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Who: Jacob and YOUUUUU
When: Morning till late afternoon
Where: Near the plaza
Style: Whatever you want, I'll do.
Status: Open like your ears!

[There is a man sitting in the plaza.]

[He isn't at all out of the ordinary- no crazy hair colors or eye colors or anything amiss. Even his clothes are plain and simple, and honestly, he looks like the kind of man who you could spot in a crowd and just forget about instantaneously.]

[He's sitting on a bench while a large black chocobo with flowers tied around its neck rests near his feet. And in his hands is...what appears to be a lute. Huh.]

[There is a few seconds of silence, and then he starts
playing, not even looking at his lute as he does so, as if he's gotten the whole piece memorized by heart.]

[And if you're passing by, he'll smile over at you, as if saying "You can come over and listen. I don't mind."]

[Say hi to your resident god figure, Vatheonites? He won't bite.]

[ooc: For all of you new players out there, this is Jacob from the TV show LOST and...he's a god figure in his canon who has powers of omniscience and such. Therefore, I have a handy-dandy
permission post over here as to how much he can know about your character and such. Thank you!]
7th-Aug-2012 03:43 pm
array_of_fire: (pic#3713929)
Who: Riza, Roy and Ed if he wants to join in.
Where: At the house they share.
When: Backdated to just after this.
Style: Starting with [Action], will follow your lead.
Warnings: None at the moment.
Status: CLOSED

[She'd just finished her conversation with Selim when she noticed that Roy was looking somewhat like a ghost, which puzzled her to no end.

She'll pause then set the SFd down on the table.] Colonel? Is something that matter? You look like you just got some bad news.
2nd-Aug-2012 01:26 pm
crackpotcrocker: (Bleh)
Who: Denzel Crocker and whomever wants to show up for his class
When: Tuesday morning, 7/31
Where: Vat Academy (lower district)
Style: I'll match you :)
Status: Open!!

Denzel is scribbling on the board as he mumbles to himself. He couldn't believe it. Far away from home, under the sea and he still ends up teaching, "There's some irony somewhere. I suppose once a teacher always a - TEACHER!" Spazzing on the last word, "Oh, well. Once I have enough money I can open a shop at the Nook and then possibly take over this magical under the sea world... That is after I figure out this magic."

Glancing over at the clock, it was exactly eight o' clock, "Mmmm, I wonder if anyone is going to bother to show up." This was slightly different from what he was use too, on normal circumstances he'd have a list of names in advance. However, now Crocker didn't know who or what to expect. As he sat at his desk twiddling his fingers.
1st-Aug-2012 10:24 am - [GV] - 2 - A pirate's life for me
chosen_gigolo: (Flirt)
The host club Golden Victory was closed for the last two days to facilitate a change of theme. When its doors reopen on the first, the change from the upscale classy atmosphere of last month is dramatic. The interior is now decked out to the theme of a pirate ship. There's rigging along the booths at the walls and the bar has been done up to look like an exotic market. Fruits and nuts have replaced the bowls of peanuts that had graced the bar top and the herbs and spices cast a pleasing aroma over the entire club floor. There is a small Help Wanted: Bartender. Contact Zelos for Details sign on the bar but it's oddly hard to spot, partially obscured by various bits of decor.

The hosts themselves have been given opulent pirate attire to go with the theme! Each, of course, has been allowed to add little details of their own to the uniform as long as it fits with the theme, and of course lets not forget the hats. The host list is, as ever, placed by the door for the customer's perusal next to the posting of the rules.

Asbel Lhant
Duke Pantarei
Fai D. Flourite
Peony Malkuth IX
Rin Okumura
Roy Mustang
Sora and Roxas (take clients together.)
Zelos Wilder (Only takes appointments with women.)

So how about it, patrons? Would you care to spend some time with Vatheon's dashing buccaneers?

((ooc: So I've decided to knock out the structure of the last post since it didn't really help anything. Hosts can still make appointment threads as they prefer and if something is to take place in a certain section of the club privately, just note that in the subject line as a closed thread. Otherwise, have fun!))
5th-Jul-2012 07:08 pm - Wet Arrival #2
incinerare: ([blind] silence)
Who: Roy Mustang & Anyone else.
What: The colonel returns to the city, though the landing leaves much to be desired.
When: Late Afternoon/Early Evening on the 5th of July.
Status: Open
Style: Any

Roy wasn't entirely certain just what he actually expected upon being thrown out of that pure white space, via the Gate. But landing in a body of water in a pitch dark location likely wasn't on the expected list. Getting to the surface was a relatively simple matter, unfortunately he had no way to tell which direction to go to get out of the water, provided there was actually an end to the water in the first place.

So Vatheon, which of you good good samaritan's will help the poor man out of the water?
2nd-Jul-2012 06:46 pm - 01 - bringing home a stray dog
incinerare: ([casual] watching/listening)
Who: Kimblee and Roy (and Riza if she wants to join in)
When: July 1st
Where: Around the Plaza and then down to Lower District
Status: Closed
Style: either one, I'll follow!

Once Kimblee was finished with the plaza, Roy led the man toward the shops around that area, pointing out the stores which sold clothing, a tailor, the bakery he'd learned about and the cleaners.

When that was finished he led the way to the lower district to the place he'd found for him and Riza, heading up to unlock the front door and lead the way inside.
1st-Jul-2012 04:54 pm - 01
fulmination: (pic#3903297)
Who: Kimblee and you!
When: July 1st
Where: In the plaza
Status: Open
Style: either one, I'll follow!


Coming to in an underwater city soaked to the bone after a little slip down in the mines was definitely something Kimblee wasn't expecting. Especially after he just recently stopped the bleeding from the cut clear across his right palm--he'd have to get that bandaged now that it started up again. Instead of doing the logical thing and use the SFC in his pocket to attempt to contact someone, he just stood up to and removed his scarf and coat to hang it over one of the branches of the massive glowing coral that sat a few feet away before he turned his attention to the city around him.

It was definitely something he never expected, let alone imagined.]

Well, looks like I'm taking another detour on this job.
23rd-Jun-2012 05:30 pm - Waking from a sleep coma
array_of_fire: (pic#3713940)
Who: Riza and Roy
Where: Random hotel Roy's rented
When: Today
Style: Action?
Status: Closed

[Riza yawned as she burrowed into blankets.


The young Cadet bolted upright. While her brain was still foggy, she knew that she hadn't fallen alseep here.
] huh?

[A headshake. Think on that later. She had more important things to deal with, like why she has woken up in a different location. And find the Ma- no. Find the Colonel. As far as she knew, the man was still injured and seemed to have a dislike for bed rest.

Sliding out of bed, she noted that she was still in her nightclothes, but that was an idle thought for later. If she considered it later.

Standing, she headed out of the bedroom, eyebrow quirking atthe house-like feel, but she was still on her guard.
] ..Colonel?

[It was still strange to refer to him as Colonel, but that was his rank.]

chosen_gigolo: (heeeeey bb)
Who: Zelos and any host club hopefuls~
Where: Casino ballroom
When: Now until July 4th! (please date your comment)
Style: [action]
Status: Open!

[A few signs with arrows towards the casino dot the plaza for the next two weeks, announcing Host Club Auditions! in bold, swirling text.

The ballroom of the casino is still mostly bare when any applicant arrives. The far end of the room holds a table, behind which Zelos is seated with a clipboard and two empty seats on either side of him in case his cohorts decide to join him in the screening process. In front of the table is another chair, presumably for the applicant's use.

Welcome to host club auditions~ Show us what you can do!]
17th-Jun-2012 03:15 pm
sonlight: (Love you. <3)
Who: Chibiterasu and the bubble!
Where: The plaza
When: Aaaaaall day.
Style: I will follow you!
Status: Open like Chibi's heart.

[An odd sight graces the plaza today. There, sitting on top of a large collection of fluffy cushions, pillows, beanbags, and other sorts of comfy wonderfulness is Chibi, and above him yet is a tall banner reading thus:

Good for hugs, cuddles, and absorbing your sorrows. He's an excellent listener, so feel free to just dump all your problems on him! :D

Chibi, of course, has no idea what's going on, knowing only that a few nice locals propped him up here and told him that if he was a good boy and stayed put, they'd bring him cake later. And with the promise of treats and such a comfy place to nap, how could he refuse!

Well, Vatheon? The doctor is in...]
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