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14th-Sep-2013 05:35 pm - 3 --> Matters of the Heart
croceamors: (twilightshards) (contemplate > So follow me down)
Who: Saix, Maka, Axel, Rin, and Kid
When: Not too long after the Station Master's meeting
Where: Saix's house
Style: Whatever you want
Status: Closed

It was foolish to think he had such an abundance of time, honestly. Now they have to rush things. For someone like Saix, it isn't exactly preferable. Still, he's made his calls- one to Maka and one to Axel- so now all he has to do is wait.

New Moon seems to sense something is off, cuddled up against his master and being strangely quiet.
1st-Aug-2013 09:07 pm
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Who: Dirk and Open
When: the afternoon
Where: Near the Library
Style: Starting prose, but I'll follow.
Status: Open

Today has been a day of training for Dirk.

Not his usual style of training, with a sword or even the puppets he occasionally uses to fight. Nor has he gone somewhere like the forest or the island which have plenty of open spaces appropriate for sparring. Instead, he's spent the day sitting by the front steps of the library. He isn't wearing the shirt emblazoned with an orange hat that is his usual choice, either. Instead, he's wearing a maroon shirt with a pink heart emblazoned on it.

He's also got a stack of books beside him that he appears to be making his way through. By the afternoon, he's been working all day to no effect, so he sets the most recent tome aside and leans back against the steps to get the crick out of his neck. "How the fuck do you even define a soul, anyway." He apparently isn't paying attention to where he is, because the comment is more than loud enough to be heard by anyone passing by.

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Who: Maka + Kid + Rin + Whoever wants to come and visit at the Clinic!
When: Backdated to yesterday on the 29th of May, after Rin's network post
Style: Action is preferred but I can change if you reeeeeally want to
Status: Ongoing, scenarios are listed under the cut!

Should go without saying there's mentions of violence under here. )
16th-May-2013 09:03 pm - [CLOSED]
symmetrophile: ([maka] uguu nerds)
who: Maka Albarn, Rin Okumura, Death the Kid.
when: evening of IDC?!
where: Villa and then who knows.
style: action
status: closed

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13th-Apr-2013 01:02 am - witty title [open]
secondcoolest: (Default)
When: Curse 42 week shenanigans really
Where: the Villa
Style: whatever you want
Status: open!!

[ It's about that time again! More open log stuff at the Villa. Residents, friends of residents, and random passers by are all more than welcome to join in on the shenanigans. Go nuts kids. ]
11th-Apr-2013 01:15 pm - ( closed )
openminded: (Default)
Who: Maka Albarn and Yuri Egin
When: April 11th, Evening
Where: Some Restaurant
Style: [ are brackets okay? ]
Status: Closed!

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10th-Apr-2013 07:10 am - [gv] - 8 - garden
beauchevalier: (♦ 58)
This month the Golden Victory is decorated in a different way than usual. When customers enter, they will be greeted with garden arches covered in roses before coming inside to see the club has become a beautiful rose garden itself. All around the garden room are various seats with tea and snack trays for the customers and larger tables with decorations and having trays of their own, while the larger tables also have matching tea trays much like the smaller tables.

At various spots in the club too, there can be seen long buffet tables (all decorated the same way) carrying all types of food (from fruit to meat) on each table. For our hosts themselves, they will be dressed as butlers wearing matching top hats and colored roses matching their personality with special meanings. The usual rules and host roster is posted near the front door for any new customers or old ones looking for their favorites.

current list of hosts )
8th-Apr-2013 08:28 am - Don't be afraid of tomorrow
keepsthefire: Mephy please stop going on about moe it's creepy... ([✠] suddenly reaaaalllly uncomfortable)
Who: Makarin Oranges Maka and Rin (Special guest appearance by Death the meddling other boyfriend Kid)
When: Sometime after this log, before the curse
Where: Da Villa
Style: Action
Status: Closed

Just take my hand, I'll make it feel so much better tonight )

7th-Apr-2013 10:30 pm - 12 [closed]
paladaddy: (contemplative smoking)
Who: Shiro and Maka
When: Before the curse
Where: the Villa
Style: action
Status: closed

whoops he pissed her off )
2nd-Apr-2013 09:13 pm - Missing the obvious.
zelda_hylia: Hyrule's Princess (Determination)
Who: Zelda, Maka, Serph
Where: Forest Quadrant, in an area with enough trees that people passing by wouldn't have to see
When: April 2nd, after dark, before dinner (hurrhurr)
Status: Closed

[It's been awhile since any significant progress has been made on the matter of discovering what magnetite is, but after hearing the results of Tech's test, Zelda's got another idea in her head. With the curse that took many people's abilities not all that long ago implementing said idea has been delayed, but not shelved entirely. After contacting Maka and Serph earlier in the day Zelda's requested for both of them to come to a somewhat private spot in the Forest Quadrant so that the research can continue. For her and Maka, all they needed to do was not eat beforehand.

Serph has to bring a body.

She's early as usual, waiting with a tense expression on her face. She hasn't directly participated in any of the research, but it has to be done. Things can't keep going like this forever, Embryon should at least have a choice on whether they're going to be eating people or not.]
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