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25th-Mar-2012 04:13 pm - Third Egg: Fetching the pieces
giant_talking_egg: (gloating~)
Who: Eggman and anyone
Where: Plaza
When:  Early morning to late afternoon.
Status: Open~

[The Doctor had been quiet for quite some time thanks to that curse. He thoughts of conquering the city would have been revealed, so he had to lay low. So in the mean time, he figured he might as well fix up the Eggmobile and create different attachments for it. So far, he had brought back an old favorite of his, the Egg Walker. As a matter of fact, he's using the machine now. After marching it all the way to the plaza, he hops out of the machine and grins from ear to ear.]

There, perfect! Just like she was before that little incident. I'm a genius, if I do say so myself.

[So anyone in the plaza will have be greeted by the good doctor looking over his craftsmanship and giving himself a few pats on the back. Feel free to nag him.]

zim: (MY SPINE!!)
Characters: ZIM and anyone
Location: The plaza
Time: Around noon...?
Style: Any~
Status: OPEN

[If you decide it is a nice day to take a walk around the city and somehow happen to cross the plaza, you may come across an interesting scene. There is a short, green and wet person that seems to be very busy trashing around on the floor, running in circles and, well... Screaming.]


[He has not noticed yet, but right at that moment Zim is making a scene out in the open without even wearing his disguise. And that is how the short alien stops his flailing for a bit to point up at nothing in particular and yell on.]

Horrible, Earthen LIQUID! How DARE you do this to ZIM?! YOU WILL PAY HORRIBLY FOR THIS!!
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