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19th-Apr-2013 08:48 pm
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Who: Nepeta and Tavros
When: Backdated to late during the Gain and Loss curse
Where: Hive de Leijon & Nitram
Style: Prose
Status: Closed

Her hive here has become a little sanctuary for Nepeta, as warm and comforting and safe as her cave back on Alternia ever was. Not the least reason for it is her dear, sweet matesprit sharing it with her, getting to do so many things with him, both of them not only tolerating the other's hobbies but encouraging them and gladly taking part. It was good being so close to someone she got along with so very well and whose tastes were so similar to her own, and as she scribbles the outline to a new drawing over a freshly painted wall in their living block, she feels certain that he's going to like the adventurous painting she's thought up this time.


There goes the pencil. This new strength of hers is hard to control, and she knows it's not anywhere near Equius'! This event has given her a whole new appreciation for the level of control her moirail has to exert at all times.

Well. At least she can be certain her matesprit will like her painting if she ever manages to finish it.
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Who: The Summoner and OPEN
When: Early evening
Where: The Island
Style: Action
Status: Open

[The island's not so bad, you might think, I could go for a stroll today perhaps, even if you don't stroll up there much, or if it's quite a frequent thing you enjoy. Perhaps today is just the day you wished to set your eyes on that sky and feel those branches and strands of grass beneath your feet, pull in breathes scented by the rolling tide of the sea all around you. Maybe just today, maybe again today.]

[But today today, or rather tonight, there may be a bit more about while you enjoy your walk tour, as spontaneous as it may or may not be.]

[A blaze of fire, can you smell it? Smoke, even at this distance. Something about the area around you feels alive, more than usual, lived in, and by something other than the various skitters and squawks of local wildlife. Was there a fire- the forest was it oh no- You look around, eyes intent, trying to find a flash or blaze somewhere, and you find yourself looking up to maybe catch any rising tendrils of smoke in the slowly dimming sky. But there you don't find smoke, and you don't find fire you- see something flying above your head, something huge. The creature's wings darken the sky even further, it's wingspan immense, and it appears to be- white, a creature of white. Though it's white surface allows the colours around it to show on it even easier because of that, like a moving, living palette in the twilight sky. Finally you see that fire, but up there as you stare at the large winged beast. Fire sprouts from it's mouth and if you didn't realize it before you may now- a dragon. Though some may just see some winged, fire breathing demon beast if the term dragon isn't familiar to them.]

[The creature flies but, seems to be getting lower, and quickly, and eventually you can almost hear it settle down not too far from here, the weight of the ponderous creature rocking the ground under your feet. Perhaps now is when you turn or- maybe try to take a peek.]

[If the latter's your choice and you have a pressure building in you, curiosity edging you to get a closer look, you'll find that fire you had smelled before, a rather large one, but contained to a stone and dirt circle in a clearing past some trees. The dragon- creature- is there, huge, towering, it's eyes a glowing red as it sits almost regally at the edge of the clearing, taking up most of it with it's formidable size. And with it? Seems to be another peculiar figure, man sized, though to some the horns are a dead giveaway, and that smile as he pushes at the flame with a long stick from his seating place nearby it. It might be then that you start to smell meat cooking, set over the fire a bit, the scene is- quiet, and you're free to disturb it, or not. Hey buddy, that's on you, there is a huge dragon there too so we'll all understand if you need to ollie.]
13th-Apr-2013 12:15 am - 20 ♐ He can die happy now
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Who: Darkleer and you
When: During the Friday afternoon
Where: The park
Style: Whatever
Status Open

And suddenly there were hoofbeasts everywhere.

It should be noted that these horses and ponies have not arrived from nowhere. In fact, some might note that earlier in the day, there was yet another breakout from the carnival, a stampede of suddenly very curious horses and ponies.

The park is where they can be found, an enormous herd all clustered around a certain troll.

His natural highblood youth has been taken away, leaving Darkleer looking... much more his age, which has reached far past triple digits since his stay in Vatheon. No gray hairs, it seems, but plenty of sags in his skin and fingers that have nearly withered away.

At least his exchange is something worthwhile. His work might have a dent in it, but he considers it good enough in order to just spend entire hours talking to hoofbeasts. Unfortunately, his old man constitution just can't handle all this excitement. Anyone looking past all the ponies might notice he seems to have fallen asleep, cuddled up to a beautiful large stallion.

Don't mind the hoofbeasts.

Even if they're all staring at you.

With their unblinking equine eyes.

You came to the wrong neighborhood, motherbucker.

But no really, the entire herd just seems a bit protective. Whatever Darkleer communed to them certainly seems to have won their favor.

===> What do you do?
13th-Apr-2013 01:02 am - witty title [open]
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When: Curse 42 week shenanigans really
Where: the Villa
Style: whatever you want
Status: open!!

[ It's about that time again! More open log stuff at the Villa. Residents, friends of residents, and random passers by are all more than welcome to join in on the shenanigans. Go nuts kids. ]
13th-Apr-2013 12:25 am
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Who: William T. Spears and Madame Red
Where: William's apartment
When: Backdated a bit to the middle of the curse week
Style: [action]
Status: Closed

[ William had phoned Angelina earlier that day, inviting her to stop by his apartment, perhaps for lunch. They could have gone out somewhere again, but William, not being the most willing person to show public displays of affection, thought perhaps something where it was just the two of them would be better. And DEATH knows that would not have been the case going to An's place - nothing could ever be considered private when Grell Sutcliff was anywhere in the vicinity.

Plus, after realizing he'd been affected by the week's current curse, he was even less willing to leave his flat. He'd gained perfect eyesight from the event, but his loss was still undiscovered.

So, while he waits for An to arrive, he sets the tea kettle on the stove to heat and places his - no longer necessary - glasses safely upon the coffee table. He may not need them right now, but they are still a reapers most important possession and should be treated as such. ]
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Who: Liz and Kid
When: idk some time this week
Where: the Villa
Style: [ probably this because fuck it ]
Status: Closed 8U

i've got news for you )
11th-Apr-2013 09:27 pm
techno_shaman: (simple fun)
Who: Sera and you!
When: Near the start of the curse, but can take place throughout the week.
Where: A...castle?
Style: Whatever floats your boat
Status: Open!

[You've always wanted a beautiful fairy tale castle in your backyard, right?


Unfortunately, there's one there now. It's real. You can touch it, even go inside of it. The gorgeous structure stands in an open area of the bubble, complete with guards and a sprinkling of townspeople. They don't really move much, though. They just smile and stare blankly at things.

If fairy tale castles aren't your thing, maybe you like life-size doll houses. There's one right beside the castle. Plans for a theme park might be in the works, because there is a carousel too. A menagerie of strange looking animals act as the mounts, painted in bright colors and covered in glitter and gold.

A single person rides this carousel, giggling cheerfully as the music plays.]

Again, again! Heehee!
11th-Apr-2013 11:47 am - [Closed] An Unconventional Date
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Who: Barry [personal profile] dontsaymyname and Sola [personal profile] replicatedcourage accompanied by Nila his new fairy friend who got him into this mess.
When: Thursday evening.
Where: Barry's apartment. Pendilium complex, floor 6.
Style: I'll match~

Those are the best kind. )
10th-Apr-2013 09:52 pm - OPEN bar log/surprise birthday party!
chainsmoke_king: (pic#5679946)
Who: The HOMRA clan and YOU!
When: 4/10 (preparations in the morning, bar opens at 4pm, party starts shortly after that!)
Where: Bar HOMRA
Style: [action pls]
Status: OPEN!

What: Bar HOMRA's doors are always open to anyone who feels they need a bit of a drink. Nothing's changed about that, except today you might find a little something extra going on behind those open doors. For today is owner, Izumo Kusanagi's 27th birthday! And his no longer dead friends aren't going to let the day go by without a bit of celebration.

So whether you know Izumo, are looking for that usual drink, or want dibs on a slice of free cake, come on by to Bar HOMRA tonight!
10th-Apr-2013 07:51 pm - Disciple goes back to nature
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Who: The Disciple and Whoever
When: Throughout the Curse Week
Where: Around the bubble, or Island
Style: Whichever you prefer
Status: Open

[Throughout the week, those attempting to find or speak with the Disciple may have troubles. Her bedroom lies empty, her SFC discarded, sitting on a table next to her bed. The window appears to have been smashed outward, shards lying on the ground outside. There is a fair amount of olive-colored blood immediately outside the window, but it quickly stops as it trails off into the city proper; almost too quickly.]

[It seems for this curse Disciple has lost as lost her culture and regressed back to her near feral state of her first arrival. In return she has gained something of a regeneration ability, and can recover from some pretty grievous wounds. She can be found throughout the bubble, and eventually the island, once she finds her way up there. She is avoiding large crowds of people, and loud noises. Who even knows what she will or will not remember from her time in Vatheon?]

[Those who know here might know where to start looking for her, those who do not might end up stumbling upon a near-feral half-naked adult Troll as she tries to avoid the more 'busy' parts of a civilized world that is bright and confusing.]

(OOC:Feel free to encounter her wherever, and however you want. She will be all over the place. Woods, Back alleys, anywhere on the Island. The one place she will avoid above all others is the Plaza, however. Way too busy. Message me if you want to set up anything in particular)
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