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23rd-Jan-2013 01:23 pm
behisstrength: ([ship] resonating souls)
Who: Akechi Mitsuhide [[personal profile] wavesoakedlegs] and Chōsokabe Motochika [[personal profile] behisstrength].
When: Late afternoon.
Where: Their clearing in the forest ➞ their hut.
Style: Prose.
Status: Closed.

to have and forever hold )
kagayakashi: (Default)
Who: Akechi Mitsuhide ([personal profile] wavesoakedlegs), Chosokabe Motochika ([personal profile] behisstrength), Gracia ([personal profile] kagayakashi), and YOU!
Where: By the forest clearing!
When: Early evening - midnight.
Style: [ Action ]!

[ If you happen to come by the forest at around dusk, you might be in for a pleasant surprise. For tonight - and just for tonight - there is a celebration open for all. Though the ceremony itself was private, the nighttime's reserved for guests, friends, passer-by's who are curiously following the crescendo swell of live music...

There is a sign by the forest quadrant's entrance. It reads, in big bold, bright letters: "The Akechi-Chosokabe Party Reception! Come one, come all!"

The party-planner is inexperienced with the words and the tradition, but it's got its charm. Some of you probably got invites to this gig too. So keep going down the path, and you'll find the heart of the fun.

The linear path towards the inner clearing is lit with candles inside jars, leading the way forward. The warm glow sets the tone immediately. And when you finally get to the where the crowd is, it's an even lovelier sight to behold. There's a band playing jazzy French music to the right - obviously Vatheon civilians who dressed for the occasion - and a train of white cloth that goes around the clearing, the ends pinned against the barks of numerous trees. It gives the appearance of a closed space, and the white surprisingly bounces well with the rest of the lights decorating majority of the area. There are some on trees, some on the grass, and lots on the tables where guests can sit and relax. And every table is blue or purple in color tone, making a refreshing contrast from the glow of the lights against cool textures. Two buffets sit on either side of the clearing, every dish varying from the strange (is that...Greek cuisine? A head of a lamb???) to the familiar (so that's where the sushi is!) Looking at the venue from afar, it seems as if the reception is made to be a fusion of different things from different places. From the food served to the out-of-place decor on majority of the tables (think frying pans and coins hanging from the back of your chair, and on the centerpieces) - the whole shebang seems to celebrate not only the wedding of two people, but an avid attempt at wedding cultures together. The Japanese undertone in wooden accents, the white cloth, the shift from jazz to Italian ballads, and where in the world did that giant peach cake come from?

More importantly, however, the happy couple remains at the center of the festivities. The makeshift aisle has the most candles lined up on the side, leading everyone to the stars of the night. Mitsuhide and Motochika sit side-by-side on lavishly decorated pillows, keeping Mitsuhide's request for some semblance of Japanese in the reception. Long curtains are held together with sturdy poles on four corners, giving the couple enough privacy to speak to each other without completely isolating themselves from the rest of the party, and to those who wish to speak to either of them too. They take up the center of the whole clearing, and most of the pots and pans, gold and silver coins, different colored sheets, and good luck charms of varying sizes hang around them, surrounding them with perceived fortune and happiness. Warm sake sits a few feet away from the two.

And who was responsible for all this?

Well, why don't you take a look at that giant cake. In about ten minutes into the celebration, the music stops, then re-plays an upbeat song. The cake starts moving, shivering, and in a timely fashion, Gracia Akechi comes bursting out of the cake from a hidden box meant to conceal her presence and to save the cake from collapsing. With arms outstretched, a wide smile on her face, and an outfit for the party completing the surprise, she screams a jovial "Congratulations Father and Father!" before jumping out gracefully, with a slight flourish.

Welcome to the Akechi-Chosokabe reception, come one come all. Let the party begin!

(OOC: This is an OPEN LOG so you guys don't have to know Mitsuhide/Motochika/Gracia to jump in x'D This could, in fact, be the introduction we all need! Lmao, so mingle with friends, make new ones, eat, drink, greet them w/ fond wishes, eat the cake, dance with the band, etc. etc. etc. THE NIGHT IS YOUNG, FOLKS. AND LOVE IS IN THE AIR ♥ Also please imagine it's less lavish than the pictures, those are just there for visual aid)
25th-Dec-2012 12:54 pm - snow, gifts and mistletoe
wavesoakedlegs: ([Di] The reflection that can't be mine)
Who: Mitsuhide ([personal profile] wavesoakedlegs) and Motochika ([personal profile] behisstrength).
When: Today, late morning.
Where: Their household.
Style: Prose, though feel free to change if you wish, dear!
Status: Closed!

None compare you )
6th-Dec-2012 07:02 pm
wavesoakedlegs: ([Gentle] Lonely-looking man)
Who: Akechi Mitsuhide ([personal profile] wavesoakedlegs) and Ilyasviel von Einzbern [personal profile] livingvessel.
Where: Starting near the Lamufao, moving elsewhere afterwards.
When: Yesterday (05/12), daytime!
What: A shopping trip to ensure Miss Ilya is fully equipped for winter.
Style: Brackets to start with, but feel free to change if you want, dear.
Status: It's open! Feel free to tag in if you wish. ♥

Wrap up warm for winter! )
24th-Nov-2012 09:06 pm
behisstrength: (raging wave)
Who: Akechi Mitsuhide [[personal profile] wavesoakedlegs] and Chōsokabe Motochika [[personal profile] behisstrength].
When: Morning.
Where: Their home.
Style: Action.
Status: Closed.

his hair became a river in his hands )
19th-Oct-2012 11:32 am - dreaming away
wavesoakedlegs: ([Th] So do the bluebirds sing)
Who: Akechi Mitsuhide ([personal profile] wavesoakedlegs) and Gracia ([personal profile] kagayakashi).
Where: Gracia's apartment.
When: Today, around noon.
Style: Prose!
Status: Closed.

Sleeping beauty awakes, and gets some news from Daddy )
5th-Oct-2012 01:45 pm
behisstrength: (intrigue)
Who: Akechi Mitsuhide [[personal profile] wavesoakedlegs] and Chōsokabe Motochika [[personal profile] behisstrength].
When: Late morning/early afternoon.
Where: Their home.
Style: Prose.
Status: Closed.

only love makes a house a home )
1st-Oct-2012 08:11 pm - Monthly Mingle Log
thalassino: (» station master)
Normally this particularly part of the plaza lays a little quiet and secluded but today there is a difference. The otherwise quiet spot is bustling with activity today, and shall be every first of every month from now on. It sure was a bit of trouble preparing all of this, but no effort was spared. It is for a good cause, after all!

The set up, though fairly simple, has clearly been aimed at making things comfortable for those attending. Broad tables filled with food and drink (and a few locals attending to them to make sure they won't run dry) stand amongst small tables, perfect for a few people to gather around and enjoy the delicacies. Some chairs and benches have been set up too, for those that'd rather sit while talking, but there is still plenty of space for walking around too. Beyond that, there stand at least two booths, one manned by the Welcoming Commitee, armed with replacement flyers, maps, hotel directions and anything a person new to Vatheon might need. They certainly look ready to answer any question that someone might have and then some. The other booth seems just as welcoming, though perhaps a little less on the informative side. This one is manned by Vatheon's very own Host Club. Are they recruiting? Trying to find new customers? Or just here to do their part in welcoming new people to Vatheon? Better check it out and be certain.

Today, the party seems to be dressed up with a rather obvious autumn flair. The tables, chair, benches and table-cloths are dominated by warm, fall colours, and all the food that stands on the tables has a very definite fall flavouring; apple and pumpkin pies stand side by side, with caramel apples near by and what looks to be a mass of cookies. But there are soups too, warm and hearty for those that want them. And lets not forget the drinks. The locals are tireless in refilling the cups so there is never anyone lacking some warm tea or warm chocolate, cider, or just plain old apple juice. Ask and you shall most definitely receive!
29th-Sep-2012 02:34 pm - a near-miss
wavesoakedlegs: ([Fi] Mobilise the rifle unit!)
Who: Akechi Mitsuhide ([personal profile] wavesoakedlegs) and anyone.
Where: A temporary shooting range, set up in a clear spot on the island.
When: September 29th, late afternoon.
Style: Prose to begin, but I am happy to match anything else.
Status: Open!

Mitsuhide had not practised with a rifle for quite some time... )
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