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25th-Mar-2013 08:33 pm - ♑ ♥ ♐ | You are my strong tower
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Who: Gamzee Makara and Equius Zahhak.
Where: Home, bedroom.
When: Just before the curse ends, sunday night.
Style: Prose before bros.
Status: Closed on account of sad.

In general, Gamzee digs curses. Long as he just rolls with them, they always got plenty of miracles on offer and the only motherfuckin' trick to it is just getting your seeing on to them. Not always, of course, never always, but often enough that he can let his sponge let go of the times that are harsh more than chill. If you don't think on it, it's almost just like it never really happened.

And this curse? Yeah, this curse was wild. He had loads of fun with all his bros, got himself some sweet-ass digs the sort he could never even got to dreaming of existing and--

Shifting a little, he pulls Equius' arms tighter around him, his bare face pressed to the side of his neck. He already took his face off earlier, before he climbed onto their relaxation rectangle. He turns his head a little, peering past Equius' jaw at his face, noticing the direction his eyes are turned: the clock that slowly ticks away their last, careless moments of being able to touch, and in response he reaches up, laying one hand across Equius' eyes. "Hey man, don't focus on it, aight?"
420: Art by Leppu [at] (pic#5114933)
Who: Gamzee Makara, Eridan Ampora, Karkat Vantas and a poor poor ukulele.
Where: Starting at the quest board
Status: Closed
Style: []

[Surprisingly, Gamzee manages to make it to the quest board first. A little while ago, Karkat had send both him and Eridan an invitation to join him on a quest, and Gamzee had been more than happy too. Seriously, shooting the wicked shit with Karkat and Eridan? Sign him up! This whole curse has been nothing but a great excuse for catching up with some buddies and having some fun. Points? Rewards? Nothing he cares about. What would he even wish for to have from back home? All what he cares about is all what he got here.

Now that he has to wait anyway, he plucks the ukulele from his back, strumming his fingers idly over the strings to pass the time until his bros show their snouts.]
20th-Mar-2013 10:23 pm - Who you gonna call? Beast Masters!
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[It was as fast as lightning and it sounded like thunder rumbling all over the city! Something terrible has befallen all of the pots in Vatheon. That's right, something has smashed all of the pots under the sea. And that something was making KWEEEH and WARK sounds.

The chocobos have escaped and have left both a mess and a crestfallen janitor in their wake. The poor guy doesn't know what to do and the chocobos aren't making his job any easier. They are very energetic and tricky for a person to do alone. He needs anyone and everyone, especially Beast Masters, to lend a helping hand.

Team up in twos or threes to try to herd the birds back and be careful of their droppings!

If you prefer to watch and cheer on those hard working helpers, you might be able to snag some forgotten starfish tokens the stampede uncovered when they broke those pots.]

((To get points, be sure to sign up here.))
18th-Mar-2013 02:32 pm - ♊ + ♋ + ♒
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Who: Sollux, Karkat, and Eridan
When: March 16th
Where: The cave for The Trial of Three
Style: Action
Status: Closed
Warnings: Cursing and quest-related stuff. So possible violence, etc.

This will obviously go well )
17th-Mar-2013 07:12 pm - Quest log for Equius and friends
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Who: Equius and various other questers
When: level-grinding o'clock
Where: All over
Style: kupo?
Status: semi-open; if anyone wants to quest with this guy, let me know!

[You know what sucks? Being a cleric and not getting any good spells until you're at an insane level sucks. Holy is a pretty amazing spell, but you've got to kill a lot of grass monsters to get it. Not only that, but you need someone to protect you from said grass monsters, since you can do no real damage on your own. Life is hard, it really is.]

[This is Equius. He's a cleric. He's level-grinding so he can get some decent offensive stuff, and this is his story.
16th-Mar-2013 08:55 pm - 19 ♐ Trial of Three
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Who: Beast Master Darkleer, Rogue Bro Strider, Bard Summoner, Cleric Disciple
When: March 16
Where Exploring new ruins
Style: ???
Status: Closed

Well, Bro had expressed interest in traveling with Summoner and him during the start of the week, and with Disciple a valuable healer... Darkleer knew exactly who to contact when he and Summoner saw one of the quests on the board advertising an excavation of sorts.

Well, alright. Really, by the look of things, it couldn't really be graced with the professional title of "excavation". It was more like running into a dark cave and hoping things came out for the best.

Patting his musclebeast's broad back to soothe him- Arty doesn't like going into dark cramped caves- Darkleer looks to his companions. "I trust we're all prepared, then?" The odd tail poking out from his spine tries to curl loosely around one of Disciple's hands. Darnit, he still can't control the blasted thing.
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Who: Shiro the Silver King Mage, and anyone else
When: All during the RPG curse
Where: Everywhere!
Style: Starting in action, will follow
Status: Open!

[Compared to the only other curse Shiro had experienced so far, this one was actually pretty nice. Odd, and the powers replaced by something else entirely was a bit disconcerting, but he was slowly starting to learn how to deal with that little hang up enough that he wasn't nearly as bothered as he thought he might be.

Plus he sort of liked
the clothes he had been given for it. Different, but oddly comfortable.

That aside, there was only one other problem he was having - with Kuroh out of commission, and his lack of social interaction since the samurai had shown up had left Shiro without many friends he could ask to help him out on quests that very clearly needed more than one mere mage to take care of.

But he was a friendly sort despite his past, and willing to approach anyone that might be looking a little lacking in the party department, so at any point during this curse one might find themselves unceremoniously approached by a smiling teen with stark white hair and a cheerful question.]

Hello! You look like you could use a companion! Would you perhaps be interested in joining me on a quest or two?
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Who: Ruca and all of you
When: All this week
Where: All over the place
Status: some quest will be open, some closed.

[Well, this reminded him a bit of the guild quests... expect Iria and Spada weren't here to make him choose the most dangerous ones and insist to visit places people usually stayed away from.

The new skills and weapon was a big change to him though - he was used to fighting using a heavy broadsword and casting magic, but none of it was healing one. Now his weapon was merely a light staff and he didn't have much strength, but he could heal everyone. He couldn't help but be a little worried how he was going to defend himself if anything attacked him, but he was still going to do his best to help others. If anyone got hurt he would make sure to heal them, not caring much for himself.]

[ooc: this is how Ruca looks right now. Drawing by me]
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Who: Cielo and anybody in the area
When: March 15th, midday
Where: Plaza
Style: Your choice, I'll match you
Status: Open

Those who pass by the plaza today, whether they're battle weary adventurers or normal civilians, may hear the sounds of music in the air (and perhaps feel their magic statistics raise by 1). If they choose to follow it, they'll find Vatheon's only bard with dreadlocks standing near a fountain. His bard outfit is mostly blue with accents of pink, purple, and green and in the classy cap on his head, there's an orange feather. In his hands is a pale purple stringed instrument connected to a small amplifier.

Is that...a guitar he's playing?

Wrong! It's too small. And it doesn't sound quite right for a guitar.

No, Cielo is playing a ukulele.

An electric ukulele.

He's pretty good at it too.

Care to stop and listen? Dance to the music? Chat? Maybe whip out your own instrument and play along? He'd welcome any company.
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Who: Aradia Megido AND YOU
When: March 15th
Where: Plaza
Style: action!
Status: open

[ Aradia is out in the plaza, not in her curse-prescribed new duds, but in a bunny costume. Though she has a stack of fliers in hand and manages to hand a few out, she's intermittently distracted by trying to keep a pair ofbunny ears on the goat at her side.

The goat, however, seems more interested in alternately trying to eat the fliers and the bunny tail on the back of her costume, bringing her in circles as she tries to reaffix the headband on its head. So far she's managed not to bump into anyone, but she grows increasingly frustrated. ]

Would you stand still for just a second? You look cute, there is no need to fuss so much!
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