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22nd-Jul-2013 09:12 pm - third clover
fourleafed: (bad man!)
Who: Yotsuba and YOU!
Where: at the park
When: backdated to July 21st
What: Supervillain Yotsuba is 'holding up' people in the park. With a water gun.
Style: action

[If you happen to be in the park on Sunday, you might see Yotsuba running around with her water gun. You'll also either see her run up to people and say the following, or it will happen to you.]

Freeze! Don't even think about moving!
21st-Jul-2013 04:16 pm - Oh no! I'm falling! (Closed)
closedcircuit: (Default)
Who: Ky Kiske and Sol Badguy
Where: Almost-falling
When: July 21st
What: Superhero curse. Sol rescues Ky again, this time Ky reacts a little differently
Rating: PG-13
Style: Past tense prose.

cut )
20th-Jul-2013 11:26 am - 08: Even superheroes get overworked
findsrisks: (Default)
Who: Nanaki and YOU!
When: All week + Saturday
Where: various locations + the island
Style: dem brackets

Monday through Friday

[Throughout the week, Nanaki is doing her best to fight of the crime in the city. She is actually a competent superhero, and can be seen chasing down villains as they rob banks and such.

Or sometimes she just pops out of mirrors nearby, because that's her power: traveling via reflective surfaces. So don't be too surprised if she comes tumbling out of a mirror near you. She didn't mean to intrude, honestly.


[All of that superhero work is tiring, and Nanaki has decided to take a day off. So on Saturday she can be found up on the island, wearing a swimsuit and just relaxing in a chair on the beach. There's also some other things nearby: a beach ball, some water toys, and stuff to build sandcastles with. If Nanaki is going to spend the day at the beach, she's going to do it right.]
shippingmath: (pic#5352263)
Who: Bro, Dirk, and any heroes of Vatheon who come across them
When: Throughout the day Saturday
Where: "hero cafe" to start, then around Vatheon
Style: brackets to start
Status: First option closed for Dirk and Bro. Others are open!

[Those familiar with Dirk Strider this week might know that he isn't fond of wearing shades, but today he's wearing a hard-to-miss pair everywhere he goes. The shades mask his expression, but there's more to it than that. His movements are jerky and sudden, as though he's being pulled around by little strings. He strides through the streets of Vatheon with none of his usual casual air. He's on a mission, and he has no time for anyone who gets in his way.

That mission is taking him toward one of the banks that litter the city, then into it. As he shoves his way in through the doors, he pulls out a gun, and points it at the patrons.]

This is a heist. Put your hands up, and give over your money.

20th-Jul-2013 01:37 am - 13 - The Path
fistfullofmagic: (Default)
Who: Dhaos and you
When: Pretty much anytime during the curse he's not otherwise occupied
Where: various spots throughout the city
Style: I prefer brackets
Status: Open as the treasure chests in a dungeon when you've got a rogue in the party

[For those not to caught up in saving the day to notice anything else, they might notice a rather tall blond off doing small acts of heroism for people. Nothing about the turtleneck and jeans look he has going would separate him from an ordinary citizen, if not for the very blank face mask he wears. Who is this mysterious man? If he's really a superhero, why the general lack of outfit? Why stop purse snatchings when there are larger crimes to worry about? Why not just go up and actually ask him instead of standing around wondering these things?]

((ooc: If anyone wants to make up a crime for Dhaos to help on, go right ahead. His power is generating barriers, which he can change the size and shape of. It's one of those things he has to actively focus on doing though.))
19th-Jul-2013 11:39 pm - It's all just a game to him [OPEN]
unwrittenformula: (η ≕ 3 + 3)
Who: A seemingly innocent Fennec fox and YOU
What: All around Vatheon during this week, one might catch a glimpse of, or be harassed by, a small talking blonde-furred fox
When: Any time during the curse
Where: All over Vatheon
Status: Open like so much openness
Style: action

[Throughout the week, while the city has turned dark and gritty, and heroes and villains run rampant, one might have the unfortunate luck of happening upon a small furred creature. And not just any small furred creature. A fox, with large ears, blonde fur, a tail tipped with pale tea green, and... strangely blank, unreflected blue gray eyes.

He may seem cute and innocent, but those who encounter him might be in for more than they want to deal with.]

(ooc: slightly in tandem with
this Hilda post. If anyone wants to play out N being a jerky jerk face here would be the place to do it!)

19th-Jul-2013 10:45 pm - 32 - Soldier [ OPEN ]
radiantwingedone: (Must have been quite a miracle)
Who: Duke Pantarei and YOU
What: There's someone taking up a park bench and generally being unhelpful and lazy. Bother him if you like~
When: Wed - Sat, day time,
Where: Some random bench outside.
Status: Open like an open thing
Style: Starting prose, action if you like

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gigglesnortpriestess: (dream of me)
Who: Sentai heroes and some girl (IT group)
What: Yukiko is trying to find a safe place to stay for the night. She just happened to stumble on a superhero group's hideout.
When: Thursday night
Where: Sentai HQ (formely the agency)
Status: Closed
Style: Either or.

Will I be alone in this dark place? )
19th-Jul-2013 07:24 pm - Senshis to the Rescue!
chainedpromises: (Don't mess with me)
Who: KH Senshi
What: Nami leads the team to rescue Roxas!
When: Mid-Near end of the week
Where: All over the city
Style: It really doesn't matter.
Status: Closed

It would seem that the team hasn't heard from their other blond member for a few days, causing the bunch to go into quite the worry. Namine was worried for her friend and came up with the plan to go look for him to see what they could find. As it would seem, things turned for the worse, the search mission began to combine not into that, but a rescue one as well.

This was the time for friendship to rise! Namine could really only hope that they could find him in this very large city. It was clear she wasn't very accustomed to it, but she put on a brave face, this was for the sake of helping Roxas! They couldn't just sit back and wait!

For once she was the one taking initiative! Buuuuut...she was at a loss right now. Turning to the rest of the group, she fiddled with her hair for a moment, "Where else should we look?" She asked.
18th-Jul-2013 02:18 pm - A fire flower blossoms from within
ofthedragonfire: (Glance | Why be extraordinary)
Who: Bloom and You~
What: Bloom being a hero while at the same time trying to understand her powers.
When: Throughout the week.
Where: All over the city.
Status: Open~
Style: Whichever you like. But starting with brackets

That's what gives you strength and that's what makes it special )
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