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10th-Sep-2013 09:24 pm - Even old men need to have fun
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Who: Peony and Alister
When: Probably early evening-ish
Where: Up on the island, on the beach
Style: Whatever!
Status: Closed

Gampa needs to learn to enjoy life a little! )
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Who: Tear Grants
Where: Inside Vatheon
When: Backdated to June 24th
Style: starting with action, can match
Status: Open

[Tear didn't have much experience with swimming, unless one counted the few times that Luke and Jade and suggested that they relax at the spa on the top floor of the Keterburg hotel. Natalia had tried to teach her how to swim, but when you spend a good portion of your life being surrounded by miasma, you don't really like water.

Of course, she'd found things back on Auldrant to appreciate, especially after facing down her older brother and finding herself with a two-year wait for the boy she loved to possibly return to their group. She'd learn to properly swim in pools, taken up singing more and other things than just Fonic Hymns, helped Anise and Teodoro restructure the Order of Lorelei and hunted down the stray replicas that Van and the God-Generals had left of the Oracle Knights in places like Mt. Roneal and the other Sephiroth on Auldrant. She'd even spent time travelling to Baticul and Grand Chokmah to see Natalia, Guy, Jade, and Emperor Peony.

Although, waking up in a bubble, surrounded by water was the last thing she ever expected.

It took everything in her to keep from screaming. She hadn't realized how stifled the Qliphoth had felt until she spent more time on the surface of Auldrant. So, to be back in a similar atmosphere made her have to bite back the panic. She shoved it back and looked around her, seeing a towel, a brochure and a strange device.]

What's this?

[Later, after reading through the brochure and using the towel, Tear can be found walking through the middle section of the city. Her first stop was the Welcoming Center. Then, you can find her checking out the Volunteer Defense Force's office. Then, she'll be found checking out the various other sections of the city as she tries to find a place to live.

Lastly, you'll find Tear on the island, breathing deeply of the fresh air, despite the barrier keeping her from leaving. She's looking at the houses and finding one she loves. One that requires very little work to make habitable and would keep her happy.]

24th-Jun-2013 11:26 pm - Up, Up, and away
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Who: Jade Curtiss, Peony, and Alsiter
When: Early the 25th
Where: The apartment
Style: Whaaaatever
Status: Closed

(This cut is as fake as Jade's sincerity) )
10th-Apr-2013 04:23 pm - Come Fly with Me
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Who: Jade Curtiss [personal profile] bootsweremadeforcasting & Alister Azimuth [personal profile] double_edged
When: Evening Apr. 10
Where: Junkyard
Style: Prose or action
Status: Closed, unless you're intent on stalking either of them

Fly, Fly Away )
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Who: Alister Azimuth ([personal profile] double_edged), Demyx ([personal profile] ninthserenade)
What: Beach trip! and alister getting over his phobia of fish shush
Where: The island
When: afternoon
Style: Action
Status: Closed

Living in the sunlight, Loving in the moonlight, Having a wonderful time! )
25th-Aug-2012 11:00 pm - Home is the nicest word there is
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Who: Residents of The Villa, Open!
When: Starts 8/25, open for a month?
Where: The Villa
Style: Either!
Status: Open to anyone who wants to visit! Just be sure to knock first. :3

[The smell of something sweet and delicious was wafting through the Villa today. What better way to break in a new oven than by baking some
melonpon ? At least that was Rin's thinking on it. And he'd done a lot so far. There were already several trays done, in several different flavors. Most he was going to bring back to work the next day to give to the hosts and customers, but he was more than happy to share with anyone in the house, or anyone who came to visit even.

Today was a good day for that, actually.]

(ooc: So basically this is open for anyone actually living in the Villa, or anyone who wants to come visit. If you want a specific resident (Maka, Rin, Blair, Masaru or Asakura) just list it in the header. If you just want to visit and have anyone answer, that's fine, too!)
15th-Aug-2012 10:08 pm - You dun goofed
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Who: Jade Curtiss | [personal profile] bootsweremadeforcasting and Alister Azimuth [personal profile] double_edged
Where: Clinic
When: After the incident with Kimblee
Style: Either or
Status: Closed

Jade had been sitting there a while. He'd heard of the fights with Alister and part of him wanted to see the General was okay, and part was just ready to say an intelligent version of "I told you so". Unfortunately, it was more the latter. Alister had acted like an idiot and he'd gotten what was coming to him. But Jade was mature enough that he wasn't going to be a child about this situation.

Currently, Jade was reading a book, sitting next to Alister's bedside. He'd been told Alister should be waking up soon enough. If anything, Jade would go the apartment and come back tomorrow. But reading quietly was the best option until he awoke.
26th-Mar-2012 02:33 pm - Walk a mile in my shoes
double_edged: (+ longing +)
Who: Alister and Riku, also open to onlookers!
What: Building a fort! And talks of feelings.
Where: The junkyard
When: Early morning to late afternoon.
Status: Open~

just don't get them dirty. )
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