he'd probably rethink this a little.  But no.  He was kind of a dumbass.

About a half hour later he was up on top of roof that overlooked the plaza, a big laundry basket full of water balloons next to him.  Now he just had to wait for some victims... it really didn't matter who, it'd be hilarious either way...

Oh shit someone walking by below him!

Devit took careful aim and let one of his projectiles fly towards the moving and unaware target...
18th-Jun-2013 10:16 pm - Princess Selphie! Hip Hip Hooray!~
booyaka_boom: (Wink From a Clutz)
Who: PRINCESS Selphie and any servants (ie, you)
Where: Plaza
When: Any day during curse week.
Style: Any kind!
Open to all peasants!! (ie, everyone)

In the plaza, there is a small group of locals clustered around someone sitting in a chair. Surrounding the chair, on a table, are vases full of flowers, plates full of cakes and a couple of small trinket gifts. Once one of the locals rushes away to go fetch something, Selphie is visible on that chair. She's smiling at the locals who are painting her nails a bright pink colour, and she giggles as another lifts a milkshake with a straw to her lips. On her head is a big, bright, shiny tiara. It had been too nice to ignore and, to be honest, she hasn't tried to take it off. Why would she?

One of the most self-less, generous young women you'll ever meet, taking advantage of everything she can get. She's having a great time getting everything done for her, having everything she wants. And all seems to be going well until...

"You! You missed a spot! You've ruined my whole manicure! Fix it! Now! Or else..."

Who knows what that threat might have been, but she sits up in her chair, smirking to herself as the local apologises and hurries to correct the terrible error.



bondummy: (chicken)
[ the video is upside down, but sure enough eventually Jasdero comes into view. He's holding a stuffed chicken. Hard to say where he got it from but it was probably one of the locals he stole from gave it to him up on the island. Jasdero does love chickens.

As he moves the camera around in a rather uncoordinated manner, the picture soon reveals that Jasdero is standing knee-deep in the pond at the park. ]

Dero is lost again. Can't find Devit's house but got a chicken instead! Five chickens! [ there's actually only one. ] All the chickens, heeee~~

But Dero and chicken are still lost.

[ jasdero also needs a tag, pls. ]
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