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6th-Jul-2013 05:09 pm - ☀ look what the cat dragged in ☀
cephalopodcounselor: (49)
Who: Rose & anyone
When: Today
Where: near the coral in the plaza
Style: Starting with prose, but brackets are cool too.
Status: Open

Rose's first thought when arriving at Vatheon was that she'd somehow blacked out before they entered the new session. But one look around at all the actual people walking around was a sign that she was not in SBURB, a dream bubble or Kansas on the meteor anymore. Wherever it was that she was now currently located, she was soaking wet in her orange and yellow god tier outfit, on the ground and pretty damn drunk.

And Kanaya wasn't here with her. In fact, at this very moment, there wasn't anyone she recognized. So not only was she in somewhere completely unexpected, she was separated from her matesprit and her friends. Her head was starting to throb and she could use another drink about now. Might make all of this easier to deal with.

That's when she noticed the welcoming brochure on the ground next to her and reached out for it.
26th-Jun-2013 02:49 pm - Plan 3 → [closed]
knowledge: (Default)
Who: Annabeth Chase and Leo Valdez
Where: Their house in Coral Corral
When: Tonight!
Style: Action
Status: Closed

[ Annabeth makes her way out to the garage cum workshop adjoined to their house that Leo has claimed for all of his mechanical work. Once there, she picks her way over various springs, bolts and actual Celestial Bronze scattered over the floor so she doesn't have to yell over the sound of the music blaring away while Leo works. ]

Hey! Gearhead! Guess what I found?

[ She takes an object the size of a PDA or smartphone out of her back pocket and begins to unfold it, first into a tablet computer and eventually into a full-sized laptop with a large blue Δ on the lid. No one would guess just by looking at it that it was possibly hundreds of years old, and at least fifty years ahead of its time now too.

As soon as she opens the lid a 3D model of the computer itself begins to rotate above the keyboard, complete with a schematic of every single part that had been used to build it. ]

I suspect this might be useful to you.
9th-Jun-2013 10:39 pm - Heroes and gods (Open)
thewinedude: (raising eyebrow)
Who: Mr. D (grumpy wine god) and anyone who wants to pester him
When: daytime, current day.
Where: the Plaza but possibly anywhere else in the city, too.
Style: action brackets or prose. Whichever.
Status: Ongoing and open

The longer he was here, and he obviously hadn't been here long, the more Dionysus was convinced that this was his own little pocket of Tartarus. He couldn't remember off-hand how he could possibly have pissed off the Big Three enough to deserve this. Not recently anyway. And never all of them in conjunction. Even drunken gods have a sense of self-preservation.

And yet here he was. Alone. Separated from his wife, his wine, his son(s)... even his overbearing father. He was still somehow in charge of looking after ungrateful half-bloods, and this time there was no Pac-Man to distract him. Even a normal deck of cards eluded him. If this wasn't the eternal torment of the most grievous of sinner, Mr D didn't know what was. Give him a rock to push up a hill any day.

So the displaced wine god did whatever a normal person did in times of great strife... he sought religion. Or whatever passed for religion in this place. He'd heard talk of Lamufao, and it was really only proper for Dionysus to present himself.

(...He hoped Lamufao wouldn't think he was being inconsiderate for visiting while dressed in dark purple sweatpants, purple running shoes, and a leopard-print shirt. And for getting a little lost along the way.)

((ooc: Feel free to approach him in any stage of his "going to see Lamufao" excursion. Open to all!))
22nd-May-2013 10:13 pm
bethehugejerk: (Default)
Who: Karkat Vantas and whoever!
Where: All across Vatheon.
When: Anytime during the week.
Style: Action please!
Status: Open.

[A curse that makes you say the truth no matter what you want is not exactly Karkat's idea of a fun time. He's not much a liar, no, and his worst secret isn't so secret around Vatheon anymore, but that's not the point. What's the point of being open if it's forced from you? And as outwardly prickly a guy as he is, he doesn't want his squishy inside exposed at will.]

[Unfortunately, as is true for every curse, life doesn't stop just because you're inconvenienced. There are groceries to get, his job at a video store to do, the coral to visit, and his usual sickle practice in the park. He tries to avoid people if he can, oh yes, but there's only so much he can do. Even if he evades them outside the hive, he can't exactly send mental waves to stop them from coming to visit him at home, if that's their prerogative. Ultimately, he's bound to run into more annoyance than he'd like. But what else is new?]

(OOC: This is pretty standard! Pick a place to meet him, and feel free to note a specific day if you have one in mind, though the second probably isn't too necessary. If there's any problem I'll let you know.)
17th-May-2013 01:33 am - ♌ A not-date with Saber
fundemetal: (05)
who: Leo and Saber with a surprise visit from Annabeth and Percy
when: May 16th
where: near the coral in the plaza
style: Prose
status: closed

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13th-May-2013 11:46 am - Plan 1 → [closed]
knowledge: (097)
who: Annabeth, Leo and Percy
when: May 13th
where: Their base on the island
style: Prose
status: closed

Annabeth flips open Daedalus' laptop, fresh from Leo's restoration work. It feels much better to use now without the sickening crunch of sand that had accompanied every key press. Opening a fresh document, she titles it "Vatheon - Important Notes" and miraculously the machine keeps working past the ten or so seconds it had lasted before.

Looking up, she grins at Percy and Leo who are also sitting around their base, eating their lunches. "All right guys, I officially call this meeting to order. Now's a good a time as any to regroup and catch up on what we've learned so far, since they've said we can go down to the bubble now.

"Leo, do you want to start?"
2nd-May-2013 02:09 am - Monthly Mingle Log + Marks
thalassino: (» station master)
Though things are certainly a bit busy, Station Master has decided to go ahead with the welcoming party for the new arrivals. Partially because he had decided to take this task upon himself and he certainly wasn't going to slack, and partially because making things appear as normal was as good a cover as they had right now.

However with how much has been going on, this party is not quite as extravagant as previous ones have been. The location is near to the elevator, on the beach. A large banner hung between two trees proclaims a cheerful 'Welcome to Vatheon'. The long food tables that normally take up most of the space are missing. There simply hadn't been the capability of whipping up the sort of food they normally served. What is there however is a lot of fruit. Fresh apples and pears. Bananas. A few bowls of strawberries and pièce de résistance several large and perfectly ripe water melons. One or two have already been split, the water melons pieces set out on small plates on one big table ready for any to take. Drinks are available too. Fresh water and fruit juices. The weather might not be entirely the best for this kinda thing (though occasionally the sun seems to peek out from between the clouds!) but at least it isn't raining.

But that is not all.

In the cover of the storage building turned bubble reparation headquarters sits C. She has been contacting the people who signed up for catching the fish, asking them to start bringing them to her today so she can start working on the marks. Similarly the people who have signed up for early mark change have been invited too to drop by today or in the next few days so the first step in making sure the coral is returned to proper working conditions can be taken.

[ooc: This month the monthly mingling log is combined with the log for the fish catching + early mark changing. Also, if your character is new but you want them to learn what is going on, please leave a small ooc note on your comment and we'll send a NPC your way. The mingling log part of this post is only on the first, in the afternoon. The fish catching and mark changing parts will serve as a collective point for threads of this nature for this whole week.]
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