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12th-Jun-2012 07:12 am - 7th Combo
redcladidealist: (Why?!)
Who: Lloyd and anyone who might be interested
Where: Island
When: Backdated to the curse week
Style: [Action]
Status: Open


Dammit, not again!

[Lloyd glares at the two broken sticks in his hand, frustration mounting. Ever since this curse started, he's been breaking everything. He'd always thought being super strong would be really cool.

It's not. Not when you can't control it. )
11th-Jun-2012 09:02 pm - tiir rumibul; oo4
contemptibility: (✛ all their thoughts in our heads)
Who: Tiir and Serph
Where: Somewhere on the streets
When: Backdated to during the curse last week.
Style: [:D?]
Status: Closed

[The initial dismay of being a normal human is starting to wear off, though Tiir is still by no means okay with it. Merely a change of attitude—from "screw you, Vatheon" to "damn it, I guess I'm really stuck with this".

So yeah, he's still pretty unhappy. Whoops.

To make matters worse, he's run out of groceries sooner than he expected, despite having picked up some at the beginning of the week (then again, maybe shopping while inwardly cursing everything might not have been the best idea—). On the... vaguely bright side, he is, in fact, getting tired of staying cooped up in his apartment. As much as he hates being human, he also hates being idle.

And so, another trip to the grocery, it looks like—]
9th-Jun-2012 09:01 pm - ☆` not until i touch the sky
kagayakashi: (★ little timmy is stuck in a well!?)
Who: Gracia and YOU!
Where: The park.
When: During the canonswap curse.
Style: [ Action. ] for speed!
Status: So, so Open. Like, it's so open I could die.

[ The redhead wasn't exempt from Vatheon's curse this time around. At least it wasn't so bad. She panicked slightly upon waking up feeling rather different, but it all lead to absolute glee as Gracia discovered a pair of strange looking wings on her back. Fortunately, it wasn't just for show, she could actually fly using them. And what a day it's been! Flying up and down the city, around the forest, even the pirate ship...

...There was just one other strange thing about this curse. The wings were a wonderful benefit - she's always dreamed of flying! - but whenever she touched or flew past people or plants within her close proximity, the plants wilted somewhat, and the people either yawned or near fainted. She assumed it wasn't anything at first, but when it kept on happening, Gracia could no longer ignore it.

Was that part of the curse, or the power?

[ Currently, Gracia was by the park, underneath a large tree. Clad in a new attire with a dark gray hood, the redhead sighs as her fingers hover above a large pink flower. Before she can even touch it, the flower bends slowly towards the ground, its petals losing most of its color. ]

But I don't understand...what am I doing to it? Ooh, somebody tell me!

[ She's clearly frustrated, if her rubbing her hair till it was slightly a mess wasn't indication enough. ]

((OOC: For the canonswap curse, Gracia is currently one of Homestuck's godtier humans; a Rogue of Life to be more specific. From what I've been told by our lovely mod Dees and other Homestuck Vat players, Rogues steal from things to give to their friends, and the Life aspect is self-explanatory. Put it together, and Gracia is able to steal life from others to give back to others as well! xD; Feel free to poke~))
8th-Jun-2012 10:46 pm
crackpotcrocker: (Im on to you)
Who: Crocker and who happens to wander around
Where: Around the coral
When: During the curse
Status: Open and will match you
Style: Will match <:

Denzel was laughing maniacally in the late dusk, "EXCELLENT! I have magic again. I can feel it in my veins. And now to finally take over this magical place" Followed by more manical laughing, "Though I still don't get what's with the new tatoos... But can't argue with spiders."

Grabbing a near by broom tries to fly but falls, "OW! Mmmm... maybe this will be more limited then I expected..."
8th-Jun-2012 08:47 pm - Why so trolls?
asleepintoluca: (Actually her name is MARY.)
Who: James Sunderland and Heather Mason
Where: Mason-Sunderland shared Yutopil Apartment
When: Backdated to monday
Status: Closed
This is so unkawaii )
8th-Jun-2012 12:00 am - Nothing but books, ever again
zelda_hylia: (Adoration)
Who: Zelda and Duke
Where: Duke's hut
When: First morning of the curse
Status: Closed

[Zelda doesn't just walk to Duke's forest home, she flies there, descending through the trees with a giggle she can't entirely suppress. The bag on her back is massive, far larger than the princess should be able to carry.]

I brought some books! I forgot to tell you, we have increased strength as well.

[They're never going to leave.]
6th-Jun-2012 10:29 pm - 002
swordandaxe: (Why ponder life&#39;s complexities)
Who: Richter and you!
Where: The plaza
When: Early evening of June 6th
Status: Open.
Style: Will write to match!

Read more... )
6th-Jun-2012 10:39 pm
twiceinhabited: (Regrets)
Who: Amane and open!
Where: The Coral, then onwards
When: Evening, after this
Status: Open.
Style: Actionspam baby

[After texting Cielo about it, she leave the Volo Dorms as quietly and discreetly as she can. She doesn’t want to trouble her dorm mates, especially with what she needs to do to satisfy this Atma-driven hunger. It’s necessary for her to hunt once, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

Eating people is bad.

She head to the Coral, intending on meeting up with Cielo for the hunt. Amane could always do it alone and let her demon handle it, but having someone by her side would make it a little easier.
[After the hunt...

She’s still in shock. At how easily satisfied she get from devouring the poor local, and how delicious they taste. Do people always taste that good, or did the Atma change her tastebuds as well? She can’t be sure, but her mind is still reeling from it.

Until she returns to the Volo Dorms, Amane is in a daze and slowly heading back, trying to clean the blood away before she’s there.

(OOC: Thread with Cielo is closed, but Amane's open after the hunt!)
burntviolet: (I count the nights- I count the days)
Who: Hanako, and Cheren
Where: The Forest
When: One hour after this conversation here.
Status: Closed.
Style: Actionspam forever? ;n;

[ Quite honestly, Hanako doesn't know what the hell she is doing. She knows almost nothing about Pokemon, or what they do, other than quick explanations about battling and breeding... she's not even sure if she wants to let that poor ghost-like creature fight at all. But apparently, this curse kind of forced her to keep it, so she'll have to make the best of it until it wears out. And surely this poor thing needs to be fed, too.

Being this the first time she steps in the forest, Hanako takes some time admiring the surroundings. Before long, though, she'll find Cheren in the vast area, and quietly like her usual, she addresses him. ]

H... Hello. I'm Hanako, the one you talked with earlier...
6th-Jun-2012 03:58 am - Disciple, I choose you!
feralfanatic: (LuxrayEven)
Who: The Disciple and whoever
Where: Around the city.
When: Backdated to Sunday.
Style: Action
Status: Open

[The Disciple had a hell of a time getting out of the hive she lived in; No thumbs makes it hard to operate a door. She was trying to find someone, anyone really, who could tell her what was wrong with her.]

[Somehow it seems she has been changed into some sort of creature. Her new body pulsed with electricity. It had even discharged when she accidentally brushed against a trashcan in a back alley, which sent the can flying clear across the alley she was in at the time. She also discovered she had the disconcerting ability to see through walls and floors; It was making it hard to function.]

[Early on she discovered she couldn't talk. When she tried to, it all came out as variations of some strange word. Communication was going to prove difficult, but she needed to find out what happened so she could reverse it. Disciple padded through the city, intent on finding someone who could help her. At the very least, someone who could understand her.]
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