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Who: Akechi Mitsuhide [[personal profile] wavesoakedlegs] and Chōsokabe Motochika [[personal profile] behisstrength].
When: Late morning/early afternoon.
Where: Their home.
Style: Prose.
Status: Closed.

Staring at his reflection in the full-length mirror in his and Mitsuhide's bedroom, Motochika resigned himself to defeat. While it was not impossible to tame his hair back into its usual spikes, hardly any time passed before his efforts were for naught and the ends of his hair curled again.

He was not a man who hid from the truth. This battle he could not win.

The last time that the ends of his hair had curled into loose waves had been when he was a boy. Along with his features, it had added to his famed feminine appearance -- and that he had been glad to leave in the past. While the current curl of his hair was in no danger of negating the obvious masculinity of his adult form, it was a blatant echo of his Himewakako days.

Motochika huffed a laugh, and strode away from the mirror.

At least it would bring a smile to Mitsuhide's face and a fond, teasing light to Mitsuhide's dark eyes. Defeat that gave Mitsuhide joy was not so bitter.

He left their room and descended the stairs.

It was normal for Motochika to wake up alone with the fading warmth of Mitsuhide's side of the bed his only company -- Mitsuhide was an early riser, up with the dawn. Perhaps Mitsuhide had seen the curl of his hair whilst he'd slept, but perhaps not. Either way Mitsuhide had not come back into their room since Motochika had woken, and considering that he had been stubbornly battling for a few hours, it meant that Mitsuhide was busy.

It became clear that Mitsuhide remained in their house when Motochika reached the bottom of the stairs and heard sounds of life in the living room. Motochika made his way in there, only to pause a step in and blink in surprise at just how busy Mitsuhide had been.

The conviction, the extent of motivation Mitsuhide displayed was admirable. That one man could do so much in a handful of hours...

He looked around the room, eyebrows raised, and then maneuvered round the pile of furniture in the middle of the space to stand beside Mitsuhide.

"Feeling inspired, were you?"

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