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1st-Aug-2012 08:29 pm - Open
deductiongeek: (pic#4134388)
Who: Conan and anyone
Where: The Library
When: Now
Style: Any
Status: Open

If anyone happens to be in the library today, they might spot a tiny bespectacled child curled up in a chair with a huge stack of books next to him.  All mysteries.

Conan has discovered the library's mystery section.  Bother him at your own risk.
23rd-Jul-2012 09:49 am - One Big Happy Family! II
theinfamous1412: (And just what are you doing?)
Who: Kaito ([personal profile] theinfamous1412), Conan ([personal profile] deductiongeek), and Aoko ([personal profile] ahouko)
When: Backdated quite a bit.
Style: Action?
Status: closed.

[ It was probably a bad idea to let the detective stay at the same apartment with him an Aoko. Strike that. It was a really bad idea. Then again, so was leaving a seemingly seven year old boy to fend for himself. The brat just better not get to close to Aoko. ]

[ He lets out a small sigh and checks his feet for mud of any other undesirable thing he didn't want to risk the consequences of dragging inside. It's probably a good idea to warn the detective to do the same. ]

Oi. Make sure your shoes are clean. You want to make a good first impression, don't you?
13th-Jul-2012 02:41 pm - Gengars on Friday the 13th.
brbstealingpknm: (Some sweet violent urge)
Who: Silver, his Gengar and its victims YOU
What: It's Friday 13th and Silver is a bored teen with a gengar. Mischief and mayhem ensures.
Where: All around Vatheon
When: Night of Friday 13th.
Style: I'll match you.

Gengar on the haunt. Silver is a mature and responsible trainer, really.  )
3rd-Jul-2012 09:53 am - Open
deductiongeek: (must I?)
 Who: Conan and anyone
Where: Brooding in the park
When: Now
Style: Any 
Status: Open

Ran was gone.

And he couldn't follow.  He was still trapped here, in a bubble under the ocean where nothing made any sense.  Protected from the ocean by a device that seemed to defy the laws of physics.  Trapped here with only an annoying rival of a thief for company.

What should he do now?

For once the detective didn't have an answer.

And so he had left the house early and found an isolated corner of the park.  He had always done his best thinking while kicking around a soccerball.  And today he had a lot of thinking to do.   And other things to deliberately not think about.

25th-Jun-2012 07:45 pm - Fish Are Evil.
theinfamous1412: (It's behind me isn't it?)
Who: Conan ([personal profile] deductiongeek), and Kaito disguised as Shinichi ([personal profile] theinfamous1412, [personal profile] kid_in_disguise)
When: During the time all the festives banners are being hung
What: Conan discovers his rivals greatest weakness
Style: !Action because I am lazy.
Status: Closed for now.

[ Kaito had mostly calmed down since the sudden arrival of his childhood friend and after telling her parts of the truth he felt a hell of a lot more relaxed. He still spent a good amount of his time locked in his secret room banging his head on the desk but for the most part, he's calmed down. ]

[ Which is part of the reason he's out on a walk with the brat detective. The other being that he had to keep up appearances while borrowing the detective's identity and make an effort to act a detective Concerned about the well being of everyone trapped inside the giant bubble. It's become a sort of routine for him step out after dinner and walk through town making sure nothing is amiss. ]

[ He steps into the center of town, feeling a tiny bit uneasy despite the usually cheerful atmosphere the lovely residents provided. He could feel something like terror building in his stomach and swallowed hard. Maybe he should call it an early night. He started to turn and tell his small companion that he was going back but his eyes fell on the most terrifying thing he'd ever seen and the words were lost as he could only stand horror-struck with his wide and his mouth only vaguely trying to form a single word. ]

10th-Jun-2012 11:28 am
theinfamous1412: (I am so tired I don't even-)
Who: Kaito ([personal profile] theinfamous1412) and Conan ([personal profile] deductiongeek
When: A few days after the arrival of Aoko Nakamori
Style: Action. Because I'm lazy.
Status Closed, sorry >:

[ Kaito really thought he wouldn't have to do it again but somehow by a cruel twist of fate he had drag the brat detective back into the secret room, though this time he felt a lot better about since he didn't drug the detective. ]
4th-Jun-2012 10:29 pm - ✘ 001.
ahouko: (pissed ✘ don't stand in the rain with me)
Who: Aoko and you!
Where: The plaza.
When: Backdated to midday on Sunday.
Style: I prefer action-spam, but I can do prose if wanted.
Status: Open~

[ If you happen to walk by the plaza on this fine day, you might happen to hear a...bit of a ruckus. Those who are brave enough to investigate will find one (1) soaked teenage girl standing in the middle of the plaza, and she is about as happy as you would expect by this sudden turn of events.

That is to say, not at all, if her yelling threats of pain to someone named "Kaito" if he doesn't put her back and dry her off this instant are anything to go by. Most of them seem to involve a mop, for some reason or another. She's also using some pretty inventive swears - looks like she picked up some of her father's habits after all.

Does anyone dare to approach this little ball of anger?
1st-Jun-2012 03:43 pm - One Big Happy Family!
theinfamous1412: (post as Shinichi)
Who: Fake!Shinichi ([personal profile] kid_in_disguise), Conan ([personal profile] deductiongeek), and Ran ([personal profile] oneechan)
When: Following a few hours after This thread
What: Bringing Conan Home (again.)
STATUS: Closed. Sorry >:

[ Once Kaito managed to get everything squared away with the detective he led him back out of the house and to the front door where he unlocks said door and pushes it open to let Conan in first. ]

We're back!

[ Yes Ran, he did say we. Curious, isn't it? ]
23rd-May-2012 09:51 pm - First Deduction
deductiongeek: (must I?)
Who: Conan Edogawa and anyone
Where: The Plaza
When: Now
Style: Any
Status: Open!

Conan sneezes violently and hurriedly attempts to wipe the water off of his glasses.  Of course his clothes were just as waterlogged as the rest of him, so that was mostly an exercise in futility. 

Where was he?  The last thing he remembered was seeing that person aiming her motorcycle at the criminal holding him hostage.  

It hadn't been raining.

So how had he been transported from that stand-off to this place, feeling and looking like he had fallen into a lake?  Ignoring his discomfort, Conan puts his glasses back on and starts to investigate the situation.
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