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21st-Apr-2012 10:55 pm - 1 ❀ log;
fangirlingly: (071)
Who: Marta Lauldi and YOU.
Where: Central plaza.
When: Right now.
Style: I'll match!
Status: Open too all.

--I know who you really are. You've always tried your best and that's the Emil that I love!

[Despite having made her feelings well known during the course of their journey together, the impermanent nature of their current situation resonated strongly within her, prompting the almost explosive confession. This time she needs an answer, a reaffirmation that everything is going to be okay. Holding back the tears threatening to fall at any moment, she watches the boy before her stumble over his own words in reaction to hers. And then–

"Love." The moment her beloved Ratatosk Knight spoke the very word, a sudden impulse came over her. Oh how she had been waiting for this! Unable to wait for the rest of his response to fully take form, she immediately sprang to mash lips with him to consummate their mutual affection.

Or, well... that was the plan, anyway.

Instead of the warm, melting feeling that supposedly accompanied a kiss between two lovers, Marta is instead greeted by a falling sensation, followed by a feeling synonymous to that of being thrown into an expanse of water before her lips finally locked with someone else's after all.

It wasn't expected, but hey, at least it broke her fall, oops.]

((OOC: Marta's lip-ginity will be taken on a first come, first serve basis! After the first comment, it can be assumed then that she will be trudging along Vatheon and will NOT. BE. HAPPY. ONE. BIT.))
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