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6th-Aug-2012 09:23 pm - Rayflo with boobs.
not_heavens_eve: (Hmm...)
Who: Rayfell and Vatheon!
Where: Fountains
When: August 6th, around dark
Style: Starting [Action], but I'll follow your lead
Warnings: None right now
Status: Open

Lead me a light? )
2nd-Apr-2012 08:56 pm - Arrival
not_heavens_eve: (Sigh)
Who: Rayfell and anyone
Where: In the fountain
When: Evening, dark
Style: I'll match~ either or is fine with me
Status: Open~

With a loud splash in the fountain, a certain woman returned to the bubble. Sitting in the water long hair covered her face she started to mutter curses under her breath before she pulled the hair aside only to see something new...and yet familiar. This wasn't where she was a few moments ago, which was annoying. She was laying on a bed with Cheryl running her fingers through that blonde hair as they started to fall asleep and now she is in a fountain with no Cheryl mind you. Someone was going to get a boot up their ass. With a annoyed growl she tried to remember where this place was and why she was even here. Rayfell brought a hand to her head as she rubbed her temples for a few moments. This was going to bug the hell out of her, but she should remember soon right?

Standing up in the fountain she started to wring out her clothes and then her hair. Not that she minds getting a little wet, time to time, just not when she was enjoying herself before this. Not paying much mind to anyone near her all she really focused on now was getting less wet for the moment.

"If this is a joke I swear I'm going to..." She let her voice trail off as she tried to not curse more than she had.

[ooc: Rayfell has been here before she is just trying to remember you can bump into her since she has no idea what to do right now.]
22nd-Jan-2012 09:28 pm
not_heavens_eve: (you're pissing me off)
Who: Rayfell and Vatheon
Where: Around the square and in her home.
When: 22nd around late afternoon
Style: Either or will match style~
Status: Open.

Anyone that ventured into the square would see someone that didn't look at all in a good mood. It was rare for Rayfell to not be friendly to everyone that passed by her, except maybe Rayflo, but today there was an aura of annoyance around her entire being. Sitting on the edge of the fountain she just stared blankly at the ground, twitching every so often when someone walked by her or got near. Even the sunlight entering though the surface above seemed to give her a degree of annoyance. She wasn't completely sure herself as to why she was so out of it, there was an idea though. She just needed to get out of her room and at least sit somewhere where she could be around people. Once outside though she didn't think was a good idea anymore.

Rayfell let out a long breath as she brought a hand to her forehead rubbing it and closing her eyes. "Idiot..."
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