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Who: Yukari and everyone.
Where: She'll be reappearing on the beach, then making her way back down into the city via elevator and towards the Coral. So anywhere you'd like to run into her in between there!
When: Late evening/close to midnight
Style: I'll match! I'm up for either--action spam or prose.
Status: Open!

[The last thing Yukari ever expected, was needing to rely on someone else for healing. Or in Vatheon's case, something else--like the Coral. She'd always healed herself. People relied on her for healing. But it just can't be helped, in her condition: she's soaked, her clothes are torn, and there is a fair amount of blood indicating a very heavy and intense battle.

...And what a battle it was.

She doesn't want to think about it much, though; it hurts to think how badly she'd lost. It angers her, even; how incredibly unfair. How dare she, how dare she...?

Damn--! [Her fist slams into the sand of the beach where she's ended up, and she stumbles to her feet.

Then she sighs, remembering.

Remembering Vatheon. Remembering how much weaker she is here. Diarahan wouldn't cut it in the long run; so she knows she should make her way to the Coral as fast as possible before anyone sees her.

A heal, a change of clothes, maybe--

Once again, she's forced to put everything behind her; because Aigis had won, and now she'd have to live with knowing that.

How long...?

[--has she been gone?

This is the first that's ever happened to her. It's so disorienting, but she decides maybe that's not the most important thing right now. Annoyed and highly emotional as she is, she sighs again and walks towards the elevator, occasionally wincing.


[...Time to find her own answers here, she supposes. She doesn't need a replacement leader to do that.]
6th-Mar-2012 06:13 pm - Selphie Spreading Cheer
booyaka_boom: (Cheeky Laugh)
Who: Selphie and ALL
Where: Chocobo Barn

When: Afternoon.

During the curse, Selphie had been forced to stay away from the barn - there was no way she wanted that to spread, not if there was a possibility that it was actual sickness that she had, and not just a curse. So she'd been home for a week for real rest and sleep, and was able to return to the barn as positive as ever.

There's some disturbance and noise going on around Nostalgia Nook, near the barn. Selphie's busy in there again, only this time doing something else. She's definitely decorating. There's fresh coats of paint around, the barn doors wide open, and Selphie can be found high up a really high ladder, stringing up some lights that she's had since Christmas. The place, for a barn, looks pretty tidy too, with the hay stacked in neat cubes at one end, and the other with some wooden planks, vaguely resembling a stage.



testosteroned: (( hehe that's how i roll/laughing ))
Who: Kanji Tatsumi and YOU.
Where: Cozi Corner restaurant.
When: Right now. About 10 minutes after he woke up from hiatus-induced sleep.
Style: [ Action! ], but if you're more comfortable with prose, I'm cool with that too.
Status: Open like his bathhouse, man.

[ Upon awakening from one of the most comfortable slumbers he had ever had in his entire life, Kanji realized two things. First, his room stank something similar to moth balls stuffed in closets that were already centuries old to begin with. Second, his stomach growled like you wouldn't believe; it even shocked poor old Kanji.

He was almost ready to admit that he simply had a metabolism faster than he was aware of. And that his thirty minute power nap used up all of his three-course meal's stored energy. He was almost ready to admit that.

But then, Kanji saw his SFC, and the current date that it flashed on its little screen.

[ After a few healthy, and unexpectedly original!, shouts and curses into the air, Kanji also realized his roommates were not around, and the kitchen was empty. ]

[ Hence, dear passerby, this image of Kanji currently sitting alone inside Cozi Corner, three piles of plates and bowls speedily increasing in height next to him. His gaze is fixed on his food, which kept on coming from the kitchen like an assembly line. The chef glances outside his work station once in a while, looking frighteningly worried. Still, he continues to serve Kanji's orders. Speaking of... ]

[ The boy man in question wipes his mouth with his forearm and burps slightly, before dropping the once pristine white bowl on top of the second pile of dirty dishes. It may or may not have been the home to the largest order for chicken curry. He exhales heavily and waves towards the kitchen. ]

Yo! Can I get an extra order for pot stickers, Chinese shrimp and leek fried rice, miso soup, and barbequed pork meat buns?

[ He pauses. ]

Oh, and uhh, add five more orders of egg rolls! A-And crispy noodles, if you still have 'em!

[ Kanji rubs his hands together, then chugs down a cold soda. He grins as soon as he finishes his cup. ] Phew! See, stupid-cursed-bubble-city? You make me fall asleep for nearly two months and you unleash the beast! Damn, I. am. starving! C'mon, chef! BRING IT ON!

[ In his excitement, Kanji bangs his fists heavily against the table, making it wobble violently. The piles of dishes next to him end up dangerously close to the edge, but otherwise stay still. Hooboy.

24th-Feb-2012 10:05 am - She's Been Sleeping with the Chocobos
booyaka_boom: (Curious Listener)
Who: Selphie and anyone.
Where: Chocobo barn
When: Any time!
Style: Any!
Status: Any! I mean, open!

Selphie had been pretty quiet lately. There was that curse, and that was weird, being so tiny and so small. She went places and was completely unnoticed. There there was Valentine's Day and all of the confusion that was brought with that. And now, now Selphie is pretty exhausted. The chocobos eggs are due to burst open soon, at least they should, and Selphie's been hiding out in the chocobo barn waiting for them to hatch, to make sure everything goes okay.

Maybe you haven't seen her around in a couple of days, not at the plaza, or at her usual cafes. Maybe you've noticed that she hasn't been home lately. Or maybe you don't know who she is, you don't care, and you're just walking past the barn and feel like looking in. But there's a Selphie in there, and she's got some blankets, a small pile of books, her guitar, and a box filled with empty takeaway tea cups and empty sandwich wrappers.

Find her in the morning/early afternoon and she'll be fast asleep on the hay. Later in the day she'll be grooming the birds, maybe playing with them outside, or singing to them. At night, she'll be keeping vigil.

23rd-Feb-2012 01:33 pm - this place is full of bugs
lyrewings: (pic#2415737)
Who: Butterfly and everyone who wants to get trolled by a bug
When: Afternoon
Where: The Plaza, near the coral
Style: like a crazy Broadway nightmare
Status: Open

[In the middle of the Plaza, near the coral, there's a small, purple butterfly with sodden wings. He's crouched close to the stones, his wings laying flat and useless on either side of his body, but he's largely unconcerned with his plight. It's warm here, and bright, and his wings will dry out soon enough. He's far enough away from the center of things that no one has noticed him yet, and once his wings are a little drier and not so heavy, he'll crawl up the side of the coral and get out of the way of hurrying feet and the possible range of any roving cats. In the meantime, though, he'll stay where he is, feeling the sun warm his wings and lighten them, and if anyone passes close enough or bends down towards him, they'll hear him singing, softly and quietly, to himself.]

What's this? What's this?
There's color everywhere!
What's this? What's this?
There's white things in the air...

[His wings shiver, and he laughs, a light, tinkling sound, and starts climbing the coral.]

Who am I?
Two four six oh one!
11th-Feb-2012 02:35 pm
crackpotcrocker: (Grumble)
Who: Denzel the Magical Genie and you
Where: Everywhere
When: Whenever
Style: Up to you
Status: Open

Denzel the genie had been rather disappointed, despite now having his very own magical powers; he was bound by the rules of the genie. Inside his magical lamp sitting on his sofa reading a book, "I wonder if this is how Norm felt."

James and Snape had already been Crocker's masters. Denzel lounges about till some other loser rubs his lamp. That might just appear anywhere.

(Warning don't be vague, you probably won't get what you wished for~)
28th-Jan-2012 10:01 pm - [01]
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Who: Chie Satonaka and everybody else ever
Location: The plaza
Time:  Evening
Status: Open~
There was a girl standing in the plaza examining her wet track jacket, making an annoyed grumble. This was just a great to wake up, wasn't it? She unzipped her jacket and fanned it out a bit to shake some of the water off of it, not that it really helped dry the rest of her, but at least if she didn't have that on Chie figured her body would dry quicker. After her jacket seemed to be less wet than before (although not by much), she tied it around her waist.
Securly tied, she looked up to see who would have dumped water on her, only realize she didn't even have the slightest idea where this was to begin with.
"W..where exactly am I? This isn't Inaba at all!"
How did she get here? Where even was here?! She appeared to be in some city that was underwater, from the look of things. The only conclusion Chie could come to was this was some strange world inside the television, but it didn't make sense to be back in here when the murders were all done and over with by now. Besides, there was no reason she'd wake up here alone, and drenched with water at that.
She took this moment to admire the dome above her and the plaza in general though, moving her wet bangs out of her eyes a tad bit. It looked so...different from the inside of the television, so real. There wasn't any dense fog in the air either obstructing her vision.  But at the same time it was a very drastic change from her usual country town scenery back in Inaba she was so used to.
This couldn't be inside of the television though, no. Chie was somewhere completely new and foreign to her. But why?
Snapping back to reality, the girl looked around the plaza. She decided reaching out to the nearest passerby would be the best thing to do, it was time to get some answers!
"Um, excuse me? Could you tell me where I'm at?"
22nd-Jan-2012 10:09 pm - A blue swan appears [OPEN]
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Who: THE GREAT MICHEL and anyone ever
Location: Plaza
Time: afternoon
Style: whichever
Status: OPEN
Note: he probably smells like persona and wet hair gel

Eikichi woke up face-down on the pavement of the Plaza completely drenched. Son of a bitch. Now his clothes were all wet and his makeup was running. Dammit.

"Damn Philemon," he cursed, "Damn Nyarthwhatever," pushing himself to his feet then whipping out a hand mirror to fix his makeup. Looking bad was just out of the question. He had an appearance and a reputation to keep up, after all, since the world was still here.

And when he put away the mirror, that was when he noticed something was wrong. He stuck out like a sore thumb, tall and twiggy, with bright blue hair, eyeliner, and heavy jewelry. Eikichi glanced around at the place. It didn't look like anywhere in Sumaru, not that much of the place was left now. It could be another rumor running rampant, changing Sumaru into something like this, or someone's dreams coming to life, buuuuut this was kind of drastic.

"Okay everybody, someone tell me where I am and what the hell's going on?"
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