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16th-Sep-2012 02:55 pm - -- I am you, you are me --
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Who: Guy, Ghirahim, Link, Duke, later Zelda and even later Dhaos and Zelos.
(Or: Zelda, Link, Dhaos, Zelos, Guy, Ghirahim, Duke. Take your pick; both are sadly correct.)
Where: Ordo 3
When: Early morning >>> afternoon of the 16th
What: Insanity.
Style: Let's just say [Action] for right now.
Status: Closed

[Is there anything up in the Ordo neighborhood? No. No, not particularly.

That's what's a bit odd. Normally, a certain princess would already be awake and about. It's plenty past 6.

How odd. It seems the rest of the housemates aren't quite... themselves, either. Whether they've noticed or not, though, is a different story entirely. Maybe it's just a sleepy day.


When it hits about 7, they'll surely find out. Because their new wake up call is a short but very strong, very piercing shriek from said princess' bedroom.

Rise and shine, boys.]

[[ooc: This is a catch-all for the events of the first morning of the curse in the apartment. The main thread will follow from the beginnings of the morning until Guy!Zelda and Zelda!Guy leave. Smaller conversations or SFC communication to people in the apartment (or, well, people that SHOULD be in the apartment) can happen outside this main thread - just specify in the subject thread so we don't lose track!]]
31st-Aug-2012 12:43 pm - OHSHI--
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Who: Ghirahim and Vatheon
Where: EVERYWHERE. Just make a note of where in your comments!
When: Friday. Wrathday.
Style: prose to start, will match
Status: open

It should have been like any other day in this bizarre undersea city. But it very much wasn't. Not for Ghirahim. The moment he woke up he was consumed by it... A fire in his blood and his mind that set at least five different fuses on fire. It didn't take them long to go off.

Ghirahim's temper had always been volatile, but this... this was an all-consuming rage and hatred of everything--everyone--around him. He hadn't even bothered to keep up the pretense of being something akin to human. His first victims are in the plaza. With sword and flying daggers he lays into the common people of Vatheon, his metallic skin soon covered in their blood. Normally this ends his impulse. A release from the anger that consumes him.

Instead it only makes it worse.

He lashes out again. And again. Someone tries to knock him out with a glass milk jug to the head. He whirls and slices the man open from groin to sternum. He's dead before he even hits the ground. "Such delicate...mortal...easily broken creatures. What is so special about you?! Hm?"

There's no answer, of course. And still, there is no release from the violent fury that's taken hold of him. He departs to find somewhere besides a now-empty plaza to vent his anger, leaving an easily-followed, bloody trail in his wake.

((ooc: Ghirahim is heavily affected by the wrath curse! Consider yourself warned--if you do put your character in this thread there is a strong chance they will be killed unless they can fight back to some degree. Of course, no actual killing will happen unless we talk it out first. Hit me up on Plurk or AIM to discuss!))
13th-Aug-2012 05:42 pm - Kidnapped!
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Who: Sera and Ghirahim
Where: Starting at the plaza, moving afterwards.
When: Sometime during the day.
Style: whatever you want
Status: closed (for now?)

[Sera's made a lot of friends, and in befriending these people she's been exposed to a wide variety of clothing styles. Being young in mind, she finds dressing up to be a game more than just a necessity to keep warm and decent.

Normally she goes with a normal selection of clothing; a t-shirt and shorts, her Embryon uniform...something simple. But today she's horribly mismatched. It doesn't bug her at the moment though; she told Serph and the others she was going to get some of those delicious doughnuts the bakery sold. She intended to be home later in the afternoon.]
30th-Jul-2012 01:47 pm - Second-- Directionless
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Who: Ghirahim and you
Where: Near where the Church used to be
When: After meeting Ganondorf (and sulking for a few weeks)
Style: starting with prose, will match!
Status: open

The caves were quiet and boring. But it had given Ghirahim time to fume, scream in rage, swing swords and knives into walls, and sulk. Anger is good. Yes. Anger keeps him going, helps him keep focused. Whipping himself into a fury to be vented in complicated revenge plots and in carving up walls is preferable to the sickening feeling that's been hounding him since his reincarnated master rejected him.


It's a sour feeling in the pit of his stomach, a disgusting, soggy weight on his mind. Rejected. By Demise. Ghirahim has but one purpose. One thing that delights and drives him. Serve what the demon king instilled in him millennia before. Kill. Maim. Destroy. All in his name. Ghirahim has enjoyed every minute of it. Even when he was fighting Link, no matter how much the sky boy infuriated him, he enjoyed the thrill of the fight.

And Demise's reincarnation doesn't want it. Ganondorf doesn't want anything to do with him, or any of it. Sola refuses to take Ghirahim for himself. He is a sword without a master. A demon without a purpose.

It's driving him insane.

He stops on the outskirts of the city. Yes, that's good. A nice big solid wall. He walks over to it and slams his head into it a few times in order to burn off the sickening amount of frustration that's built up in him. Which is where people are likely to find him, given how loud the metallic clangs from the impact of his head against the wall are.
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Who: A Sparklepire, a shadow, and a demon (aka Johnny, Sola, and Ghirahim)
Where: A private little cafe off the plaza, tucked away down a side street
When: Late morning/early afternoon on the 12th
Style: Action
Status: Closed

[So this is a date.

The concept is still a foreign one. Sure there have been examples he's seen on tv in the programs his Trolldads watch but he's come to realize that tv is definitely not a lot like real life and this seems a lot more enjoyable than the fiascos in sitcoms.

A lot more enjoyable.

Johnny'd basically just spontaneously swept him off for a meal in this private little place he'd found and Sola loves the atmosphere. Plants hanging from baskets in the ceiling, bread sticks galore (his current food exploration is all about the carbs right now), and of course the company makes it all the better.

Despite any lingering doubts brought on by awkward conversations, despite anything else going on in the background like creepy stalkers in his window at night, Sola's never been happier.

Bubbling over with all those warm and fuzzy feelings, Sola finishes his tale of moving from Larmline to Coral Corral.]

- so Psii totally made unpacking really fast since he can just move stuff around with his brain. I wish I could do that, it would be really cool and useful!
12th-Jul-2012 05:33 pm - From one underwater city to another
the_drowned_desert: (...Right then.)
Who: Ganondorf and you. Yes, you.
What: Showin' up and causing trouble without lifting a finger
Where: near the Lamufao
When: When normal people should be sleeping
Style: Brackets, brackets, unto infinity
Status: Open like a book

[If anyone is up at this late hour and happens to wander over to the Lamufao, they may just find an absurdly tall elderly gentleman hunched over on one of the benches nearby. He looks terribly tired, as if he had just recently seen everything he had worked for snatched from his grasp and the world fall down about him. Inwardly, while he's too tired to do much angsting about apparently being dead, he certainly finds it ironic that what appears to be the afterlife is an underwater city not unlike the one he had spent the greater part of his life sealed in, and where he had been turned to stone.

Go bother him?]
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Who: Sola and his creepy stalker Ghirahim
Where: Sola's bedroom window (sob)
When: After the mass exodus of Larmline
Style: Brackets, brackets as far as the eye can see
Status: Closed

[Settling into a new house is never easy and Sola's a little jumpier than most lately. While other aspects of his life are all kinds of wonderful, that white demon guy bothering him at every chance and the bombs going off that caused his and his Trolldads' move are more than enough to set him on edge.

So here's Sola, lying in bed and staring at the ceiling, trying to not jump at all the different sounds this new house makes in contrast to their old apartment.]
1st-Jul-2012 01:51 pm
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Who: Ghirahim, some helpless NPCs, and YOU
When: right after Ghirahim arrives
Where: The Plaza
Status: open LIKE A BOOK
Warning: mild Skyward Sword spoilers

After such a nice morning, it seems like a travesty that today is not going to be very pleasant for the citizens of Vatheon. Someone looks up at the right moment to see a figure dressed in white standing on one of the branches of the Lamufao, wringing out his soaking-wet red cloak before smiling at the insects rats humans beneath him. It's not an honest smile at all, and one that's masking barely concealed fury.

"Well. Here I was, going about my business...and what happens? It seems I've been...taken somewhere else entirely." He sweeps his soaking wet cloak behind his shoulder, a grander gesture than it needs to be. His fingers tuck the wet strings of his hair out of his left eye, revealing the black diamond-shaped tattoo on his face.

"And here I thought that it was considered proper etiquette to invite someone to your home, not...steal them away so rudely. For instance..."

The surge of energy from the coral allowed Ghirahim to teleport to the crowd, seizing one of the men and lifting him up by his neck. The screams of fright and the skittering of humanity like so many insects didn't even faze him. "If I were to take one of your own, you would be very distressed! Much like right now. Wouldn't you." He let the man drop to cough and gasp for air. "And to steal away one of my station is far more criminal. Especially when I command the demons that hunt your kind wherever you might be hiding...even at the bottom of the ocean. Then again, how could you know that the one you were stealing was Lord Ghirahim?"

He chuckled as he watched their terrified faces. "You must forgive me for being so uncivil. I've been having a very hard time of things of late..."

An understatement. He wanted to find the sky child and rip him to shreds for what he had done. And the girl as well.

"But if you were to be so kind as to escort me out of your little settlement here, it might improve my mood. I would be far less inclined to murder all of you."
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