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10th-Jul-2013 01:21 am - 001 - Charisma
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Who: Anyone mid-day, Saber only for the evening.
What: Idle mingling and arrival.
Where: Plaza in the afternoon, the Ordo Neighborhood in the evening.
When: July 10th.
Style: Prose preferred, but will match.
Status: Open.

It had been two weeks or so since his arrival. Without a Master to fuel his consuming abilities, the Heroic Spirit would find need to lay low and approach the city in a more tactful manner. The problem was, browsing the network and collecting information without wine left Gilgamesh listless after a week, but irritable after the second. He decided to finally go shopping one morning.

Blending in was simple enough with the curse of his A+ Charisma. None questioned the one wearing a black tracksuit in the middle district as he would purchase enough wine to drown the local drunk. The kind smile that strangely fit any scenario made it easy to keep a low profile and learn about the realm he was summoned to this time..

Hrmph. In time, I could grow to enjoy this.. simpler kind of life.

The cart he had managed to borrow from a shopkeep would creak under the weight of the product. Only a few eyebrows would be raised by the locals. When he was satisfied with his haul, he would then hold a single bottle in his hand and begin wandering about the market looking for wine glasses.

Truth be told, the apartment he moved into had been occupied previously and.. a few things did not suit his tastes. Most of his time after his arrival was spent redecorating the house to be something of a more.. kingly.. taste. Far too much pink was involved, and tea.. tea of all things was neatly organized in the wine cellar. What mongrel would do such a thing? Picking up one of the thinner glasses he found, he'd run his finger along the rim as the soft vibration released was like music to his ear..


The plaza would be his choice of leisure for mid-day. An open bottle of wine in one hand with a decorated glass in the other would now make for an easier and more approachable demigod. Gilgamesh began to indulge in his desire to watch people interact among themselves. Pouring himself a glass of wine, his watchful gaze would linger from the coral to the people around him.

That evening, intended for Saber. )
10th-Jun-2013 07:25 pm - [gv] - 9 - jungle
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For this month, the Golden Victory has taken on a more exotic dress. Upon entering the club, customers will see a very unique doorway before coming inside to see that the club has the appearance of a jungle forest. All around the club is wide varieties of animal decorations as well. The tables and bar have been decorated to match the theme. A long buffet table on one side of the room is carrying various tropical fruits, vegetables, meats, and other assorted food along with a large punch bowl.

With the costumes for the month, our hosts will be walking around in outfits themed around a specific jungle animal from various regions. They range from mammals, birds reptiles, and even insects. As per usual, the rules and host roster is posted near the front door for new and old customers.

current list of hosts )
3rd-Jun-2013 11:30 pm - VI // what we forgot to say
livingvessel: (whyyyyy)
Who: Ilya ([personal profile] livingvessel) and Saber ([personal profile] pendragon)
When: tonight
Where: Saber's place at the Ordo Apartments
Style: it's prose right now, but I'll match!
Status: closed.

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Who: Tiir and [community profile] vatheon!
When: Backdated to during the curse.
Where: The park.
Style: [please!]
Status: Open!

[It's strange, how someone who appreciates honesty wouldn't appreciate a curse that made one honest—but even Tiir has his white lies, his claims of being okay even when he isn't really. And so, the recent curse doesn't sit too well with him, as he's not too thrilled at being unable to filter his words.

... Especially with what's happened in his world. Although it's been well over a month since his return to Vatheon, the reminder that he'll go back to the same time in his world means that the events that occurred always remain recent to him. It's a lot to think about, though Tiir isn't sure how much of it he wants to reflect over, as it might result in certain sentiments he doesn't want.

Normally, in a pensive mood like this where he just wants to shut his mind down—and, to an extent, does so—he'd go to the forest, but today... Today, for a moment, the memory of Minato goes through his mind, and so for whatever reason, he feels compelled to go to the park instead.

Thus, there he is, sitting by the pond—and throwing bread crumbs in the direction of the ducks, as he watches them feed.

Join him?]
21st-May-2013 07:14 pm - [OPEN] The sleeper has awakened
bufudine: (a battle endured :|)
Who: Serph and YOU!
Where: Near the Forest Quadrant (or on the island, by the beach)
When: The entire curse week
Style: [Brackets] preferred!

[Serph had been put to sleep for nearly a month.

In that time, Sera and Gale had left Vatheon, the coral had been broken and fixed, and the resultant water damage had wrecked the garden that he and many friends had cultivated together. Most of the flowers died from being submerged in salt water for so long, and even the saplings and rose bushes are looking worse for wear. And many of the gifts from his friends have either been washed away or heavily damaged by the water.

Serph's first instinct had been to tear a local apart (he had been hungry), but he'd held himself back, remembering what he'd told Ky. But the killing of locals stops now. He doesn't need to eat people. Not any more.

All week, Serph will either near the Forest Quadrant, picking through the garden surrounding his Tribe's base to see what can be salvaged, or up on the island in his demon form as he returns to the shore after hunting in the sea. He's always happy to talk with people, new and old, though people who know him may find him slightly more forthcoming than usual. But only slightly.]
27th-Apr-2013 05:18 pm - ( 001 ) ♔ ( a knight on the beach )
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Who: Saber and anyone who approaches or calls her.
When: April 27th.
Where: The bay on the island.
Status: Open!
Format: Actionspam or prose is fine. If you want to have a network thread, you can reply to the accidental broadcast she sent!

There's a knight in blue and silver standing on the beach.

Having only awoken a few hours earlier, the King of Knights is still holding the Welcome Brochure, blue tunic, and Starfish Communicator in her armored hands. Saber has read through the letter twice; once was the initial reading, and twice was verifying what she was reading. Many questions are there, but that seems typical of this situation from how the brochure is written.

This entire situation does seems quite surreal, but Saber does not doubt what the Welcome Brochure says. She's not near cynical enough for that.

With the initial information having been absorbed, Saber is more concerned with something that's more personal. For her to be here, there would have had to been a summoning. Saber felt no contract with any Master, however, there is a slight presence in the place of where she would feel her Master. The only explanation she can piece together is that it is this deity, Lamufao..

Having broken her contract with the Grail, Saber was not expecting to have ever been summoned again. She feels neither delighted nor disappointed with the situation. Unlike when being summoned by the Grail, Saber currently knows no immediate purpose or duty she must fulfill.

Compared to being summoned by the Holy Grail for a miraculous War, this could be considered a step down. For now, though, the knight holds out her SFC and begins to examine it carefully. The blue tunic and letter are held under her one arm.

The Communicator is accidentally set to broadcast, showing the knight's face looking down towards the device for a few seconds, and then it cuts off.

Ah, is that what this is? A type of phone..

That would make sense with the mention of a "network." There's more playing with the device as Saber speculates as to why she is on the Island rather than this underwater city. Maybe she has to take the mentioned elevator down? Her thoughts fade off as she continues to experiment with the SFC.
13th-Jan-2013 11:00 pm - N-no... no, I'm scared...!
relinquishing: (☼ who should know better than that)

Who: A very young Guy Cecil and a bunch of scary strangers.
Where: Yutopil Apartments and the alleys near the plaza
When: Monday morning - afternoon
Style: I prefer [Action], but I'll match.
Status: Open

This isn't what I remember...! )

[Residents of the lower floor of Yutopil might here a thumping crash from Apartment 1-5 early Monday morning, followed by a loud wail. That's because one little blonde boy has literally fallen out of his bed and hit the ground a bit too hard. Nothing to truly hurt him in the end, but... well, he is a bit of a coward, and the impact is enough to startle him to tears. What is this place?! Where is he? And now his head hurts and oh no, oh please, what is he going to do????

He will eventually wander from his strange quarters, although the outside world isn't very inviting. Every face is strange and hostile, and with what he's just seen and heard he can't help but flinch away. So don't be surprised if you come walking through the plaza and hear the sniffling sobs of a young child, not even a day past five, huddled in the alleyway behind a building, head buried against his knees or hands wringing at clothes of the finest quality (dusted with the clouded markings of soot). He may look like an animal caught frightened in a bright light. But for as much of a man as Mary wants him to be, a stranger is still a stranger, and strangers are still frightening.]

((OOC: All replies will be coming from [personal profile] heirofhod.))
9th-Jan-2013 12:36 am - 01
votively: (04)
Who: Calcedny and you
Where: Plaza
When: 9th, early morning
Style: Either
Status: Open

[A boy clad in armor (sans the wings and sword) prowls the plaza. His hair is slightly damp, dried from his initial plunge, and he holds a towel in his left hand. He wanders aimlessly about the Lamufao, eyes searching with pursed lips. He checks every nook and cranny, eventually returning to visited spots for a second, third, fourth attempt, all of which clearly prove fruitless.

A native strides up and plants a calendar in Calcedny's hands. He studies the calendar, bemused.

Wait, this isn't—

[With a toothy grin and a boisterous "you're welcome," the native leaves.

Calcedny straightens, then exhales deeply through his nose. His shoulders are squared, tense. Though he takes cares not to disturb the passersby, his frustration is obvious, underlined by a scowl as he looks around for the umpteenth time.

Where is it?
27th-Dec-2012 02:22 pm - 24 - Rogue
radiantwingedone: (To be winged)
Who: Duke and ANYONE
Where: Plaza
When: All week! Monday and Tuesday at intervvals but... just about any time day/night for the rest of the week o/
Style: Brackets, but if you want action, I WILL FOLLOW

[ So Sunday had been a particularly bad day for Duke, although it did end up with him eating a bit more than usual because wow, it should not have been that easy for him to get knocked down-

But monday morning felt fine. Mostly because he got hit with the curse, and once again was able to sprout wings and... ignore any normal needs. Although he did find it a little harder to talk this time... Perhaps he was a different sort of angel? Still had a crystal... Oh well.

This mostly left him with a great deal more hours than he had for the past weeks, and so the ordo-Zel house is swiftly filled with the smells of apples and baking... Because if he remembers the days right, then this is close to that gift-giving holiday and...

He can't really think of much.

The problem with a full twenty four hours to spend doing something is that he ends up with way more apple pies than he has people he knows. Everyone Duke knows the name of gets 1(one) Apple Pie with 1(one) slightly magicked pie tin. The tin will keep the pies at a nice warm temperature, and will do this again if they are cooked in the pie tin. Something to do with "absorbing and storing heat from the oven and giving it slowly back over time", the note explains. Don't make cold pies in this tin, obviously.

This does leave a great deal of pies left over, and after some thought, Duke takes them to the plaza and the coral. This was newcomer time, wasn't it?

Now there's a table with pies, notes attached explaining "keep-warm pie tins", and a small paper sign proclaiming them as free apple pies. Yup.

(OOC: FEEL FREE TO FIND HIM DELIVERING PIES TO CHARACTERS WHO HE KNOWS. Just mention "christmas" or something in your tag and I will know it is his gift-giving o/ ANYONE CAN GET PIES FROM THE PLAZA...

Duke is also a Symphonian Angel for this -)
6th-Dec-2012 07:02 pm
wavesoakedlegs: ([Gentle] Lonely-looking man)
Who: Akechi Mitsuhide ([personal profile] wavesoakedlegs) and Ilyasviel von Einzbern [personal profile] livingvessel.
Where: Starting near the Lamufao, moving elsewhere afterwards.
When: Yesterday (05/12), daytime!
What: A shopping trip to ensure Miss Ilya is fully equipped for winter.
Style: Brackets to start with, but feel free to change if you want, dear.
Status: It's open! Feel free to tag in if you wish. ♥

Wrap up warm for winter! )
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