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22nd-Jul-2012 09:02 pm
p2iioniicii2t: (p2iioniic2)
Who: Psiioniic and others
When: throughout the week
Where: Coral Corral 5 and Feferi's home
Style: Assorted
Status: Closed-ish, open to people that have a reason to be at the house.

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handshakegreeting: (attendant ▣ greeting and departing)
Who: A human(?!) goddess of death and you lovelies~
Where: Starting at a cafe, the scene of the "crime" amusement park, and anywhere else...
When: Second day of the power swap week.
Style: I'll follow your lead.
Status: Open like the gates to Hell-- I MEAN UH ?

8th-Feb-2012 10:05 am - A-questing we will go
thalassino: (» carol)
Characters: Carol and all of you people
Location: In front of the castle that was once the Station Master's house
Time: Afternoon!
Style: Up to you lovely people!
Status: OPEN; threadjack and spam at will. Carol will be fluttering around reluctantly.

[If any Vatheonite takes the time today to take a look around the castle, they will find a very, very grumpy fairy godmother fluttering around.

Look, it's Carol, in full-costume and fluttering her wings and looking very sour indeed.]

Play along, he says. Grant wishes, he says. Ugh!

[She looks like she might snap that wand, oops. But she's also fluttering next to a crude, poorly done sign that says Quests for heroes!

...Maybe she'll give you a quest if you go talk to her?


ooc: let's get some questing going, Vatheonites! No fairy tale is complete without a plot, right? If you have a quest in mind, you're welcome to use this log to play it out and get people in on it; just mark the subject line Title of quest | Location | Open/Closed. If you don't have an idea for a quest or would like to talk to Carol, that's perfectly fine too; just mark those threads with Castle to indicate where your characters are! She'll only be sticking around the castle, so she won't be going on any quests with you guys.]
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