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18th-Sep-2013 08:41 pm - 15 - Take Me Anywhere
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Who: Dhaos and you
What: the big fluffy sheep needs to talk to people
When: all this week
Where: all over the island

[So this scientists were insisting on having a few last bits of fun with them before cutting to the chase, hm? Well, that suits Dhaos just fine. If they're still being messed with as normal - even if it seems to be a repeat - then nobody has been tipped off that they know. Still, he must admit that the first time was rather less of an annoyance than the first time. Being part unicorn had certainly had its drawbacks, but at least then he had had the advantage of opposable thumbs. He would definitely need to remember to replace the back door at some point next week. It was a shame to break it down.

Regardless of his current impediment though, things need to be done. Sadly, said things rather requiring thumbs. So anyone on the island being approached by a particularly fluffy yellow ram about 4ft at the shoulder, don't be alarmed. He probably just wants a favor done.]
27th-Jul-2013 07:45 pm - 14 - Loneliness
fistfullofmagic: (And so all dreams must end...)
Who: Dhaos doing something ill-advised
What: an attempt to exit the barrier around the island goes awry
When: backdated to about 1am
Where: his front yard, the island
Status: technically just a hiatus announcement, but feel free to react

I wanted to see your smile one last time... )
20th-Jul-2013 01:37 am - 13 - The Path
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Who: Dhaos and you
When: Pretty much anytime during the curse he's not otherwise occupied
Where: various spots throughout the city
Style: I prefer brackets
Status: Open as the treasure chests in a dungeon when you've got a rogue in the party

[For those not to caught up in saving the day to notice anything else, they might notice a rather tall blond off doing small acts of heroism for people. Nothing about the turtleneck and jeans look he has going would separate him from an ordinary citizen, if not for the very blank face mask he wears. Who is this mysterious man? If he's really a superhero, why the general lack of outfit? Why stop purse snatchings when there are larger crimes to worry about? Why not just go up and actually ask him instead of standing around wondering these things?]

((ooc: If anyone wants to make up a crime for Dhaos to help on, go right ahead. His power is generating barriers, which he can change the size and shape of. It's one of those things he has to actively focus on doing though.))
10th-Jun-2013 01:50 pm - [closed] 31 - Seigle
radiantwingedone: (Must have been quite a miracle)
Who: Duke, Dhaos, Ioder.
Where: That house of theirs on the island.
When: Early monday morning
What: Duke is working on that feelings thing.
[ Style ], or whatever you guys want.

[ So guess who is just terrible with emotions ) ]
29th-Jan-2013 10:19 pm - 26 - Sand Thief
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Who: Duke and The Vesperia Household (Yuri, Ioder, Dhaos)
Where: at the Vesperia House
When: Late evening?
Status: Closed
[ style ]

[ After that pair of moderately awkward voice-mails, Duke has packed a few things up - mostly clothing for the next day, a notebook or two, and almost hesitatingly a book on magic he recently received. That last probably wasn't smart of him, but... It was interesting, even if mildly painful. If he couldn't sleep...

If anyone was anticipating him arriving by searching with magic, he isn't giving his location away that way. He is trying to hide, after all, and if that means he has to be more careful while walking... well, its not going to be a speed reduction or anything.

But he'll be there before it gets too dark, looking a little worn, but not nearly as worn out as he'd been after the fear-curse.
paladaddy: (you're not serious right?)
Who: Shiro Fujimoto, plus anyone who happens to come across him
When: Very shortly after his arrival
Where: The plaza
Style: setup is prose, but I am open to prose or action
Status: Open to everyone!

Toto, I don't think we're in the afterlife anymore. )
14th-Jan-2013 12:09 am - 012 - Madokara Mieru
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Who: Dhaos sans a few centuries, and a bunch of strangers
What: the young prince has a slight scare, and explores his surroundings
When: Monday morning to early afternoon
Style: brackets, as always
Status: open

[Waking up in a new place can be a scary experience for a child, especially when said child has no memory of how they got there in the first place. This is such the case for Dhaos, now age seven and completely oblivious to any memory of his adult life. The fear that perhaps he had been stolen away by someone - a very real, if unlikely danger to a young prince such as himself - gives way to curiosity. Wouldn't there be someone watching him if he had really been kidnapped? The window was even open a little, and the door didn't have a lock. Being mindful of the large turtleneck he's almost swimming in - goodness, whoever normally wears this thing must be even taller than Father - he opens the door and wanders out into the hall to find out what's going on.


A bit later in the day, he can be found playing out in front of the Vesperia house. He's not too sure about the area yet, and he's had it quite strictly drilled into his head from early on not to wander off alone.]

((ooc: Might make an account for this later on. Will give a heads up if I do.))
10th-Jan-2013 04:02 pm - 25th Combo - Rune Crest
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Who: Lloyd Irving and castmates/CR who would be aware of the Rune Crest stuff going on
Where: Winespring Inn and forge
When: Today, morning and evening
Style: Either!
Status: Closed... ish? If you feel you have an IC reason to stop in, feel free!

Note: Please mark in the subject whether you are tagging before or after the making of the Crest. The actual forging of the Rune Crest is going to be handwaved to help simplify things.


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31st-Dec-2012 08:17 pm - 011 - Cats on Mars
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Who: Dhaos and anyone
What: grab-bag curse catch-all, confessions type curse
Where: at the Vesperia House, the park, or around the city
When: anytime during the curse week
Style: I'll probably stick to brackets, but feel free to use prose if you'd like.
Status: open as can be

[Nothing is quite so awkward as waking up with a sudden urge to confess. Especially when half of said "confessions" are utter fabrications that Dhaos had not thought of before the words had passed his lips. It's especially awkward when something comes up that the angel doesn't quite get the context of. T'is the season for embarrassment and confusion?]
15th-Dec-2012 02:03 am - 010 - Mice on Venus
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Who: Dhaos, two puppies, and you
Where: the Island
When: somewhere around midday-ish, 12/14
Style: [this]
Status: open

[Today Dhaos is up on the island for a change. The new puppies were in need of a walk, and so he had decided that it would be nice to allow them someplace new to explore. It was a bit of a surprise to find it snowing, although a fairly pleasant one.

At the moment he's sitting on a larger stone, watching the pups play. The light dusting of snow that's covered him by now doesn't seem to bother him in the least.]
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