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3rd-Apr-2013 07:31 pm - 11th Unison Attack - A Meeting
clumsyblonde: (Default)
Who: Colette and Shirley
When: April 3rd, related to this.
Where: The Plaza
Status: Closed!

[Shirley had said she'd wanted to meet and the plaza worked, so Colette's sitting on a bench waiting for the other girl.

She really has no idea why Shirley wanted to meet, but that doesn't matter, right?
relive: (Default)
Who: Shirley, Lelouch, and C.C. to start; Nunnally and Suzaku to follow, if they're interested in jumping in.
Where: Lelouch's apartment
When: Backdated to last week with the kawaii flowers plot
Style: [Action for the lazy, por favor?]
Status: Closed

[It isn't necessarily safe for Shirley to let her guard down here-- not with Mao around. But nevertheless, not even Mao could stop her from enjoying the beautiful flowers that have recently started popping up all over Vatheon. She couldn't help herself, and picked a whole basket's worth, even bringing some home for Suzaku--although there's a lot more here than just that.

It's way too much for just Suzaku, so naturally, anyone who knows Shirley
knows who she's thinking of giving some to. It's just a matter of getting the courage to go over there...

To approach him the way she did before, and start over fresh.

Could she do that...?

Heh. She doesn't really know; but she finds herself knocking on his apartment's door anyway, alone and without moral support. Perhaps it's the flowers that have put her in a good mood; she doesn't seem to think she needs any.

Strange...but she wouldn't want to bother anyone anyway.

2nd-Apr-2012 12:27 am - ♚ revisiting
relive: (i don't think so.)
Who: Shirley and anyone
Where: Near the coral/later near the elevator
When: Late evening, sure.
Style: I will always match, but slight preference for brackets.
Status: Opeeeennn \o/

[There seems to be a red-headed girl near the Coral today; her hair, and her...well, everything soaking wet from the trip down. She's breathing heavily, still recovering from...something, as suggested by the blood on her shirt, but she at least doesn't seem to be in pain anymore--so she is able to walk on her own two feet, her head held high, despite the circumstances.

She doesn't seem at all bothered to be here; with a mere towel around her body (a rather pathetic attempt to hide the blood, until she can get changed), and another for her hair, she walks on, rediscovering the city she once knew.

...It's like a dream, being here again. This is so hard to believe...

[And then she keeps going until she comes across a rather large elevator, staring at it with awe.]

Ah-- this wasn't here before!

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