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30th-Jul-2013 04:18 pm - .001
antianarchy: <user name=signontheline> ([#] | You're a filthy piece of trash)
Who: Scanty and [community profile] vatheon
When: Early morning, 29th
Where: The plaza
Style: Starting in third but will match!
Status: Open!

[ Hopefully you're ready for a rude awakening if you're half asleep and somewhere near the plaza because there is the most hellish shriek coming from around where the coral is. ]

My HAIR! All the work I put into it every morning... every single morning.... RUINED!

[ There's a bit of an insulted huff as she straightens herself up. One of the locals has finally decided the screeching harpie has finally calmed down enough not to bite his fingers off should he approach with a towel. The towel is snatched up without question as she decides to sit herself down by where the coral is to stare out and dry her hair. However she still hasn't quite calmed down. ]

If I ever get my hands on whoever is responsible for ruining my HAIR... [ Another huff. ]

Fastener! Fastener, darling, bring G-String about and let's get ourselves back home.

[ A beat. ]

Fastener? Now wherever has he gotten himself to... for that matter... Kneesocks?

[ Another click of her tongue when it finally hits her. ]

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