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Who: Disciple, Kanaya, and open to others
When: Current
Where: Around the Island
Style: Action
Status: Open

No one knows what it's like. To be the bad man. To be the sad man. Behind this cut. )
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Who: Disciple and Summoner
When: Current
Where: Deep in the forest up on the Island.
Style: Whichever you prefer
Status: Closed, Message us if you want in.

[A certain oliveblood can be seen toting a picnic basket through the forest. Her path takes her off the normal trails, and into the very heart of the forest, where she arrives at a small glade. Disciple makes a show of setting down the basket and pulls a blanket out from inside it. She carefully spreads it on the forest floor, and takes out the other contents of the wicker container: A box of slightly green-looking chocolate cupcakes. Setting them down, she sits on the blanket and speaks out loud to herself, easily loud enough for the local animals to hear her.]

Oh my. Here I am with these delicious cupcakes, and I seem to have packed too many for just me. I certainly hope I can find someone to share these with.

[Subtle, Disciple. Subtle.]
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Who: The Dolorosa and anyone who comes across her
When: April 21st
Where: The island, on the beach
Style: Starting prose but if you want to use brackets I'll follow that!
Status: Open


But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. )
10th-Apr-2013 07:51 pm - Disciple goes back to nature
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Who: The Disciple and Whoever
When: Throughout the Curse Week
Where: Around the bubble, or Island
Style: Whichever you prefer
Status: Open

[Throughout the week, those attempting to find or speak with the Disciple may have troubles. Her bedroom lies empty, her SFC discarded, sitting on a table next to her bed. The window appears to have been smashed outward, shards lying on the ground outside. There is a fair amount of olive-colored blood immediately outside the window, but it quickly stops as it trails off into the city proper; almost too quickly.]

[It seems for this curse Disciple has lost as lost her culture and regressed back to her near feral state of her first arrival. In return she has gained something of a regeneration ability, and can recover from some pretty grievous wounds. She can be found throughout the bubble, and eventually the island, once she finds her way up there. She is avoiding large crowds of people, and loud noises. Who even knows what she will or will not remember from her time in Vatheon?]

[Those who know here might know where to start looking for her, those who do not might end up stumbling upon a near-feral half-naked adult Troll as she tries to avoid the more 'busy' parts of a civilized world that is bright and confusing.]

(OOC:Feel free to encounter her wherever, and however you want. She will be all over the place. Woods, Back alleys, anywhere on the Island. The one place she will avoid above all others is the Plaza, however. Way too busy. Message me if you want to set up anything in particular)
16th-Mar-2013 08:55 pm - 19 ♐ Trial of Three
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Who: Beast Master Darkleer, Rogue Bro Strider, Bard Summoner, Cleric Disciple
When: March 16
Where Exploring new ruins
Style: ???
Status: Closed

Well, Bro had expressed interest in traveling with Summoner and him during the start of the week, and with Disciple a valuable healer... Darkleer knew exactly who to contact when he and Summoner saw one of the quests on the board advertising an excavation of sorts.

Well, alright. Really, by the look of things, it couldn't really be graced with the professional title of "excavation". It was more like running into a dark cave and hoping things came out for the best.

Patting his musclebeast's broad back to soothe him- Arty doesn't like going into dark cramped caves- Darkleer looks to his companions. "I trust we're all prepared, then?" The odd tail poking out from his spine tries to curl loosely around one of Disciple's hands. Darnit, he still can't control the blasted thing.
7th-Feb-2013 11:41 pm - Dey's gonna go huntin' dere, eh?
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Who: Nepeta Leijon and The Disciple
When: Current
Where: Starting near the Elevator
What: Disciple and Nepeta go hunting up on the Island.
Style: Prose
Status: Closed

Intro to the hunt contained herein )
23rd-Jan-2013 07:08 pm - Grubtime 3: Repercussions.
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Who: Those that were grubs, and anyone who has reason to be there.
When: Backdated to just after Curse 39 ends.
Where: Dualscar's hive.
Style: Whichever you prefer.
Status: Closed.

[The curse ends, and that means a restoration to the original form everyone had. Clothing was not part of the transformation process. Unfortunately, that meant that the two grubs sitting in a pile were now back to what they used to be... unclothed.]

(OOC: Separate threads to make this a bit easier, I would think; Or, you know, whatever works.)
15th-Jan-2013 01:57 am - Disciple, why you so little!?
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WHO: Disciple and whoever wishes to find her
WHERE: Disciple's Hive
WHEN: Early in the week
STYLE: I will follow

[Those close to Disciple may start to realize as time goes on, that a new curse has started, yet they have not seen or heard hide nor hair of the older oliveblooded troll.]

[Wonder where she could be?]
12th-Jan-2013 05:28 am - Disciple visits Colmena de Dualscar
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Who: Disciple and all, especially those living with Dualscar
When: Current
Where: Around the bubble, and eventually Dualscar's Hive
Style: Either
Status: Open

[Disciple had made a promise to Psii, and she intended to make good on it. Today she had open, so then today she would stop by to visit. She had been missing all of them, and well... might even feel brave enough to have some very certain words with Dualscar.]

[She wanted to bring something nice with her, but her own hive was a little under-supplied at the moment, so she would venture around the bubble to find what she would need. Varied enough were her stops that she could reliably be encountered throughout most of the bubble, were anyone wishing to speak with her about anything.]


[Eventually, goodies in hand, she will arrive at the front door of Dualscar's hive, and announce herself with a knock.]
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Who: Disciple and Kanaya
Where: Meeting up after a SFC call
When: After certain events
Style: Action to start, will follow prose if you prefer
Status: Closed

Pale plotting, muahahaha )
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