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17th-Jun-2013 04:59 am - ♌ A True Hat-trick - [OPEN]
fundemetal: (36)
who: Leo and Anyone
what: hat shenanigans/pranking
when: All week during the curse week starting 6/17.
where: All around Vatheon - starting in the plaza, but feel free to have your character run into him anywhere public.
style: Starting with prose, but will change to match.
status: OPEN

Leo loved a good prank. He hated the last curse, but this one? Was a whole other bag of tricks. Or more accurately a bag of tricky hats. When the mark had glowed last night he hoped he wouldn't be affected by whatever wicked scheme the scientists could come up with to make his (and everyone else's) life hell.

He wasn't expecting this. But oh, was he loving it. The first hat he found was a thinking cap. He was already a pretty good thinker, but the idea of a thinking cap sounded promising, so he put it on and immediately began coming up with the best ideas! (Or what he thought were the best ideas.) He wrote them all down on a pad of paper as they came to him. But one idea stood out from the rest!

See, he had just come across the table in the plaza and it was piled with hats! All sorts of hats! It would be a lot of fun to try them all on. He went to remove the thinking cap to try on a space helmet. He quickly realized that he could not remove it. But, maybe he could put it on someone else. And how awesome of a prank would it be to go around putting these hats on other people? He picked out an array of interesting hats and began putting them into his tool belt.

A supply of hats was necessary to pick from to prank anyone he came across. And surely people would do everything they could to avoid the plaza once they caught wind of the curse, so he needed that supply to be mobile and stealthy.

[ooc: Let me know in an ooc note whether or not you want him to be able to get a hat(s) onto your character. I'm up for both successful and failed pranks as well as your character pranking Leo in return!]
21st-May-2013 06:53 pm - She's a Maniac, Maniac!
encore_dueling: (Fucking skulls man)
Who: Jake English and everyone else
Where: Anywhere
When: Anytime during curse week
Style: Any! I'll match you!
Status: Open!

[You know what sucks the most about being in a coma? Not being able to explore the place you just got dumped into!

Granted, for the first couple of days or so, that grease is still in his hair no matter how vigorously he washes it. How the hell that stuff got into it, he doesn't know and he's not sure he wants to know.

Anyway, this kid can be found looking at everything Vatheon has to offer, both under the water and on the surface. He's a very curious lad, after all!

Jake...also has no idea that a curse is even happening. Yeaaaah, fun times ahead.]
21st-May-2013 06:31 pm - To Tell the Truth
dashingloyalty: (Gotta go fast)
Who: Rainbow Dash and all of y'all
Where: Anywhere
When: Anytime during curse week
Style: Any! I'll match you!
Status: Open!

[Rainbow Dash can be seen doing plenty of things, mostly involving her flying somewhere. Maybe she's up on the island doing complicated aerial maneuvers. Maybe she's flying laps all around the bubble after finding out that the coral and stuff has been fixed.

Or maybe she's just enjoying some ice cream somewhere after a long workout. After being asleep for three weeks, Rainbow wants to get back into shape again. If she sees someone she knows on the street, she'll give them a friendly wave with a huge grin.

Vatheon has totally missed this pony, right?]
20th-May-2013 04:25 pm - Open Log
devwocean: (Come at me bro)
Who: Orphaner Dualscar and YOU
When: Any time throughout the curse week
Where: Out and about in the bubble or the island
Style: Starting in action, but I'll follow your lead
Status: Open

[Dualscar's taken careful notice of this curse, and is pretty sure what it's all about - and that he's not affected. As a highblood troll, it would be practically unconscionable for him not to take advantage of this opportunity.

He may be deliberately visiting your character - if you're someone he knows - or it could be a chance meeting. Either way, he may be trying to ferret out information. Or there might not be anything in particular that he cares to know.]
20th-May-2013 03:36 pm - We all missed these right?
spacecase: (my eyes are up here)
Who: Villa folks and YOU
When: All this curse week and beyond (maybe)
Where: ZA VILLA!
Style: Action for laziness!
Status: Open

[The residents of a certain Villa in Vatheon have sure been hard at work restoring their home to its former glory, but that doesn't stop them from entertaining guests and friends!

So what's your Villa resident up to? Maybe they're in the kitchen getting some snacks, or out in the living room thanking the mighty coral that the hole in the wall is gone. One Jade Harley in particular is introducing her ectotwin around the house herself, either way you can catch one of them at any time! Just look out for the wild truthiness!]
toheirishuman: (everything is rainbows & nothing hurts.)
Who: Bitty John and you!
Where: Villa and the plaza
When: Backdated to Friday (1/18)
Style: Action spam because I'm feeling lazy
Status: open

[There's only so long you can play in your backyard before the space can no longer contain your imagination and you get bored. So despite the fact that John is only four years old now and really shouldn't be wandering, guess what he's doing? Yeah. Hopefully nobody was looking for him because the backyard is now -1 John Egbert.]

[Once he's escaped, John begins to wander the bubble. Dash had taken him out for an airborne view of the bubble earlier but other than that he hadn't really gotten to do much exploring outside of the villa yet.]

[After what seems like FOREVER he finally reaches the plaza and begins excitedly dashing about, pressing his nose up against the glass of shops, crawling under tables at the cafes, chasing stray cats, and...falling into a fountain. But does being soaking wet stop him?]

[The answer to that is no. Not in the slightest.]

((ooc: Feel free to run into him either before or after his fall-in with the fountain. Responses will come from [personal profile] alittlefreshheir))
15th-Jan-2013 04:16 pm - 400 BABIES
heartandsoul: ([Unsure] A ghost pumpkin's soup)
Who: VILLA PEOPLE and anyone else
Where: Where else, DA VILLA
When: Starting today, going allllll month!
Style: Any
Status: Open to all, visitors please sneak in a window knock

[What's this? It's a house full of babies! Although one of the babies is actually one year older today, she hasn't been made aware of the date yet.

What's your Villa resident doing? Are they one of the few that still has their sanity with their curse or are they past all that? Who knows!]
17th-Dec-2012 12:19 pm - I am in misery
knightime: art by yummytomatoes (I CANT DO IT MAN)
Who: Dave Strider and you
Where: The villa where he lives
When: Backdated to when the exchange started
Status: Open
Style: Starting Prose but I'll follow.

There ain't nobody who can comfort me )
keepsthefire: ([✠] just as planned... ?)
Who: VILLA PEOPLE and anyone else
Where: Where else, DA VILLA
When: Starting today, going allllll month!
Style: Any
Status: Open to all, visitors please sneak in a window knock

[Even with the curse going on and the myriad of new arrivals and new residents to that well known house in Vatheon, it's actually been more or less calm there. Not exactly quiet, but calm. Which is always nice to start the month of December with.

So what is your Villa person doing today? Cooking, hanging out, putting up Christmas decorations? Whatever the case, feel free to mingle about! There's plenty of new people to say hello to!]

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