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paladaddy: (you're not serious right?)
Who: Shiro Fujimoto, plus anyone who happens to come across him
When: Very shortly after his arrival
Where: The plaza
Style: setup is prose, but I am open to prose or action
Status: Open to everyone!

Toto, I don't think we're in the afterlife anymore. )
symmetrophile: (I will go down with this paleship)
Who: Villa residents and all visitors.
When: December 25th
Where: The Villa
Style: Whatever you like!
Status: Open!

[Hey, guess what?

IT'S CHRISTMAS! Which means Villa residents will be trading gift-wrapped presents and enjoying a delicious holiday feast prepared by a very hard-working Rin Okumura, so be sure to thank him!

The threads below are meant for mingling, the exchanging of gifts and other holiday activities!]
4th-Sep-2012 01:36 am - The Cat Who Runs in the Town
snagglefang: (cats are fucking weird)
Who: Kuro & Anyone
Where: Mostly the heart of the city, but anywhere.
When: Monday afternoon
Style: Either or. Recommended music for this log is this.
Status: Open.

this cat has no need for a name )
29th-Aug-2012 02:23 am - backdated to monday
snagglefang: (he was the nicest little kitty)
Who: Kuro, Rin, Yukio (maybe others idk)
Where: Rin's room in the Villa
When: Monday night, Aug 27th
Style: Action
Status: Ongoing

good company )
25th-Aug-2012 11:00 pm - Home is the nicest word there is
keepsthefire: (pic#4434689)
Who: Residents of The Villa, Open!
When: Starts 8/25, open for a month?
Where: The Villa
Style: Either!
Status: Open to anyone who wants to visit! Just be sure to knock first. :3

[The smell of something sweet and delicious was wafting through the Villa today. What better way to break in a new oven than by baking some
melonpon ? At least that was Rin's thinking on it. And he'd done a lot so far. There were already several trays done, in several different flavors. Most he was going to bring back to work the next day to give to the hosts and customers, but he was more than happy to share with anyone in the house, or anyone who came to visit even.

Today was a good day for that, actually.]

(ooc: So basically this is open for anyone actually living in the Villa, or anyone who wants to come visit. If you want a specific resident (Maka, Rin, Blair, Masaru or Asakura) just list it in the header. If you just want to visit and have anyone answer, that's fine, too!)
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