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typeadvantage: (Assist)
Who: Cheren and Bianca
When: following this
Where: A restaurant around the plaza
Style: I don't even care
Status: Closed!

[Although the two of them--well, 18 of them counting Pokemon--had managed to clear out Bianca's old apartment and move her belongings into her new place, Cheren still had a nagging feeling that it would take a long time before Bianca sat down and actually unpacked her stuff. Knowing Bianca as long as he had, he was sure that nagging feeling would be right unless he offered to help fix that problem himself.

Unfortunately, as much as he would have loved to get all of that out of the way as soon as possible, other things had gotten in the way. Things like food and being hungry. Packing things and carrying boxes all day did tend to work up an appetite, after all, which is why instead of unpacking Bianca's belongings, she and Cheren were down in the Plaza, searching for a good place to eat.]

What did you feel like eating, anyway, Bianca?
10th-Aug-2012 01:39 pm - It's a nice day for a walk, isn't it?
twiceinhabited: (Chibi - Glance)
Who: Amane and YOU!
Where: Volo Dorm, and then the path forwards the forest.
When:  Today, day time.
Style: Action, baby 
Status: Open

[Ever since Silver gave her Shae, Amane is trying trying her best to take care of the Eevee. She learned how to take care of her, as well as what to feed her and how to train the small Pokemon. The priestess isn’t interested in battling, but she knows it’s necessary to know how to defend oneself. As well as being healthy and fit.

So whenever she can, Amane would take Shae out for a walk towards the forest. There’s plenty of room for running around there, and the Eevee can explore to her heart’s content.

Shae is running ahead of her, waiting for Amane at the dorm’s doors so they can leave. Once Amane opened the doors, the two of them start walking. Or rather, Shae running ahead from time to time, and Amane keeping up with her energetic Eevee.

Will you encounter these two, Vatheon? And at where?

(OOC: As a reminder, if your characters can sense it, Amane is a host to both a demon and an angel. It might tingle their supernatural senses.)
24th-Jul-2012 08:26 pm - A Champion dives in.
champ_coordinator: (Hm?)
Who: Wallace and you!
When: July 24th, evening.
Where: Wandering through the plaza.
Style: Brackets for me to start; but can move onto prose.
Status: Open to everyone.

[Wallace shook his hair as he often had water dripping from his hair all the time. His clothes were also soaking wet. A smile crossed his lips as he never minded a bit of water on his purple pants and white jacket. A similar sensation but the place was not similar. It was like nothing he'd ever seen before. An underwater world.

He'd found the communicator that he'd been given. A curious object which he'd yet to master. Perhaps it worked like a Poke nav back in Hoenn? He looked around and squinted. Where there any people about that could help him? He was full of questions and enquiries.]

Where in Hoenn am I? Well, not Hoenn that's for sure. Excuse me? [He wondered if any of the locals heard him.]
28th-Jun-2012 08:58 pm - Who's up for a pokemon battle?
needsmoregreen: ("Even so screw logic!")
Who: Bianca and Cheren
When: Afternoon
Where: The Plaza
Status: Closed
Style: Which ever goes?

insert something witty here )
8th-Jun-2012 02:05 pm
blessedbyfarore: (8D)
Who: Link and you
Where: Anywhere and everywhere in the city
When: Morning of the 7th
Status: Open
Style: Will match!

[What's that, up in the sky?]

[It's a bird!]

[It's a plane!]

[...No, it's Link, actually, in the form of an adorable Pokemon. Flying is
awesome, and Link is most assuredly taking advantage of his newfound ability to do so, spending his seventeenth birthday flying and occasionally swooping low to peer curiously at what people are doing.]

[So. What are
you doing, and why is there a little green thing watching you do it?]
burntviolet: (I count the nights- I count the days)
Who: Hanako, and Cheren
Where: The Forest
When: One hour after this conversation here.
Status: Closed.
Style: Actionspam forever? ;n;

[ Quite honestly, Hanako doesn't know what the hell she is doing. She knows almost nothing about Pokemon, or what they do, other than quick explanations about battling and breeding... she's not even sure if she wants to let that poor ghost-like creature fight at all. But apparently, this curse kind of forced her to keep it, so she'll have to make the best of it until it wears out. And surely this poor thing needs to be fed, too.

Being this the first time she steps in the forest, Hanako takes some time admiring the surroundings. Before long, though, she'll find Cheren in the vast area, and quietly like her usual, she addresses him. ]

H... Hello. I'm Hanako, the one you talked with earlier...
18th-Jan-2012 12:59 am - Investigation
zelda_hylia: Curious (Curious)
Who: Zelda and ALL THE PEOPLE
Where: All over Vatheon, even on the island a bit
When: January 18-23rd, day and night (though not too late at night)
Style: Either
Status: Open!

Maybe you notice the princess staring too long at something, or maybe you notice the Sheikah scaling new heights to investigate those hard to reach places - but Zelda is definitely on the prowl for information now that the faeries are gone. She wisely avoids the ruins of the church, but nowhere else public seems to be beyond her interest. At least she doesn't break into people's houses like the other Hylian here in Vatheon.
2nd-Jan-2012 08:12 pm - Ready Your Weapons
singularjustice: (dangerous man)
Who: N and anyone!
Location: Forest
Time: Morning.
Style: Either-or!
Status: Open to all!

There is a clearing not too into the forest that has obviously gotten some abuse in the past. It sits on the bottom of a hill and much of the vegetation has been burned away; the hill itself looks as if it has been gouged on occasion by something very large.

Right now, it may be obvious what the cause may have been: a large white dragon sits on the edge, though at the moment she seems contented to lounge on her belly, eyes half-closed. Nothing nearly so traumatic as destroying part of the hill is going on right now; instead she is watching over her trainer with a much smaller beast.

N has a sword in hand, though the scabbard is still on it, and he is all but dancing around, blocking as his Zorua lunges at him, swiping at him again and again.

It is all very serious until the fox Pokemon apparently has had enough. The Zorua jumps up and grabs ahold of the scabbard, pulling down on it with a playful growl.

"H-hey! This is not tug of war!" N protests, but he ends up laughing as he tries to wrest the sword away from him.
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