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18th-Apr-2012 12:50 am - .1st twirl
blushingcrane: ([whoa] ❄)
Who: Tsuruhime and You!
Where: Somewhere around the Plaza
When: During the daytime
Style: Whatever you're comfortable with!
Status: Open.

[ If anyone just so happened to be paying attention, they would notice that a young girl had been idly walking around the Plaza with a blank look of interest.

She had been doing it for some time, ignoring the fact that she had been completely soaking wet. Simply shrugging it off due to the fact that all her attention were drawn away from her and into her surroundings.

Wooooow... [ She had never seen such a place before! Nor did she ever even know that it could possibly even exist. Even with the many stories that her shipmates have told her, she had yet to even hear of such a location. ]

This is so interesting!
17th-Apr-2012 08:55 pm - ✖ marks the spot
treasurehunts: (↠ oh like hell I'm bait)
Who: Motochika Chōsokabe & YOU
When: around the daytime
Style: either works- I'll match what you've got!

[Don't mind that guttural snarl when you walk around today.

No, really.

You should instead be minding the flaming anchor that's perhaps soaring a little too close for comfort. Yes, it's flying, don't question it-

After all, it's landing just a few feet away as a very, very perturbed looking pirate is landing on his feet (remarkably steady). The scowl he's wearing doesn't seem like anything you want to mess with.]

When I find the bastards in charge o' this place-

[A distinct growl before he whistles sharply, a parrot coming down to perch on his shoulder with an answering caw. He scoffs angrily before glaring at whoever might be nearby without even realizing he's doing it-


Motochika's back.]
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