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30th-Sep-2013 08:13 pm - 4 --> Support
croceamors: (twilightshards) (dark > It's a harder way)
Who: Saix and whoever is near the portals
When: Endgame, and aftermath
Where: The Corridors of Darkness between Vatheon and the scientists' island
Style: Any
Status: Open

During the assault

Anyone who's kept up with the planning is probably aware of Saix's role in things. Or, at least, they will be once the plan starts to go into motion. Anyone heading to the island to take care of the scientists will probably pass him by as he keeps open a swirling portal of Darkness alongside a couple of other figures. He won't often say anything, his face shrouded in shadow thanks to his hood. But occasionally, someone might have these words said to them-

"Don't fail, and make sure you get information from them."

Well, it's the closest to 'good luck' you'll get from him.

For those who are staying with him to keep open the Corridors, well, they might notice over time that he's not as usually resilient as usual. His shoulders will slump, and he'll clutch at his chest now and then.


Feel free to celebrate, everyone. Or heal. Both. Saix, however? Well, anyone up on the island will be able to find him, breathing hard and staring up at the moon. He's recuperating in his own way.
14th-Sep-2013 05:35 pm - 3 --> Matters of the Heart
croceamors: (twilightshards) (contemplate > So follow me down)
Who: Saix, Maka, Axel, Rin, and Kid
When: Not too long after the Station Master's meeting
Where: Saix's house
Style: Whatever you want
Status: Closed

It was foolish to think he had such an abundance of time, honestly. Now they have to rush things. For someone like Saix, it isn't exactly preferable. Still, he's made his calls- one to Maka and one to Axel- so now all he has to do is wait.

New Moon seems to sense something is off, cuddled up against his master and being strangely quiet.
15th-Sep-2013 12:37 am
thalassino: (» station master)
[If you've visited the island any time in the past week, then you would have had the briefest conversation with Station Master in the elevator, right before you stepped off onto the island, demeanor as polite as ever as he speaks--]

I'm trying out some new cookie recipes and wanted to know if you wanted to try some. Stop by, when you and your friends are able. I’m thinking of baking up a big batch on Saturday and pass them out where we met before. You really should come.

[--before the doors of the elevator will close, dissuading further conversation. He certainly looked far too serious to be talking about cookies.]


[For those who take Station Master up on his offer, he'll be waiting by the warehouse up on the island, distracted, before waving people inside. Inside are cookies, muffins, and cups of water, but those aren't the real reason he's summoned you here. When Station Master steps inside, he removes his hat, but his gaze is still distant, as if he has other thoughts preoccupying him.]

I’m sorry for calling everyone here on such short notice. I’m afraid I had little choice though and my message is not an enjoyable one.

[His expression is serious now, very serious.]

This morning I intercepted a message meant for the Head Nurse from the lead scientists who are behind this experiment. I was able to erase the message, leaving her unaware of its existence for now but I’m afraid I’ve only been able to buy us some time, nothing more.

[He’s reaching into his pocket now, drawing out a folded piece of paper. The message for those who’d rather read it black on white.]

It said they have gathered all the data needed and are shutting down this project. They’ve also given her the all clear on eradicating all left over assets. That is to say… you.

((Now with a summary))
8th-Sep-2013 09:22 pm - September Mingle Log
thalassino: (» station master)
[The mingle party for this month is slightly delayed, and it certainly isn't because Station Master had decided to wait for the perfect weather.

Today, the party is taking place on the island, where there are locals stationed out on the beach who're more than happy to toss you a kite and show you how to fly one in this breezy day. There are plenty of kites to choose from, ranging from the simple to the pretty to the more tentacular.

Further out along the beach are rows and rows of surfboards, with a sign. With those sweet waves, doesn't it make you want to get out there and ride them? ...Well, even if you don't, some locals will be quite insistent you try and look they're even willing to show you the ropes!

Away from the waves, however, is an outdoor barbeque, with locals cooking shrimp prawns, fish, hot dogs, skewers... anything you want. There's something for everyone, and if you want to be the cook, they'll happily shove over and give you space to be the Iron Chef of the Beach.

...Actually the party's just an excuse for Station Master to show off his masterpiece]
22nd-Aug-2013 07:43 pm - open
flared: (♣ quiet)
Who: A very sleepy Axel and YOU
Where: The library
When: Sundown-Nighttime on Thursday
Style: Will follow~
Status: Open

He may not look like the type who reads a lot, but the truth is that Axel spends a lot of his free time in the dome visiting the library for something new to pick up, whether that be a stack of comics or even a complete fantasy trilogy. Some of them are ridiculous and full of fish puns, sure, but it passes the time...

On one such evening, however, it seems he's tired himself out and taken a break towards the back of the library where there's a little table and a few chairs set up. With his arms folded on the table and head rested upon them, Axel appears to be fast asleep with a few dogeared and half opened books scattered about. Most noticeably, however, is the thought bubble hovering just above his head and the pictures that drift in and out of focus in its transparent body.

From afar there's only light pastels, blues and pinks mostly but with a splash of green and yellow now and again, but then if one draws closer they'll be able to see running water, beautiful rows of tulips and roses, and even a majestic castle surrounded by waterfalls and even more fields of color.

It's pretty, to say the least... even when the castle's image shakes and becomes more ruined and dark as the seconds pass. Axel twitches a little in his sleep, bothered but not yet awake.

Care to interrupt him?
5th-Aug-2013 11:23 am - 2 --> Switch
croceamors: (dreamdropdistance) (ex > It's a shame we're all dying)
Who: A very confused Not-Axel and Roxas
When: The early morning
Where: Axel and Roxas' apartments
Style: Whatever
Status: Closed

On normal days, Saix woke up early anyway. It was habit no matter how dark it was in the bubble. When you had spent ten years in a world that didn't change from eternal night, you learned to wake up on time instead of hoping the sun's rays would wake you.

But it's not habit that wakes him up this morning. It's the feeling of something missing, for one thing, a familiar warmth wiggling against his side and wagging its tail. There's something else, a twist in his chest, something that makes his lungs feel tight. It's all enough to make him rouse himself from sleep, pushing himself up in bed and pressing a hand to his chest. Still sleepy, it takes him a moment to realize that this is not his room.

Saix jerks back in alarm- more alarm than he thought himself capable of- and a burst of flame suddenly manifests on the end of his bed, eating up the sheets. Cursing under his breath, Saix stumbles out from the sheets. Why he's not in his house, why this room is so painfully familiar, why his chest feels weird, and why he feels so gangly- those are all questions for later. Right now, he has to concentrate on putting out this fire.

Roxas might notice a commotion in the next room, and he'll likely find "Axel" trying to smother the flames with wet towels.
26th-Jul-2013 02:12 am - closed
flared: (♣ martial problems)
Who: Axel ([personal profile] flared) and X-Butt ([personal profile] croceamors)
When: Shortly after this conversation
Where: X-Butt's hermit hole
Style: Action, but I'll follow whatever~
Status: In Progress/Closed

[Axel usually knows what to expect out of his and Saix's encounters by now. Even when they're in the best of "moods" something always seems to go wrong. He's right. They're always fighting... but better it be them than Axel's friends. So as much as Axel doesn't appreciate confrontations, he'll willingly take this if it means sparing Sora having to deal with this idiot.

So shortly after he ends the feed with Saix a Portal opens up in Saix's living room and Axel steps on through, seemingly calm but on his guard.]
20th-Jul-2013 11:26 am - 08: Even superheroes get overworked
findsrisks: (Default)
Who: Nanaki and YOU!
When: All week + Saturday
Where: various locations + the island
Style: dem brackets

Monday through Friday

[Throughout the week, Nanaki is doing her best to fight of the crime in the city. She is actually a competent superhero, and can be seen chasing down villains as they rob banks and such.

Or sometimes she just pops out of mirrors nearby, because that's her power: traveling via reflective surfaces. So don't be too surprised if she comes tumbling out of a mirror near you. She didn't mean to intrude, honestly.


[All of that superhero work is tiring, and Nanaki has decided to take a day off. So on Saturday she can be found up on the island, wearing a swimsuit and just relaxing in a chair on the beach. There's also some other things nearby: a beach ball, some water toys, and stuff to build sandcastles with. If Nanaki is going to spend the day at the beach, she's going to do it right.]
18th-Jul-2013 02:18 pm - A fire flower blossoms from within
ofthedragonfire: (Glance | Why be extraordinary)
Who: Bloom and You~
What: Bloom being a hero while at the same time trying to understand her powers.
When: Throughout the week.
Where: All over the city.
Status: Open~
Style: Whichever you like. But starting with brackets

That's what gives you strength and that's what makes it special )
16th-Jul-2013 11:50 am - While the villains are away...
thalassino: (» quest npc)
Seems like crime has taken a step up from just purse-snatching or someone stealing forty cakes when no one was looking. Those with a great sense of hearing or who happen to be at the wrong place at the right time will find that the good people of Vatheon are in danger. It's up to anyone who is willing to help to work together to save the day!

Something is happening in the lower district! )

Something is happening in the middle district! )

A string of crimes happening all over the City! )

Something is happening on the Network! )

[They may also wind up stumbling or following a goon back to the actual secret base to listen in on a meeting at their own risk. Good luck!

((If you are open to being threadjacked, then please put Open in your subject line. If you have an idea already and want to play it out with a particular group of people, then please put Closed in your subject. Thank you.

Have fun playing out the scenarios, and feel free to drop a note in the subject line if Carol or the hotel owners are needed or if you believe characters may have solved the riddle! The location of the bombs is random and characters are encouraged to locate and defuse them on their own.))
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