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30th-Jan-2013 02:00 pm - 01- No need for new dimensions
bringerofdemons: (I'll kill him...)
 Who: Ryoko & You
When: Shortly after her arrival
Where: The Plaza
Status: Open

[The former space pirate was anything but thrilled with being here. It was taking a lot of will power not to destroy everything in a fit of rage. She merely read through half the brouchure until it became nothing more than a pile of ashes in her hand. Arriving here wet didn't help in cooling off her heated attitude. Ryoko might have scared some of the locals when going to ask them for information. Actually, it was more like interrogating, but it was all just useless information.

Her fingers curled into her fists and electricity sparked from her hands in frustration.]

Someone's gonna get it. I'm going to sink this entire city if I'm not sent back. Bringing me here and taking me away from Tenchi.

And where the hell did this tattoo come from?! Who's been messin' around with my body?

[She just happened to notice the marking  along her cleavage when taking note of her soaked attire. There was a growl of frustration and a thrust of her hand throwing a energy blast towards one of the fountains. It shot into the water and made a rather large splash once it exploded within the liquid and threw water everywhere in the area.]
18th-Dec-2012 08:27 pm - 23 - Jugem Memory
radiantwingedone: (Just a lazy cat)
Who: Duke and Guy, and also Duke and Sheena
Where: that Zel-filled house
When: Sometime between Zelda going into a coma and Zelda waking up from her coma
Style: [ these? ]
Status: Closed! (maybe link too?)

[ More friends might help him more than he realizes... ) ]
24th-Nov-2012 07:39 pm - The Doctor Arrives (again)
thelastgallifreyan: (Sonic time)
Who: The Doctor and You
Where: Standard Plaza Drop
When: Late Morning, just before Noon, November 24th
Style: Brackets preferred but I'll match
Status: OPEN

[A rather damp man in a tweed dress jacket and red bow-tie suddenly appears in the plaza next to the corral.

He spins around quickly, observing and taking in the scene before him in a rush of information.

He runs his hand through his hair nervously only to discover that it is wet.]

I'm wet. [He brings his hand down from his head and inspects it. Sniffs it. Then tastes it.]

Correction. [He looks down at the rest of himself and flaps his jacket out a few times as if to get rid of the excess liquid. He begins to straighten his bow-tie.] I'm soaked... [There is a pause.] with salt-water.

And I'm inside a bubble under an ocean next to an enormous piece of coral.

Ooookay. [He claps his hands together and tilts his head to one side and then the other.]

No TARDIS in sight. [He checks his pockets.] Sonic accounted for, that's good. [He removes his sonic screwdriver and takes a reading. There is a green light and an electric buzzing noise for a few seconds. It turns off and he flips the device up to his eyes to inspect the data.]

Well I haven't mis-aimed. There is certainly something odd about this place.

[He places the sonic screwdriver back in his waterlogged pocket.]

So here's a question. [He continues to talk to himself and walks in a semi-circle around the coral.]

Why does this feel oddly familiar?
10th-Nov-2012 10:21 am - [GV] - 5 - A Lapse
chosen_gigolo: (silhouette)
The theme switch for the Golden Victory this month is virtually non-existent. Gone are the Halloween decorations but nothing's been done to take their place unless the other hosts have taken it upon themselves to decorate. It seems their fearless leader isn't quite so fearless after all and needs some extra time to recover from the most recent curse. He's been absent for almost two weeks now, save to come in and take down the previous month's decor. 

Per usual the rules and employee roster are posted near the door. It seems the staff has thinned a bit.

Asbel Lhant 
Duke Pantarei
Fai D. Flourite (assistant chef and appointments)
Guy Cecil (bartender)
Jade Curtiss (bartender)
Malik Caesar (bartender)
Peony Malkuth IX 
Rin Okumura (chef)
Sora and Roxas
Zelos Wilder (Only takes appointments with women.)
Please note that some hosts may be unavailable due to coma.

The staff may make use of the wardrobe upstairs to find whatever they feel like wearing this month, or even simply don their normal attire. Tired as he is, it doesn't seem Zelos cares much what the others wear when he finally makes his appearance.
chosen_gigolo: (mope)
Who: Zelos Wilder and Sheena Fujibayashi
Where: The casino/hotel, some random room.
When: Friday night, after the fairies have melted into ghosts
Status: Closed
Warning: Suicidal talk

Useless to the world )
16th-Oct-2012 12:51 pm - Time To Wake Up!
worldofhurt: (Default)
Who: Sheena, Colette, and Tales!House! (+Zelda and others)
Where: Ordo 2 and 3
When: Backdated to pre-animal curse? (exact date to be added later? 8D;; )
Style: [Action] for simplicity's sake.
Status: Closed until Sheena and Colette opt to leave the room, then open. :D

Also known as: 'Sleeping Beauty x2 and the Case of the Surprise!Zora Tunics because Zelda is Silly'. )
14th-Sep-2012 03:03 pm - Overflow for Masq. Ball
not_heavens_adam: (Nobelman | Determined)
Who: Absolutely everyone
What: Masquerade~!
Where: The Golden Victory Club
When: Night of Saturday the 8th
Style: Whatever you want
Status: Open like the club's doors~

Vatheon likes it's parties )
2nd-Sep-2012 04:58 pm - 16th Combo
redcladidealist: (Snooze)
Who: Lloyd Irving and anyone
Where: His apartment, Nostalgia Nook, Raine's hotel, and anywhere in between
When: Various times of the day on Sunday
Style: [action] for speed
Status: First and third parts are closed, second part is open

Part One )

[Part two: Nostalgia Nook] - OPEN

[After everything that had happened with Sheena, Lloyd heads out, trying to ignore the flush on his cheeks and the way his heart is still pounding. He needs to concentrate on his task. Kratos had used healing magic on Sheena, but she was still pretty beat up. He'll stop by the Nostalgia Nook on the way to Raine's hotel. Maybe he'll get lucky and find some gels for sale.]

Part three )

[Note: Lloyd is affected with lust as part of the latest curse.]
28th-Aug-2012 10:13 am - 003 ♞ that butler, indulgence
xthecorvus: ([鬼] | I vow)
Who: Sebastian Michaelis and all of you
Where: Anywhere around the city
When: Late evening of Gluttony day
Style: Action. Will follow you though.
Status: Open... LIKE YOUR SOUL

Its hiding in the dark, its teeth are razor sharp )
23rd-Aug-2012 11:04 am - Enter the Summoner
worldofhurt: (Haaaah?)
Who: Sheen and Vatheon! ...-Zelos
When: Thursday morning
Where: Plaza~
Style: I'll follow
Status: Open!

Sheena Fujibayashi was many things. )
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