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Who: Akechi Mitsuhide ([personal profile] wavesoakedlegs) and Ilyasviel von Einzbern [personal profile] livingvessel.
Where: Starting near the Lamufao, moving elsewhere afterwards.
When: Yesterday (05/12), daytime!
What: A shopping trip to ensure Miss Ilya is fully equipped for winter.
Style: Brackets to start with, but feel free to change if you want, dear.
Status: It's open! Feel free to tag in if you wish. ♥


[Mitsuhide is a patient man; he has arrived as the plaza rather quickly after offering to help the young Miss Ilya out with her shopping, knowing full well he will likely face a short wait. The samurai is more than happy to take a seat in a prominent place, where he can watch and be watched, and hum quietly to himself as he casts his gaze upon the people moving through it.]

[Patience is a virtue that has served him well over the years, and serves him well now, too, as he waits for the weeks to pass until a very special day comes along.]

[For now, of course, there is a trip for winter gear to focus on. Mitsuhide has been a member of the welcoming committee for a long time, and a resident in the city for even longer. He knows it as well as he possibly can do, and thus has a pretty good idea of the best places to get gloves for the young girl he is here to help. Right now Mitsuhide thinks about each of those shops in turn, considering them as he twists a lock of his long, silken hair between his fingers.]
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[Isn't it natural for girls to get even a little excited about clothing? She may be a homunculus, but in that regard Ilya isn't much different from human girls. So when Mitsuhide offered to help her find some nice clothes, she got really happy. Not only did he sound nice, but he also looked like he knows his clothing.

Now, saying that she knows where the plaza with the large coral is is one thing, but getting there seems to be quite the other. She walks around a little aimlessly, trying to follow the tip of the coral that peeks through in between buildings. It doesn't help that she's a little short...

But finally, she makes it to the Plaza, and she scans around looking for the man she was talking to earlier.

Ah! There he is.]


[Truth be told, she normally wouldn't attach terms of endearment like that... but he called her 'dear', so it's probably best that she reciprocate for the time being. In any case, she runs up to the long-haired man and gives him a big smile.]
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It's nice to meet you too!

[She nods enthusiastically in response to his greeting. Mitsuhide sounds and looks just as nice as he did on the video. Naturally, she's nice to him too. Generally, she's nice to people who are nice to her, and if she doesn't have a reason to kill them.

Plus he has formalities to him, too! Ilya already liked him from the video, but meeting Mitsuhide in person has increased her favourable impression of him immensely.]

It was a little confusing, but I made it. I'm not too good with maps, but I can memorize routes really well.

[Normally this would be supplemented by some of her magical abilities, but drawing on mana has become more difficult since arriving to Vatheon. Ilya isn't sure why, but she doesn't want to test her luck by constantly trying it out. Not until she figures out what it is that's causing this to happen.]

You can show me around, right?
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[She's rather happy and proud to have Mitsuhide's praise. Smiling, she nods enthusiastically at his suggestions.]

Whatever you think is best! I'm just happy that someone can come with me to look for clothes.

[It would have been a bit difficult for her to do this on her own, for sure...]

Do you have anything you're looking for, Mitsuhide-niichan?
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Oh, okay! Then let's look for gloves!

[She quickly runs up to follow him, hands laced behind her back as she catches up and begins to line up side-by-side with Mitsuhide with her half skipping and half walking. She didn't realize how much fun this shopping thing is until she went shopping in the supermarket in Fuyuki, and she's very curious as to what Vatheon has in its shops.

Ilya feels kind of bad, now knowing that Mitsuhide doesn't really need to get anything. But that only lasts for a few seconds. He offered to help her, didn't he?]

What kind of gloves do they have here? Do they have nice white ones?
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[As they walk past the stores, Ilya notes the greetings and smiles that Mitsuhide occasionally receives from the storekeepers. He must come here very often, since quite a few of them seem to recognize him, and treat him in a familiar fashion. And the man next to her would always give a polite response, so it really feels like she was being escorted around. She didn't think she would have such a luxury when she first saw where she ended up!

The girl lets herself simply follow Mitsuhide's direction while letting her own gaze wander around a little. They pass by lots of different kinds of shops - the selection is much more expansive than the ones she saw in Fuyuki's shopping district - and she finds herself captivated by all the variety. She doesn't even know what most of this stuff is, but it all looks exciting, and she makes a note to herself that she has to come back and find out what all of it is used for.

Suddenly, Mitsuhide stops in front of a store and gestures inside. Ilya turns her gaze in the direction he points, catching sight of the vast collection of winter wear.]

Wow, there are so many!

[As a sign of approval, Ilya walks inside and immediately starts looking around, her small hands in her jacket's pockets as she examines the wares.]

Can we stay here for a while?
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[At his reply, Ilya gives Mitsuhide a large, satisfied smile. There certainly is a lot to look through! She looks up at the large rack, her small hands carefully pushing through the many selections to see what's hidden behind them. And although there are a lot - a lot! - of gloves to choose from, a small frown appears on Ilya's face as she continues to look without much success.

She looks over at Mitsuhide for a moment, to see how he's doing. He seems to have found something he likes.]

Oh, that scarf is really pretty! Are you going to get it?

[Meanwhile, she's not quite having as much luck.]
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Unfair? But if it's here and it's free, I don't see why not.

[It does eventually dawn on her that maybe he thinks that he should leave some for others, but really - there are so many scarves here, and other people still have so many to choose from...]

What if you just give it to someone else? It's really pretty, and it seems like a waste for it to stay here.

[With that, she goes back to searching for gloves. She's feeling a little hopeful again, and she launches herself at the search with renewed zeal.]
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Exactly! It's okay.

[She beams a smile at Mitsuhide before turning her attention to the rack again. Resuming her activity of scanning the different articles of clothing, she continues to glance around until her red eyes catch sight of a slender pair of white gloves, not overly patterned or thick. They have a refined look to them; she reaches out to grab the gloves and slips them on, and they feel very soft but still warm.

Ilya sighs happily - they feel very good! Maybe she'll get these gloves...]

Do you think these are good? [She decides to consult Mitsuhide, taking off the gloves and showing him.] Or do you think a different design would be better?

[She is rather satisfied right now, but a second opinion certainly wouldn't hurt.]
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Do you think so?

[Well, she certainly isn't displeased, not at all! Although she does wonder if she might be better off with mittens instead. Mittens are cute, after all.]

I'll hold onto them, then! But I'll look and see if there are others.

[And back she goes into the racks, craning her head up to look at the still remaining selection she has yet to look through. That's still a rather sizable amount, now that she considers it - there's got to be another pair in there somewhere, right?]
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[He seems a bit surprised that she went back. She probably shouldn't sound greedy... right? But then again, does it matter?]

I'm wondering if there's a different kind that I might like here! And maybe I can keep them in mind as a spare pair.

[After all, white is pretty, but things like that also get dirty pretty quickly.]