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20th-Jul-2013 06:17 pm - 013
makainoou: (maniacal laugh)
Who: Laharl the Terrible and YOU!
Where: One of those new jewelry stores
When: Evening
Style: I'll match
Status: OPEN! Heroes, villains, or innocent bystanders welcome~

Forget the rest of the so-called villains. Their ideas of villainry just don't mesh with Laharl's--all that nonsense about distracting the heroes and tiptoeing their way around a good fight.

Laharl is a demon. He enjoys overpowering others more than outwitting them or outmaneuvering them. And it's difficult (and not much fun) to convince anyone of how strong you are without a good demonstration. He doesn't know what foolish mortal summoned him to this world, but since they haven't done a very good job of binding him to any contract, it's high time to exert his own will on the city.

The self-proclaimed Lord of Terror can be found robbing one of Vatheon's largest, finest (and newest) jewelers in broad daylight (well, maybe the more later stages of daylight; he still can't be bothered to wake early). After frightening them into submission with a show of literal fire power, he's enlisted the staff and customers to clean the cases for him. This isn't only about getting loot that isn't wads of paper, it's about recruiting minions. The grin on his face is about as far from friendly as it gets, and he's eagerly anticipating that one of those heroes will show up any minute now.

"See? Everyone cooperates and I might just spare you any unsightly burns."
16th-Jul-2013 02:50 am - A meeting of villanous minds
thalassino: (» head nurse)
Who: Head Nurse ~Medica~, Kurloz, Bro, Shirley, Laharl, Grimmjow, Yotsuba, Renge, and Kanaya
When: So late at night that it's morning, 7/15 (7/16 technically)
Where: A secret lair that stands where the church used to be
Status: Semi-open

["Medica" (as the Head Nurse is now calling herself) waits in the church-turned-lair for all the selected villains to make their undoubtedly flashy entrances. She seems as cool and collected as ever, though if one takes a very close look at her there is something just a little different.

Perhaps she's a wee bit excited.

The lair itself seems to be a bit of a catch-all, containing all the things a good villain might need. Creepy monitors overlooking the city, doomsday devices, eerie labs, a place to keep hostages, places to store loot and anything else the enterprising evil-doers can think up. There seems to be a section tailored to each villain. Clearly, Medica intends to work together.]

((Consider this as a bit of an IC mingle for the villains to meet and greet! After all, there's no badge identifying good and evil. Time to make alliances! Heroes are welcome to try and sneak in if they dare, but they definitely aren't invited...))
11th-Jul-2013 08:48 pm - 012
makainoou: (just give up)
Who: Laharl, Saber, and you!
Where: Some uninhabited part of the island
When: Evening
Style: We'll match?
Status: Open!

[Although they made sure to stage their fight well away from the village to avoid too much collateral damage, anyone on the island might have noticed the smoke and distant booms resulting from the battle. The two powerful forces clashed for several hours, throwing up the earth and scorching the make-shift arena.

And now at last they've come to an amicable draw, though that might not be the conclusion anyone draws from the sudden quiet. Surely someone is dead after all that, right?

But no. Some nearby trees are on fire and the terrain looks quite a bit rockier, but both warriors are still standing. Laharl brushes dust off his hands and inspects an already-healing gash in his arm.]

Not bad.

((Feel free to come investigate and say hello to the pair.))
26th-May-2013 10:28 am - 010
makainoou: (guarded)
Who: Laharl and anyone!
Where: Between Phasma and the middle district
When: Sunday morning
Style: I'll match~
Status: Open!

As dishonest as he normally is, Laharl has no intention of letting anyone use this truth curse against him. The whole week, he's stayed off his SFC and holed up in his room, providing no opportunity to talk to anyone.

Unfortunately, there's a flaw in this plan: since he has no one to cook for him, he doesn't have much food stored in his apartment. He's spent the week living off of snack food and canned tunafish, but now it's gone and this feeling of hunger has set in. He's not used to it, and he can't stand it.

When is it that the fewest people are likely to be out? Morning? Laharl is usually asleep in the mornings, so of course other people should be, too. In fact, the only way he's managed to be out this early is by staying up all night.

All right. He just needs to make it to the nearest restaurant, get food, and go back into hiding. Simple.
13th-May-2013 10:46 pm - 009
makainoou: (bored)
Who: Laharl and anyone!
Where: City residential districts
When: Daytime
Style: I'll match~
Status: Open!

Amidst the relocation of residents to the bubble is a sight which... probably isn't that strange, by Vatheon standards: that of a demon hauling a coffin through the streets. He doesn't seem to be having any difficulty carrying it, because he isn't, but he is awfully annoyed about having to.

Unlike most everyone else, whose places are just a little waterlogged, his entire building was deemed unfit for use. Maybe it was the water damage, or maybe it was the growing rat problem. Either way, he has to find someplace else.

"Maybe I should've just stayed on the damn island..."
27th-Apr-2013 05:18 pm - ( 001 ) ♔ ( a knight on the beach )
pendragon: (sprite ♔ armor / indifferent tilt)
Who: Saber and anyone who approaches or calls her.
When: April 27th.
Where: The bay on the island.
Status: Open!
Format: Actionspam or prose is fine. If you want to have a network thread, you can reply to the accidental broadcast she sent!

There's a knight in blue and silver standing on the beach.

Having only awoken a few hours earlier, the King of Knights is still holding the Welcome Brochure, blue tunic, and Starfish Communicator in her armored hands. Saber has read through the letter twice; once was the initial reading, and twice was verifying what she was reading. Many questions are there, but that seems typical of this situation from how the brochure is written.

This entire situation does seems quite surreal, but Saber does not doubt what the Welcome Brochure says. She's not near cynical enough for that.

With the initial information having been absorbed, Saber is more concerned with something that's more personal. For her to be here, there would have had to been a summoning. Saber felt no contract with any Master, however, there is a slight presence in the place of where she would feel her Master. The only explanation she can piece together is that it is this deity, Lamufao..

Having broken her contract with the Grail, Saber was not expecting to have ever been summoned again. She feels neither delighted nor disappointed with the situation. Unlike when being summoned by the Grail, Saber currently knows no immediate purpose or duty she must fulfill.

Compared to being summoned by the Holy Grail for a miraculous War, this could be considered a step down. For now, though, the knight holds out her SFC and begins to examine it carefully. The blue tunic and letter are held under her one arm.

The Communicator is accidentally set to broadcast, showing the knight's face looking down towards the device for a few seconds, and then it cuts off.

Ah, is that what this is? A type of phone..

That would make sense with the mention of a "network." There's more playing with the device as Saber speculates as to why she is on the Island rather than this underwater city. Maybe she has to take the mentioned elevator down? Her thoughts fade off as she continues to experiment with the SFC.
19th-Mar-2013 02:14 pm - Boss Fight: Big Slime
seablaze: kicking back in the captain's chair (Default)
Who: Demyx, Fai, Faris, Feferi, Ioder, and Laharl
When: Today
Where: Main Lab
Style: Action
Status: Closed
Map and prompt behind cut )

Enjoy fighting your giant slime! While it's not as tough as the werewolf, it's got some tricks up its sleeve. Melee attacks will not be particularly effective against the slime, though they will serve to keep it off the mages. Anyone that gets close runs the risk of being poisoned, so watch out! Water spells will work, but they have a pretty high chance of making the slime reproduce and spawn a bunch of little slimes. Once it's halfway down, it will do this anyway. For the final phase, it will condense into something that can be attacked properly by melee characters but its poison will be that much more intense. Hope you brought a lot of potions.

paladaddy: (you're not serious right?)
Who: Shiro Fujimoto, plus anyone who happens to come across him
When: Very shortly after his arrival
Where: The plaza
Style: setup is prose, but I am open to prose or action
Status: Open to everyone!

Toto, I don't think we're in the afterlife anymore. )
12th-Nov-2012 01:48 pm - 002
makainoou: (frustrated)
Who: Laharl and his future vassals YOU
Where: Exiting the Library
When: Midday
Style: I'll match~
Status: Open!

After just two weeks in this place, Laharl is homesick. Not that he would ever use the word, but he misses his Netherworld--his castle, his coffin, his vassals (well, ordering them around)... He ought to be there right now, enjoying his newly cemented position.

Hitting the books wouldn't normally be on his list of options, but unfortunately there's no obvious leader here to beat up. Creating dimensional portals is something his gatekeeper does every day, surely an Overlord won't have any trouble learning it. The primary obstacle to this plan is the lack of a teacher or, as it turns out, any books he can find on the subject.

The pint-sized demon is in a foul mood as he exits the library. The bookshelves where he had been working barely survived (although he left a real mess), and he'd really like to destroy something or someone more worth his while.

If he seems to be looking for a fight, it's because he is.
17th-Mar-2012 10:13 pm - on how Ruca thinks too much
demonicbookworm: (defeated)
Who: Ruca and anyone else!
Where: one the way to the library
When: afternoon
Style: starting in prose but anything is fine!
Status: OPEN

Ruca was honestly tired by this thought bubble curse. He thought that maybe in the library he would find some distraction to not think about things people shouldn't know about.

And just how excepted, Ruca's thought bubble was showing an image of the interior of the library and Ruca himself reading some books. The boy glanced at it. The moment he did that the image changed and was now showing that he wished the bubble would disappear.

He sighed.

The image changed again, this time showing many things at once. But the most visible of all those things was the question: What am I suppose to do until this curse is over?
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