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3rd-Aug-2012 08:20 pm - Jailbreak! Erm, dormitory-break?
golden_gloves: (I won't lose!)
Who: Akihiko and You!
Where: In or just outside the Volo Dorms.
When: afternoon (?)
Style: Either is fine.
Status: Open!

[For Akihiko, being sick or injured can be compared to severe punishment. Relaxation is not part of his regular vocabulary. It is also extremely difficult to pacify him with quiet, solitary activities like reading or watching television.

Having broken ribs was alright, or another similar injury. One can still walk and get around with that. But getting shot in the leg is another story. The first night he fell subject to the coral's side effects of healing and slept. But once the restful slumber ended, the books Mitsuru brought him to read could only hold his attention for so long.

Today, he moves slowly and carefully towards the doors after cautiously descending the stairs of the dormitory. It'll get better faster if he walks on it, right? Maybe there's something to cull his boredom nearby.

And hopefully nobody is around to drag him back inside.]
29th-Jul-2012 09:13 pm - > First Stop: Slippery when wet
busstopsign: (Normal - Pure annoyance)
Who: Shinjiro and You
Where: Wandering confused in the plaza
When: July 29th
Style: Starting with prose but feel free to switch to action and I will match up
Status: Open!

Had to be the drugs.

At least that's what he told himself as he continued to walk, his shoes making noise from the water buildup. His hat did little to protect him from the pouring rain, and his hair was already stuck around his neck. His coat was in no better shape and he grunted as he idly put his hands in his pockets, walking along confused. The coat hid his hospital outfit well...considering upon waking up, Shinjiro had remembered the promise they had made, and his first thought wasn't to get properly dressed, but to grab what he could from his room and make a dash for the school.

...only to end up here. Really, it had to be the drugs. He'd managed to catch a date on his way out, and he knew it had been a while. Maybe painkillers with a a side effect. Who the hell knew. But he'd certainly wake up any minute now.

Strange how it felt so real...he looked up to the sky before sighing.

"Tch. Think I'd be done with dreaming after so long..."
23rd-Jul-2012 08:56 pm - 1 girl, 1 wet intro
shotarcana: (huhwhat?)
Who: Minako Arisato and YOU!
When: July 23rd, evening
Where: Wandering through this plaza!
Style: Brackets for me to start; whatever you want to go on.
Status: Open like a store on Black Friday!

[So, Vatheon, a red-headed girl, dripping wet, is peeling off her wet orange sweater in the middle of the plaza.

For some reason, she doesn't seem all that surprised to be here. Nor does she seem particularly mortified to be stripping down to her skivvies in the middle of this place. She does, however, seem very curious about it all.

Expecting to be dead might have something to do with that.

She's found her starfish communicator, though, and is alternately playing with it, trying to get it to work, while looking around and trying to accost locals. They don't seem particularly inclined to help her. Maybe it's the attire.

Maybe you can be of more help...? If you don't go up to her, she'll go up to you:]

Excuse me, but do you have a minute?
3rd-Feb-2012 06:22 pm - 01 Ϟ texts from sengoku era
dragonizing: (crap this isn't gonna get me girls is it)
who: Masamune Date and you.
when: February 3rd, morning.
where: sanada yukimura's place Plaza. More specifically, a fountain in the plaza.
style: Brackets preferred, but if you'd like prose that's fine too!
status: OPEN for photographs and autographs.

[ there is a one-eyed dragon in your fountain.

no, really, there is a one-eyed dragon in your fountain, though perhaps a bit of clarification is in order. this dragon in your fountain is not quite literally a dragon--actually, he's a man--but he sure is one-eyed, armor-clad and...

well, he's certainly still in that fountain, right in front of you.


-- well! at least he looks peaceful. as peaceful as a guy with a helmet donning a crescent-moon and six swords can look like, anyway.

approach, if you want. he doesn't bite! kind of. ]
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