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1st-Jul-2013 02:41 pm - July mingle log
thalassino: (» station master)
[The mingle party this month is taking place in the field on the North end of the park. There are balloons, streamers, flags and signs all showing the way to the gathering. There is a table set up with fresh fruit, cookies, cupcakes, sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers. Another table consists of various beverages and pretty blue jars to use as drinking glasses.

In the middle of the field one can find a large
ball pit with inflatable sharks inside. There are also a couple of bounce houses and buckets full of water balloons. Towels and reclining lawn chairs were close by for anyone who needed to dry off or sunbathe.

Last but not least, there is a large tent full of pillows of all shapes and sizes. There is a movie projector set up to use a tent wall as a movie screen. Bring your own movies or choose from the great classics like The Count of Monte Fishto and The Seven Samuray. Outside of the tent was a photo booth set up with a
box of silly props. A whole bunch of silly props.]
3rd-Apr-2013 07:31 pm - 11th Unison Attack - A Meeting
clumsyblonde: (Default)
Who: Colette and Shirley
When: April 3rd, related to this.
Where: The Plaza
Status: Closed!

[Shirley had said she'd wanted to meet and the plaza worked, so Colette's sitting on a bench waiting for the other girl.

She really has no idea why Shirley wanted to meet, but that doesn't matter, right?
3rd-Apr-2013 09:21 am - 29th Combo
redcladidealist: (Wings on my back)
Who: Lloyd Irving and anyone
Where: Starts off en route to the elevator, then continues up on the island
When: Morning, Noon, and Afternoon (please specify)
Style: I'll match!
Status: Open!

Warnings: Anyone who tags into the Afternoon runs the risk of being accidentally targeted by a powerful but miscast spell. If you want your character injured, go right ahead! o/ Just please, no character death.

Morning. )

Noon. )

Afternoon. )
4th-Mar-2013 11:24 am - 002 | Two Punks and a Baby
ignisinfernale: <user name="azure-icons" site=""> ([♥] | Standing face to face)
Who: Suoh Mikoto, Izumo Kusanagi, Anna Kushina and you
When: March 3rd, morning to afternoon
Where: Anywhere with a clothing store
What: Two guys taking their daughter out for clothes shopping.
Style: Whichever!
Status: Open~

[ Decide to do a little shopping today, Vatheonite? Yeah, so did these guys. There's actually a reason for the two of HOMRA to be out and about today. Their little princess just came to the city. You may have actually seen her a moment ago, seated in one of the chairs at the ice cream parlor taking her time with a parfait or walking hand in hand with either Izumo or Suoh. Either way, both of them are rather engrossed in pouring through what Vatheon has to offer. As long as it's frilly and girly, bordering on possibly goth-lolita in style or at least something that would look good on a young girl. Whatever it is, it's srs bsnz. After all, the young lady can't go swimming in Suoh's shirts forever like she is now.

There's the occasional muttering as Suoh plucks something out for Izumo's approval and a small thoughtful hum between them as they call out to Anna to get her to try it on. But either way, there's an even more intense look on Suoh's face as he's rifling through the displays, trying to pick between red lace or a red summer dress.

Maybe they need a little help shopping, huh? ]

[[[ ooc: Just indicate whoever you want to respond to you. You could ask for Suoh, Izumo, Anna, all three or any combination of two. ]]
13th-Jan-2013 11:00 pm - N-no... no, I'm scared...!
relinquishing: (☼ who should know better than that)

Who: A very young Guy Cecil and a bunch of scary strangers.
Where: Yutopil Apartments and the alleys near the plaza
When: Monday morning - afternoon
Style: I prefer [Action], but I'll match.
Status: Open

This isn't what I remember...! )

[Residents of the lower floor of Yutopil might here a thumping crash from Apartment 1-5 early Monday morning, followed by a loud wail. That's because one little blonde boy has literally fallen out of his bed and hit the ground a bit too hard. Nothing to truly hurt him in the end, but... well, he is a bit of a coward, and the impact is enough to startle him to tears. What is this place?! Where is he? And now his head hurts and oh no, oh please, what is he going to do????

He will eventually wander from his strange quarters, although the outside world isn't very inviting. Every face is strange and hostile, and with what he's just seen and heard he can't help but flinch away. So don't be surprised if you come walking through the plaza and hear the sniffling sobs of a young child, not even a day past five, huddled in the alleyway behind a building, head buried against his knees or hands wringing at clothes of the finest quality (dusted with the clouded markings of soot). He may look like an animal caught frightened in a bright light. But for as much of a man as Mary wants him to be, a stranger is still a stranger, and strangers are still frightening.]

((OOC: All replies will be coming from [personal profile] heirofhod.))
10th-Jan-2013 04:02 pm - 25th Combo - Rune Crest
redcladidealist: (Nervous)
Who: Lloyd Irving and castmates/CR who would be aware of the Rune Crest stuff going on
Where: Winespring Inn and forge
When: Today, morning and evening
Style: Either!
Status: Closed... ish? If you feel you have an IC reason to stop in, feel free!

Note: Please mark in the subject whether you are tagging before or after the making of the Crest. The actual forging of the Rune Crest is going to be handwaved to help simplify things.


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16th-Oct-2012 04:19 am - Arshis
strength_of_tomorrow: (Curse 35 - WAT.)
Who: Kratos Aurion and Vatheon
When: October 15th, morning
Where: Pendilium, the path from Pendilium to Ordo, Ordo
Style: Either
Status: Open!

[Kratos had quite been looking forward to the end of the house arrest. Lloyd is clearly unstable, he wants to get back to work on gathering materials for a Rune Crest. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be in the cards for the terminally unlucky angel. Sunday at midnight, he finds himself suddenly trapped in a very familiar form - the arshis. Whether he's exactly the same as Noishe now or not, he can't be certain. Noishe was the last one remaining in their time, but there were more once, supposedly. Thankfully, he wasn't alone when he changed. Zelos was there as well, and he let him out in the morning when his release was scheduled.

He didn't have to laugh quite that much about it, though.

Curious if Yuan turned into anything, Kratos makes his first stop at Pendilium 3-1, pawing insistently at the door.

After that, he makes his way down and out of the apartments, heading over to the Ordo neighborhood. At least he'll be able to keep an eye on Lloyd like this.]
16th-Oct-2012 12:51 pm - Time To Wake Up!
worldofhurt: (Default)
Who: Sheena, Colette, and Tales!House! (+Zelda and others)
Where: Ordo 2 and 3
When: Backdated to pre-animal curse? (exact date to be added later? 8D;; )
Style: [Action] for simplicity's sake.
Status: Closed until Sheena and Colette opt to leave the room, then open. :D

Also known as: 'Sleeping Beauty x2 and the Case of the Surprise!Zora Tunics because Zelda is Silly'. )
23rd-Aug-2012 11:04 am - Enter the Summoner
worldofhurt: (Haaaah?)
Who: Sheen and Vatheon! ...-Zelos
When: Thursday morning
Where: Plaza~
Style: I'll follow
Status: Open!

Sheena Fujibayashi was many things. )
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