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16th-Aug-2013 06:39 pm - So wake me up when it's all over
stridercentric: (It's not easy being green)
Who: Bro Strider, Dirk Strider, Roxy Lalonde.
When: Friday, August 16th.
Where: The Strider pad.
What: Shenanigans.
Style: Action.

[A week and a half ago, Bro Strider had fallen into a magical coma, the likes of which only Vatheon could provide. After the initial disbelief from a certain younger alternate self, his unconscious body had been tracked down and taken to the comfort of his own apartment. Because no Strider belonged in the specialized coma ward, not so long as there was family to watch over him.

Not that Davesprite's doing such a great job of guarding him while he's out cold. Slumbering silently on the futon that serves as his bed, he's completely defenseless against any pranksters that may choose to invade his room. And they will.]
17th-Mar-2013 08:17 pm - Bounty!
shippingmath: <user name="splinterself"> (Default)
Who: Faris, Demyx, Dirk, Roxy, and Davesprite.
When: March 17th
Where: Faris's house
Style:  Starting prose, switching to whatever people prefer.
Status: Closed

"So this is it," Dirk says to Roxy and Davesprite, pointing to one of the two large Speculum Houses.

Quest week thus far hasn't been a big deal for Dirk, but he's been watching the quest board for quests befitting a rogue. There hadn't been many that had caught his attention, until seeing this one about a missing gem.

Of course, it had caught Roxy's attention too, which was even more of a reason to do it, in Dirk's opinion. Except the two of them were rogues and not sure what they were going up again, so they'd looked around for some support and managed to connive Davesprite into it. Then, some quick research later, and they were here, waiting to confront the jewel thief herself.

symmetrophile: (unnatural selection)
Who: Death the Kid, Lysunder (The Summoner), Kankri Vantas, Karkat Vantas, Roxy Lalonde, Shiro Fujimoto, Rand Al'Thor, and Dhaos. Also featuring a bonus Dirk Strider.
When: At various times during the curse.
Where: Various locations!
Style: No preference.
Status: Closed.
16th-Feb-2013 08:06 pm - walk walk fashion baby [closed]
oceanbreasts: (now let's copy poker face like)
Who: Roxy and Kanaya
When: Backdated to after this exchange
Where: Alpha House: Roxy's bedroom
Style: [ action ]
Status: Closed

work it, move, that bitch crazy )
2nd-Feb-2013 11:40 pm - tell me im pretty
oceanbreasts: (on a cold Christmas Eve to get some more)
Who: Roxy and Eridan
When: Feb 2
Where: Eridan's room or wherever in the hive no Karkats allowed
Style: action
Status: closed

tell me im wanted )
6th-Jan-2013 12:29 pm - Guess who got a moirail!
unconchonable: (noww that ya mention it)
Who: Eridan and Roxy!
When: backdated to the 5th
Where: Roxy's place!
Style: action cuz I am lazy
Status: Closed like ERIDAN'S PALE QUADRANT ;D
25th-Dec-2012 12:18 pm - Good tidings of comfort and joy
shippingmath: <user name="fruitballs"> art by <user name="mozarelli" site=""> (So robots?)
Who: Dirk, Jane, Roxy, and Jake.
When: Christmas Morning!
Where: Alpha house
Style: Whatever!
Status: Private

[It's Christmas morning.

Specifically, it's early Christmas morning. But who lets a silly thing like the time of day stop them when it's Christmas and there are presents to open and various Christmas things to do? Certainly not these kids. Maybe they were woken up by a certain member of the household, but why bother grumbling about that when the living room is full of gifts?

Dirk has been awake for a while, which is nothing unusual, he's been an insomniac for years. What's different from normal is that he hasn't gone into the garage or stayed in his room. He's been sitting around in the living room instead, poking at his SFC but not really getting anything done. Basically, he's waiting for everyone else.]

keepsthefire: ([✠] just as planned... ?)
Who: VILLA PEOPLE and anyone else
Where: Where else, DA VILLA
When: Starting today, going allllll month!
Style: Any
Status: Open to all, visitors please sneak in a window knock

[Even with the curse going on and the myriad of new arrivals and new residents to that well known house in Vatheon, it's actually been more or less calm there. Not exactly quiet, but calm. Which is always nice to start the month of December with.

So what is your Villa person doing today? Cooking, hanging out, putting up Christmas decorations? Whatever the case, feel free to mingle about! There's plenty of new people to say hello to!]

30th-Nov-2012 11:19 pm
unconchonable: (hnnn troll harry potter u r kawwaii)
Who: Eridan, Roxy, and later Feferi
Where: Some restaurant!
When: Friday midday!
Status: Closed
Style: action

Science wizards enjoying fine dining )
sylphauxiliatrix: (Needlework)
Who: Kanaya Maryam, many others.
Where: Kanaya Maryams Storefront For Commissioned Ragripping And Seamstressing With Display Space For Artistic Clothing Creations
When: Throughout this week, literally any time of day or night.
Style: I can match, though I do like those fetching braces. ][
Status: Open!

The door states the posted hours of this fashion boutique, the odd choice of opening one hour after sunset and closing one hour before sunrise... And yet the shop has been open quite a bit more often than that. Some days it hardly even closes. Kanaya has been throwing herself into her work lately, perhaps overdoing it a little. Just about any time someone comes in, she'll be in the back, slaving away on some new dress, or suit, or maybe even a hat. She still hasn't quite mastered the art of haberdashery, but that hasn't dissuaded her from trying.

Here is a more or less updated description of this shop.
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