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fortheempire: (even this heart can hurt)
Characters: Ioder, Open to anyone who wants to bother him
Where: The Plaza
When: Afternoon
Style: Prose or action, good for anything!
Status: OPEN

[There was someone in the plaza today that, unless you knew who he was, seemed to really just blend in with the rest of the people milling about. Blonde, unassuming, in a brown jacket and white button down with nothing that really stood out about him.

Except maybe his expression. He seemed distantly upset, staring at some place far away from where he sat, something obviously weighing on his shoulders and bothering him more than usual.

Would anyone care to ask what's on the young emperor's mind?]

9th-Mar-2012 09:08 pm
kingwithnocrown: (Default)
Who: Izaya and whoever wants to interact
Where: Plaza. Probably near the elevator.
When: Evening about.
Style: Action. Because.
Status: Open

[It's not that unusual to see Izaya looking happy. It's just unusual to see him lugging so much shit with him. Okay, it's not a lot, but by his standard- it's too much.

There's a telescope slung around his shoulder, a blanket under the other arm, and then a basket filled with who knows what, probably heads of dullahans or something, in his spare hand.

He's peering up at the bubble as he makes his way towards the elevator.

When. Oh no. A book that had been crammed into the top of the basket topples out. The tragedy.

But look.

Izaya keeps walking. Wow, his attention must be elsewhere pretty intense. And what is that book anyway? It looks weird. Are those instructions on human sacrifice------!!!

Actually it's just a fairy tale. But who can read kanji anyway? Aw look at the fairies-]
4th-Mar-2012 08:36 pm
a_violent_end: (i suppose they are homosexual)
Who: Shizuo and Ion, but open to Izaya and Laharl if they want to jump in!
Where: Izaya's place
When: Evening
Style: Action
Status: Open to Ion & roommates

A visit )
thewilltolive: (pic#2583843)
Characters: Luke and YOU
Location: Around Vatheon
Time: Early Afternoon
Style: Starting in action, but either is fine!
Status: Open!

[ So, Luke has been here for a few days now. Mostly, he's been keeping to himself and hanging around Guy's place, but with the recent curse he's decided to go out and...well, honestly, he's not really sure why he's out and walking around. Guy was pretty cranky, and Luke was pretty sure he wasn't going to stand for his staying-on-the-floor shenanigans.

So, here he was, out and about. He looks rather frazzled, and keeps looking to the ground nervously. Why was he out again? Because, this is a terrible idea. Probably one of the worst idea's he's ever had, and oh god, oh god he's going to fall over for sure, and--

Luke stops quite suddenly, and slowly

Very, very slowly

He lowers himself to the ground, and just lies there. After a moment, he seems to try and drag himself along, but he gives up on that pretty quickly. Seriously, it wasn't worth it. He was perfectly happy lying where he was, safe and on the ground. So...yeah, it doesn't really look like he's going to move any time soon. ]

27th-Feb-2012 04:25 am - Missing Housemates
fonmaster: (sad)
Who: Ion and Laharl since Izaya and Sola are suicidal LOSERS *sob*
When: Immediately after Zelos's announcement
Where: Larmline Penthouse
Style: Action, my brain is closed it is almost 5 am wat
Status: Closed

[After taking a much needed minute to compose himself, Ion exits the bedroom he shares with Sola and heads into the main area of the apartment, looking for Laharl.]

13th-Feb-2012 05:07 pm
kingwithnocrown: (Default)
Characters: Orihara Izaya and the world of Vatheon
Location: Most likely in the Plaza, but anywhere really.
Time: Monday evening
Style: Action or prose.
Status: Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open

[This might be considered a warning sign for mental instability but if anyone actually knew Izaya, it wouldn't be that shocking. It's still a pretty interesting sight regardless.

Izaya is pacing back and forth. Between one street lamp and to the next. He's walking in a quick, even line back and forth, back and forth. He stops at each street lamp and occasionally pulls out his starfish communicator but only to put it back away and continue pacing. If anyone had been watching for a while now, they might've known that he's been doing this for a good twenty or maybe even thirty minutes.

He's muttering to himself too. Even better. Oh but the slightly worse part is the flick blade he continuously snaps open and shut in his other hand- of which is clicking loudly over his ramblings. He doesn't look upset. Actually, he looks kinda of energetic and excited.

Go and interrupt his thinking time?]
8th-Feb-2012 10:05 am - A-questing we will go
thalassino: (» carol)
Characters: Carol and all of you people
Location: In front of the castle that was once the Station Master's house
Time: Afternoon!
Style: Up to you lovely people!
Status: OPEN; threadjack and spam at will. Carol will be fluttering around reluctantly.

[If any Vatheonite takes the time today to take a look around the castle, they will find a very, very grumpy fairy godmother fluttering around.

Look, it's Carol, in full-costume and fluttering her wings and looking very sour indeed.]

Play along, he says. Grant wishes, he says. Ugh!

[She looks like she might snap that wand, oops. But she's also fluttering next to a crude, poorly done sign that says Quests for heroes!

...Maybe she'll give you a quest if you go talk to her?


ooc: let's get some questing going, Vatheonites! No fairy tale is complete without a plot, right? If you have a quest in mind, you're welcome to use this log to play it out and get people in on it; just mark the subject line Title of quest | Location | Open/Closed. If you don't have an idea for a quest or would like to talk to Carol, that's perfectly fine too; just mark those threads with Castle to indicate where your characters are! She'll only be sticking around the castle, so she won't be going on any quests with you guys.]
4th-Feb-2012 03:13 pm
keepsthefire: ([✠] instert something deep here)
Who: Rin Okumura, OPEN
When: February 4th
Where: The Plaza
Style: I'll start prose but I'm fine with either
Status: Oooopen~

New arrivals weren't an uncommon sight in Vatheon. Neither were soaking wet, unconscious new arrivals. But wet, asleep new arrivals? That might be a little more odd.

And that was what was on the floor of the plaza. A soaking wet half demon sprawled out under an equally soaking wet comforter, fluffy-tipped tail curled over his chest, mouth open as he snores.

He has no idea that he's no longer in his bed at the True Cross Academy dormitory.

Dare you wake him?

1st-Feb-2012 03:14 pm
a_violent_end: (smoking furrowed brow)
Who: Shizuo and Izaya's roommates
When: After his fight with Vegeta
Where: Izaya's place
Style: Prose?
Status: Open to Izaya's roommates!

After his fight, Shizuo could only think about Izaya and how he wanted to prove to the informant that he didn't need him anymore. It was over. Shizuo had met someone who was better and stronger than he was - a challenge. He had something to work toward, now. He didn't need to rely on Izaya's whims and fall into Izaya's traps. He wanted him to know that. He wanted to see the look on Izaya's face when the informant found out.

The original reason for the fight was temporarily overshadowed by this plan.

He showed up at Izaya's place and almost barged right in, but then remembered his conversation with Laharl. Izaya had roommates. So he knocked instead - impatiently.
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