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24th-Dec-2012 11:42 pm - Informal Christmas Concert~
akumanotrill: (professional smile)
Who: Hijiri Minase, Libertà, Marty McFly, Ioder, Jade Harley, Motochika, Cain Hargreaves, Selphie Tilmitt and YOU (Everyone's invited! ^^)
When: Evening of 24th Dec
Where: Central Plaza
Style: Action or Prose!
Status: Open

Hijiri looked around to make sure all the musical instruments and seats were in place. He'd prepared a number of extra seats. He'd also managed to get a piano and a drum set out onto the plaza along with some tambourines for anyone who might be passing by and want to join in. Passersby were of course welcome to borrow instruments from the music store nearby to join in or just sing along if they wanted to. Hijiri had already spoken to the store owner about it and she was glad to help. Hijiri can be a very charming flirt when he wanted to~ ♥

Now Hijiri set down and tuned his violin a little before playing a bit of Ave Maria to warm up as he waited for the others.

The evening's programme was to be a mix of classical, pop and even rock Christmas tunes. Anything his fellow musicians wanted to play. Hijiri just wanted everyone to have a fun musical Christmas~

Merry Christmas, Vatheon!

27th-Nov-2012 10:44 pm - ➟ [action] ▘ 001
outtatime: (Default)
Who: Marty McFly and [insert your character here]
Where: The Plaza
When: From Wednesday through the end of Curse #36 {Your choice

[When Marty first heard about being "cursed" in the Bubble, there was this feeling of uneasiness at the back of his throat he couldn't ignore. I mean who wouldn't? When he thinks of a curse, he thinks of seven years of bad luck with a dead-end scenario he can't escape from. Wait a minute...

But he swallows that uneasiness whole and continues to press on. That is until he butts heads with said curse by being glued onto some stranger earlier in the week.

Now there is an air of caution he carries along when venturing about but Marty ain't scared of being stuck on another person. That would just be silly. Inconvenience sure but not enough to push him off the deep end to saturate his body with oil, wrapped whole with saran wrap. He just has to be a little careful about where he is walking.

What better way than going carefully headfirst into a highly populated area? The operative word here being carefully. He's got a plan. Play his "guitar" by the fountain side (really a broken guitar he was able to pick up from the garbage side that is still out of tune) or staring at the different chotchkies from the various shops around here.]
26th-Nov-2012 10:15 am
crackpotcrocker: (Door Number one)
Who: Denzel and you
Where: Around the Bubble
When: All week
Style: Will match
Status: Open

[Looking for a person to get stuck to with the latest curse? Well meet Mr. Anti Social.
He can be found in these locations and may or may not be watching where he is going or prehaps he had a sudden spazz attack
Denzel can be found in various places in the Bubble all week.
The library. Reading and looking for various books like a nerd.
The University, teaching his Theorical Science class. This week's topic Time Travel!
The Plaza scoping out the coral with a strange device.
That guy in the corner of a resturant, sitting by himself.
Heck even taking scientific items from the Denfense Force.
As well, as his house. Boy, no matter where you touch him he's so boney!]

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