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29th-Jun-2012 10:18 pm - 001
digitalhazard: (Gigimon)
Who: Guilmon (technically Gigimon) & You!
When: Afternoon
Where: The Plaza
Status: Open!
Style: Whatever works for you

[Gigimon shook off the water... water?]

Mrr? I don't remember it being this wet in the Digital World. [He'll sniff the air]

Maybe it's not the digital world... I don't smell any Digimon around. [Gigimon will trot around the place in attempt to figure out where exactly he is. If he's not in the Digital World, and he's not in the Real World, then where could he be?]

But it really does look like somewhere in the Digital World. [He'll stop and look around again. This place is really confusing!]
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